Full Cast of The Lawnmower Man Tubi Movie - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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The Lawnmower Man - which is streaming now on Tubi - is a new erotic drama featuring a head-turning cast.

The new thriller from internet creator, musician, and Detroit native Murda Pain follows a suburban wife who gets a local landscaper to "[cut] much more than just the grass" (via the film's official synopsis) and her husband's realization that he is getting cheated on. 

Every Main Character & Actor in The Lawnmower Man

Thomas L. Harris - Patrick

Thomas L. Harris as Patrick The Lawnmower Man
Thomas L. Harris

Thomas L. Harris plays Patrick, a typical suburban husband who finds out his wife is cheating on him with a newly hired lawnmower man in the neighborhood. When audiences meet Patrick, he is suffering from a mysterious heart condition and cannot satisfy his wife in the bedroom because of it, leading to her wandering eye at the center of the movie. 

Harris can also be seen in A Very Hood Christmas, McGraw Ave, and Buffed Up! The Movie

Elizabeth Foxx - Veronica

Elizabeth Foxx as Veronica The Lawnmower Man
Elizabeth Foxx

Veronica (brought to life by Elizabeth Foxx) has grown complacent in her marriage to her husband, Patrick, and seeks out sexual gratification by way of a local desirable landscaper. After sleeping with this gardener in question for several weeks, she is forced to deal with the consequences of her actions after Patrick discovers her infidelity. 

Foxx is best known for appearing in Serial Cheater, Diamond Girls, and One More Flip.  

Christopher Collins - Chase

Christopher Collins as Chase The Lawnmower Man
Christopher Collins

Taking on the role of the titular lawnmower man is Christopher Collins' Chase. This chiseled landscaper draws the gaze of Elizabeth Foxx's Veronica after he is seen upkeeping one of her neighbor's yards. Not long after that first glance, Chase is hired to cut Veronica and Patrick's grass, getting a little more than a cash tip for his work. 

Collins' previous credits include Outta Pocket, Neon Detroit Knights, and Tina and Lori

Sino Harris - Jalen

Sino Harris as Jalen The Lawnmower Man
Sino Harris

Sino Harris plays Patrick's cousin and close compatriot Jalen. After discovering his wife is cheating on him, Patrick comes to Jalen with a proposition: they are going to need to 'take care' of the man responsible for Veronica's infidelity. 

Harris is also seen in McGraw Ave, The Mule, and A Very Hood Christmas

Ciera Angelia - Chanel

Ciera Angelia as Chanel The Lawnmower Man
Ciera Angelia

Chanel (played by Ciera Angelia) is Patrick and Veronica's cheeky neighbor and close friend and the one responsible for bringing Veronica and Chase together. Known for sitting on Veronica's stooping sipping wine with her friend, Chanel is the one who spots Chase putting in a hard day's work and calls him over to get a closer look. 

Angelia's past roles include appearances in Empire, Sisters, and Black Strait Blues.

Kyle Clarington - Larry

Kyle Clarington as Larry The Lawnmower Man
Kyle Clarington

Kyle Clarington plays Larry in The Lawnmower Man. Larry is Patrick's boss and is seen in one sequence firing the ailing businessman as their company suffers some setbacks. 

Clarington is best known for roles in Arena Wars, Love Is Not Enough, and Bermuda Island.

Nadia Calhoun - Insurance Agent

Nadia Calhoun as Insurance Agent The Lawnmower Man
Nadia Calhoun

Nadia Calhoun's Insurance Agent plays a small but significant part in The Lawnmower Man. Seen several times throughout the movie, what look to be fairly by-the-book meetings between her and Patrick turn out to have a much more sinister motive. 

Calhoun can also be seen in Dance With the Devil, Undying Love, and I Loved U More

Tamia Genia - Doctor

Tamia Genia as Doctor The Lawnmower Man
Tamia Genia

When Patrick suffers a sudden health scare about midway through the movie, it is Tamia Genia's doctor who is seen saving the day. Working with Patrick to nurse him back to health, Genia's medical profession reminds Thomas L. Harris lead character to take his medication.

Genia's previous credits include Last Words, Beautifully Unlayered, and I Declare War

Que Hefner - Officer 1

Que Hefner as Officer 1 The Lawnmower Man
Que Hefner

Que Hefner appears as Officer 1, one of the policemen called by Veronica and Patrick to hopefully find and arrest Chase. However, with little more to go on than his first name and a brick he threw through their window in revenge, Hefner's detective cannot help the couple. 

Hefner is a Detroit-based rapper, and The Lawnmower Man marks his acting debut. 

Julius Simmons - Officer 2

Julius Simmons as Officer 2 The Lawnmower Man
Julius Simmons

Seen alongside Que Hefner's Officer 1 is Jullius Simmons. Sadly, the pair of police officers can be no help to Veronica and Patrick after they are called to hopefully bring in Chase following his stalking of the couple. 

Simmons' only other acting credit is in the 2023 film Stree Code Broken 2

The Lawnmower Man is now streaming on Tubi. 

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