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Boarders, a comedy/drama series released on Tubi in early 2024, brings a cast full of rising stars playing a group of intriguing new characters.

Tubi's new Boarders series highlights five underprivileged Black students from the inner-city areas of London who are awarded scholarships to an elite boarding school as they leave the comforts of home. 

There, they move from a more urban metropolis setting to a huge castle with their fellow students, embracing an environment unlike anything they have ever seen before. Consisting of six episodes, Boarders first came to BBC Three on February 20 before moving to the free Tubi website on March 8.

Every Actor & Character in Tubi's Boarders

Ahead is a list of every actor seen in the cast of the new Tubi series, Boarders, along with the characters they play:

Josh Tedeku - Jahaim

Josh Tedeku as Jahaim in Boarders
Josh Tedeku

Josh Tedeku leads the way in Boarders as Jahaim, a smart young man who earned a scholarship to St. Gilbert's College after applying to further his education and his life skills.

Doing everything he can to support his grandmother and younger brother, he gets off to a rough start when he gets to college. In a tryout for the rugby team, he's physically assaulted and gets into an altercation, and he is assaulted later in a much more disturbing manner.

Tedeku can also be seen in Supacell, A Town Called Malice, and and Moonhaven.

Jodie Campbell - Leah

Jodie Campbell as Leah in Boarders
Jodie Campbell

Jodie Campbell portrays another young scholarship student named Leah, who works tirelessly for Black excellence and is seen pushing for Black neighborhoods to thrive in her hometown.

She discusses how hard she has to work to get to this point in her life as she looks forward to the chance to attend St. Gilberts. Quickly after she gets there, she learns just how difficult things are going to be for her, facing issues with both fellow students and faculty.

Campbell can also be seen in Bulletproof and No Return.

Myles Kamwendo - Omar

Myles Kamwendo as Omar in Boarders
Myles Kamwendo

Myles Kamwendo plays an important supporting role as scholarship recipient Omar, a talented visual artist who hopes to advance his skills at college.

He is seen learning about the drug and alcohol culture at the college with his new roommates, and he even falls down a trash chute, making for a rough start in his new locale.

Boarders marks Kamwendo's second appearance in a full-length project after his role in The School for Good and Evil.

Sekou Diaby - Toby

Sekou Diaby as Toby in Boarders
Sekou Diaby

Sekou Diaby's Toby is another talented young man who gets a scholarship to St. Gilberts, showing a love of sneaker culture and a passion for being a salesman.

Toby wants to enjoy every last bit of the college experience as he takes this new step, but he also puts himself in a tricky situation by selling drugs on campus as well.

This show is Diaby's first appearance in a project of this scale, with his only other on-screen role coming in a short called The Nightingale.

Aruna Jalloh - Femi

Aruna Jalloh as Femi in Boarders
Aruna Jalloh

Aruna Jalloh's Femi is a unique scholarship recipient in Boarders, as his parents are seen dropping him off at campus away from his friends telling him to avoid them and not get into trouble.

Close to his family, Femi takes pictures of his experience there, but he also gets into some wild moments on campus as he takes part in a nude run with other boys from the school.

Jalloh's only other on-screen role comes in a TV movie production titled Royal Shakespeare Company: Much Ado About Nothing.

Daniel Lawrence Taylor - Gus

Daniel Lawrence Taylor as Gus in Boarders
Daniel Lawrence Taylor

Daniel Lawrence Taylor plays an important role in Boarders as Gus, the man who organizes the scholarship program that enables the five young Black students to attend St. Gilberts.

Sharing a true passion for these kids, Gus ran an after-school club where he found all of the scholarship recipients, telling them, "Don't be who they expect you to be" before they leave. 

Lawrence has a long list of credits on his resume, including Timewasters, Cockroaches, and Uncle.

Derek Riddell - Bernard 

Derek Riddell as Bernard in Boarders
Derek Riddell

Derek Riddell portrays one of St. Gilbert's most important figures, Bernard, who works as the dean of the school.

Set on setting the highest standards possible for his school, he is quickly seen as a no-nonsense and tough figure for the new students as he pushes excellence on his pupils in any way he can.

Riddell's other major performances come in Happy Valley, Industry, and Gentleman Jack.

Harry Gilby - Rupert 

Harry Gilby as Rupert in Boarders
Harry Gilby

Harry Gilby embodies a troublemaker in Boarders named Rupert, who is seen spilling alcohol all over a homeless man in a viral online video before urinating on him too.

Shown to be a bit of a player with women, he physically assaults Jahaim during a rugby tryout, and he even beats the hell out of Jahaim in a bathroom before the first episode ends.

Gilby previously played young J.R.R. Tolkien in the Tolkien movie, and he was also seen in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die and Just Charlie.

Tallulah Greive - Beatrix 

Tallulah Greive as Beatrix in Boarders
Tallulah Greive

Tallulah Greive's Beatrix introduces herself to Jahaim and the other scholarship students when they first get to the school, offering them a tour to help them get acquainted.

She also does not hide her flirting with him in any way, going so far as to mention that she's never seen one specific part of a Black man's body before.

Grieve also boasts credits in Our Ladies, Cinderella, and Penance.

Rosie Graham - Florence

Rosie Graham as Florence in Boarders
Rosie Graham

Beatrix has Rosie Graham's Florence next to her as she introduces herself to the newcomers, with Florence being cordial during their first interactions.

She is also seen later playing cricket with Beatrix, showing a tougher side to her that shows up in later episodes as well.

Graham previously appeared in The School for Good and Evil, Sanction, and Outlander.

Georgina Sadler - Mabel 

Georgina Sadler as Mabel in Boarders
Georgina Sadler

The lone American in the core cast of Boarders comes via Georgina Sadler's Mabel, with her non-English accent standing out amongst a school full of Brits.

Leah reflects on her vast experience with boarding schools, having attended them since she was seven years old, and she even offers her assistance to Leah as she gets acquainted with her new school.

Sadler can also be seen in The A List and Between the Lines, and she performed a voiceover role in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 video game.

Assa Kanouté - Abby

Assa Kanouté as Abby in Boarders
Assa Kanouté

Assa Kanouté's Abby is one of Leah's new roommates when Leah first gets to St. Gilbert's, although their relationship gets off to a rocky start after Leah implies she is not the only Black girl there.

Later in the opening episode, Leah attempts to help Abby with her hair for a party, but Abby still comes off as incredibly hostile and resistant to changing her personal routine.

Boarders is Kanouté's first official credit, although she's currently working on a movie called Deep Cover alongside Bryce Dallas Howard and Orlando Bloom, according to her IMDb page.

Niky Wardley - Carol 

Niky Wardley as Carol in Boarders
Niky Wardley

First arriving in Episode 2 is Niky Wardley's Carol, a surly and abrasive member of the board of governors at St. Gilbert's.

She also happens to be Rupert's mother, and when she sees what happens to her son after his fight with Jahaim, she is instantly suspicious of the motives behind the new scholarship program.

Wardley's past credits include The Catherine Tate Show, Silent Witness, and Love & Marriage.

All six episodes of Boarders are now streaming for free on Tubi.

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