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Snatched, Tubi's latest movie in 2024, has a talented cast of actors led by Empire star Veronika Bozeman. 

Snatched tells the story of a former CIA agent who must return to her lethal roots to protect her family from a dangerous enemy in her past.

The 2024 movie premiered on Tubi on April 13.

Every Main Cast Member of Tubi's Snatched 

Veronika Bozeman - Angela

Veronika Bozeman as Angela
Veronika Bozeman

Veronika Bozeman brings Angela to life in Tubi's Snatched

Angela is a CIA agent who decided to start a family with her husband, Jason. As an agent, Angela is cunning and badass in her job. 

After Jason tragically died, Angela begins a new chapter of her life with her son, Jason Jr., and Byron, retiring from the CIA. 

However, when a past enemy returns to haunt her, Angela unleashes her tenacious side to protect her son.

Bozeman is best known for her roles in Empire, Armed, and Still Here.

Charlie Weber - Dimitri

Charlie Weber as Dimitri
Charlie Weber

Charlie Weber is part of Snatched's cast as Dimitri. 

Dimitri was an Italian gangster who served as Angela's "connection" to the crime underbelly. Angela's undercover mission went into shambles after Dimitri discovered that she was part of the CIA. 

Years later, Dimitri seeks revenge against Angela for putting him in jail. 

How To Get Away with Murder fans may recognize Weber for his role as Frank Delfino in over 80 episodes of the series. 

The actor's other notable credits include The Painter and After We Collided.

Jered Cheatham - Jason Jr. (Age 12)

Jered Cheatham as Jason Jr.
Jered Cheatham

Jered Cheatham plays the older version of Jason Jr., Angela and Jason's son, in Snatched

Jason Jr. has no idea about his mother's past as a CIA agent. Dimitri also abducted him to gain revenge against Angela.

Snatched is Cheatham's first major acting credit.

Janet Hubert - Carolyn

Janet Hubert as Carolyn
Janet Hubert

Janet Hubert's Carolyn is Angela's mother and Jason Jr.'s grandmother. 

After Jason's death, Carolyn occasionally visits Angela's home to help her raise Jason Jr. Carolyn was also a former CIA agent like her daughter. 

Hubert has credits in General Hospital, One Life to Live, and Reasonable Doubts. The actress' most recognizable role is playing Vivian Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Annie Ilonzeh - Vivian

Annie Ilonzeh as Vivian
Annie Ilonzeh

Vivian (played by Annie Ilonzeh) is a fellow CIA agent and one of Angela's friends. 

Vivian is one of the agents Dimitri killed to find Angela. 

Ilonzeh is known for her roles in General Hospital and the short-lived reboot of Charlie's Angels.

Zulay Henao - Lisette

Zulay Henao as Lisette
Zulay Henao

Zulay Henao appears as Lisette, a retired CIA agent who attended Angela's retirement party. 

During the gathering, she told Angela what it was like to be retired from duty, describing it as the life that she deserves. 

Henao's notable credits include Fighting, Takers, and Boy Wonder.

Malik Yoba - Director Walker

Malik Yoba as Director Walker
Malik Yoba

Malik Yoba appears as Director Walker of the CIA in 2024's Snatched.

Immediately after the funeral, Director Walker barges into Angela's house to give her a mission to catch a dangerous criminal named Marciano. 

Walker says that she may be burying her entire family if she decides not to help them with the mission. 

Yoba's most recognizable role is playing Detective J.C. Williams in New York Undercover. The actor also has credits in Cool Runnings and Cop Land.

Lance Gross - Byron

Lance Gross as Byron
Lance Gross 

Byron (played by Lance Gross) is Angela's friend. They eventually become romantically linked after the death of her husband, Jason. 

Byron becomes Jason Jr.'s father figure after the tragic death.

Sleepy Hollow fans may recognize Gross for his role as Daniel Reynolds in the series. The actor also appeared in House of Payne and MacGyver

Carlo Mendez - Peta

Carlo Mendez as Peta
Carlo Mendez

Carlo Mendez's Peta is Dimitri's strongest ally. A crime boss from Greece, Peta moved to Miami to take over the state's drug ring. 

Mendez is known for his roles in Parks and Recreation, Opius, and Beautiful Wave.

Chris Moss - Jason

Chris Moss as Jason
Chris Moss

Chris Moss stars as Jason, Angela's husband who passed away in 2019. 

Before his death, Jason was head over heels for his wife and was at peace with the idea that he would be a stay-at-home dad for their son. 

Moss has 80 credits to his name, with roles in NCIS: Hawaii, Robot Dating, and Criminal Minds.

Tony Surphman - Andreas

Tony Surphman as Andreas
Tony Surphman

Tony Surphman plays Andreas, Peta's brother who was locked up for 10 years and was almost killed by a rival gang inside prison. 

Dimitri saved his life in jail, so they worked together to bring pain and suffering to Angela's life.

Surphman's notable credits include Snake Eyes and The Matrix Resurrections.

William L. Johnson - Joe

William L. Johnson as Joe
William L. Johnson

William Johnson stars as Joe, the architect of Dimitri's new safehouse whom Angela visits (threatens) to get ahold of its blueprints so that she can be one step ahead of them. 

Johnson is best known for his role as Michael Donovan in The Black Hamptons. The actor also starred in A House Divided and Kings of L.A

Amanda Michelle - Sherri

Amanda Michelle as Sherri
Amanda Michelle 

Amanda Michelle joins the stacked cast of 2024's Snatched as Sherri, Director Walker's wife in the Tubi movie. 

Snatched is Michelle's only major acting credit.

Zuria Snyder - Denise

Zuria Snyder as Denise
Zuria Snyder

Zuria Snyder's Denise is the waiter at the local diner where Angela and Byron eat every day. 

Snyder's only major acting credit is Snatched.

King Cheatham - Jason Jr. (Age 7)

King Cheatham as Jason Jr.
King Cheatham

King Cheatham portrays the seven-year-old version of Jason Jr. during Jason Stone's funeral. 

Snatched is Cheatham's first major acting credit.

Christopher B. Stokes - Barry/Mailman

Christopher B. Stokes as Barry
Christopher B. Stokes

Christopher B. Stokes plays Barry, a mailman who appears in the final minutes of Snatched to check up on Angela (now posing as Michelle). 

Stokes is also the director of the movie, and his past directing credits include some of Tubi's recent releases like The Stepdaughter and Still Here.

Snatched is now streaming on Tubi.

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