Full Cast of The Stepdaughter on Tubi - Every Main Actor & Character In 2024 Movie (Photos)

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The Stepdaghter Tubi 2024

The Stepdaughter is the latest 2024 Tubi hit, backed by a killer cast in this twisted thriller. 

From the mind of director Chris Stokes, The Stepdaughter tells the story of an estranged teen who engrains herself in her father's new family, although her intentions may not be all they seem. 

The film hit Tubi for free on February 23 following several teases from its stars and creative team 

Every Main Character & Actor in Tubi's 2024 The Stepdaughter Movie

Annie Ilonzeh - Whitney Hughes

Annie Ilonzeh as Whitney Hughes The Stepdaughter

Annie Illonzeh plays Whitney Hughes in The Stepdaughter, a divorcee who finds the man of her dreams in Blue Kimble's Michael Lawrence. 

Whitney is a successful cosmetics magnate whose life is thrown into disarray after several weird occurrences following the surprise arrival of her new husband's estranged daughter. 

Illonzeh is best known for appearing in Peppermint, Person of Interest, and The CW's Arrow

Blue Kimble - Michael Lawrence

Blue Kimble as Michael Lawrence The Stepdaughter

Michael Lawrence (played by Blue Kimble) is Whitney's new hubby, who - despite skepticism from some - married the highly successful businesswoman after four months of dating. 

While the newlyweds love each other, Michael has kept a few things from Whitney including what happened to his daughter Joanna. 

Kimble can also be seen in Ruthless, Monogamy, and ABC's The Rookie

Cassidey Fralin - Joanna Lawrence

Cassidey Fralin as Joanna Lawrence The Stepdaughter

Starring as The Stepdaughter's titular stepdaughter is Cassidey Fralin as Joanna Lawrence (if that is even her real name). Following the mysterious death of her grandmother, Joanna seeks out her father who has himself a new family in the Hugheses. 

After moving in with her father's new family, it becomes apparent that Joanna might not be as innocent as she seems.

Fralin's only other major acting credit is on the Disney Channel original series Sydney to the Max

Akeen Cheatham - Brian Hughes

Akeen Cheatham as Brian Hughes The Stepdaughter

Akeen Cheatham brings to life Whitney Hughes' eldest son, Brian. Brian is a fun-loving teen who takes a liking to his new stepdad, Michael, as well as his stepsister Joanna. 

Cheatham's previous credits include Rock the Boat and Forever Us

Jered Cheatham - Eric Hughes

Jered Cheatham as Eric Hughes The Stepdaughter

Eric Hughes (played by Jered Cheatham) is the younger brother of Akeen Cheatham Brian and the second-born son of Whitney. Eric finds himself in trouble after he catches Joanna trying to take out her new stepmom. While he thinks he made amends with the new arrival to the house, that does not seem to be the case. 

Cheatham is the real-life brother of Akeen (who plays Brian in the film), and The Stepdaughter is his first major acting credit. 

Judi Johnston - Cassandra Clark

Judi Johnston as Cassandra Clark The Stepdaughter

Clark Jodi Johnston plays Cassandra, Whitney's sister and one of her closest confidants. Since their shotgun wedding, Cassandra has been skeptical of her sister's new husband, something that is amplified upon Joanna's arrival.

Johnston's other work includes appearances in A Weasley Christmas, Double Cross, and Once Upon a Time in the District

Rayan Lawrence - Terrance Clark

Rayan Lawrence as Terrance Clark The Stepdaughter

Portraying the detective husband of Judi Johnston's Cassandra Clark is Rayan Lawrence. Lawrence plays Terrance, who, following some suspicious activity in the Hughes house, looks into not only Joanna but her father, Michael, as well, coming to some shocking realizations. 

Lawrence's previous credits include BMF, Magnum P.I., and Blue Bloods

Shah Granville - Rhonda

Shah Granville as Rhonda The Stepdaughter

Shah Granville plays Rhonda, one of Whitney and Cassandra's closest friends. She only appears in a few scenes of the Tubi thriller, serving as a sounding board for Whitney as her life starts to fall apart around her. 

Granville is best known for her work in Dash, Dark Arrows, and The Wright Turn. 

Aaron Sheats - Dante

Aaron Sheats as Dante The Stepdaughter

Dante (brought to life by Aaron Sheats) is the best friend of the Hughes boys, seen hanging out with Brian throughout the film. However, things do not work out for the charismatic teen after he takes a liking to his bestie's new stepsister. 

Sheats has also appeared in How to Snatch a Bachelor and The Nightmare Gate Box

Bill Johnston - Doctor

Bill Johnston as Doctor The Stepdaughter

Bill Johnston plays the doctor in The Stepdaughter who reveals to Whitney that her makeup samples may have been tampered with. Johnston's medical practitioner tells Whitney the product she used at her big pitch meeting had trace amounts of lye, causing burning skin. 

The Stepdaughter marks Johnston's only major acting credit. 

The Stepdaughter is streaming now on Tubi. 

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