Full Cast of Three Tubi 2024 Movie - Every Main Character & Actor (Photos)

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Three movie cast

Tubi has a new movie out titled Three, bringing head-turning characters to the forefront behind a talented cast of actors.

Directed by Nina Stakz, Three highlights a couple in a long-term relationship who decide to have a threesome to celebrate a birthday and fulfill a fantasy.

Unfortunately, once that comes to fruition, all parties involved find out they may have bitten off more than they could chew as their emotions (mostly jealousy) change everything.

Three first became available to stream for free on Tubi on March 4.

Every Character & Actor in Tubi's Three Cast

Ahead is a list of the seven main actors in the cast of Tubi's new drama, Three, along with the characters they play:

Tiffany LaCroix - Tresure P

Tresure P as Tiffany LaCroix in Three
Tresure P

Leading the way in Three is Tiffany LaCroix as portrayed by Tresure Price (also known by her nickname Tresure P).

Tiffany has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for eight years and promised him that he would get a threesome for his birthday after he fulfilled her fantasy of having public sex.

Eventually giving him what he wants (sort of), Ashley then finds her own emotions in limbo as her friendship with the other girl grows complicated.

Tresure P's other big credits include Meet the Snows, I Want Her, and Women of the Jury.

Jayson Alexander - Chris Deon

Chris Deon as Jayson Alexander in Three
Chris Deon

Tiffany's boyfriend is a man named Jayson Alexander, portrayed in Three by Chris Deon.

Outside of his long-term relationship with Tiffany, Jayson works as a video game developer, having just found major success in his career after signing a contract with a huge gaming company.

Getting his birthday wish granted as his girlfriend gives him a threesome with her close friend, he learns that this sexual experience may not have been exactly what he was expecting.

As he finds his relationship with Tiffany growing more contentious, he spends the film coming to grips with what he truly wants and figuring out whether his birthday gift was the right decision.

Deon can also be seen in Broken Seeds, Four Amigos, and Butterscotch Chocolate.

Ashley Clayton - Vanessa Demaris

Vanessa Demaris as Ashley Clayton in Three
Vanessa Demaris

Ashley Clayton joins the Three cast as the fiery and intriguing Vanessa Demaris.

Aside from being Tiffany's friend of 15 years, Ashley is a best-selling author thanks to her book, Woman Noir, centered on the concept of sexuality.

Later coming out to Tiffany as gay, Tiffany asks Ashley to be the woman to join her and Jayson for a threesome, to which she obliges. 

However, her experience with Tiffany is expectedly much more enjoyable than her time with Jayson, causing a huge rift between all three of them. This is especially the case after Ashley admits to Tiffany that she had a crush on her since they met in college.

Demaris previously played roles in #Victoria, Life of A Zoe, and Venus Effect.

Londyn Bates - Khaja Mapp

Khaja Mapp as Londyn Bates in Three
Khaja Mapp

One of Tiffany and Jayson's friends is a fun-loving woman named Londyn Bates, played in Three by Khaja Mapp.

Spending her days working in a fashion boutique, Londyn gets open about the special relationship she has with her loving husband with her friends

They openly admit at a get-together with their friends that they have had threesomes and have been to swingers clubs before, and she even enjoys seeing him get jealous of her.

Other credits on Mapp's resume include Just Jamear, New Year, New Us 2: #LoveGoals, and The Aftermath.

Naim Bates - Devon Lewis

Devon Lewis as Naim Bates in Three
Devon Lewis

One of Jayson's closest friends is Devon Lewis' Naim Bates, who also works as Jayson's business partner on their new video game endeavor.

Outside of the party at Jayson's house, Jayson takes the opportunity to confide in his new sexual exploits with Devon, who tries to help his friend keep his head on straight.

He even gives Jayson some insight into his own experience of having an open relationship with his wife, although it does not exactly help the leading man out once his threesome happens.

Lewis is recognizable to MCU fans for his cameo role in 2022's She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, in which he played Savage She-Hulk in the opening sequence of the series' ninth episode.

Miles Griffen - Dréius Martin

Dréius Martin as Miles Griffen in Three
Dréius Martin

The lone single male at Jayson and Tiffany's party is their friend Miles Griffen, played by Dréius Martin.

Miles holds nothing back in hitting on Ashley throughout the party, openly admitting that he cannot take his mind off of her as he pursues love in his own life.

Outside of chasing women, Miles works in a barber shop, giving Jayson a trim later in the film.

Martin has other credits in Clout, The EXIT, and The Betrayal.

Quita Townsend - Pha Kemp

Pha Kemp as Quita Townsend in Three
Pha Kemp

Another key ingredient in the emotional rollercoaster from Three is Pha Kemp's Quita Townsend, Jayson and Tiffany's blatantly seductive neighbor.

With the story revealing Jayson cheated on Tiffany with Quita earlier in their relationship, Quita spends most of the movie relentlessly trying to hook up with him again.

Following the botched threesome, as Jayson sees Tiffany's relationship with Ashley changing, Jayson gives in to temptation and once again sleeps with Quita, causing all new kinds of drama.

Kemp previously appeared in Joe Tales and Preaching Lies.

Three is now free to stream on Tubi.

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