Full Cast of Baby Shark's Big Movie: Every Main Actor & Characters (Photos)

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Baby Shark movie Ashley Tisdale and Cardi B

Beloved children's character Baby Shark now has his own cinematic adventure in Baby Shark's Big Movie

Packed full of a colorful cast, the cartoon-musical-sensation-turned-animated-TV-star is getting the cinematic treatment thanks to Nickelodeon.

The movie aired on Nickelodeon's linear TV network on Friday, December 8, 2023, and has made its way onto Paramount+, where it will live ready to stream in perpetuity. 

Every Main Actor & Character in Baby Shark's Big Movie

Kimiko Glenn - Brooklyn “Baby” Shark

Kimiko Glenn as Brooklyn “Baby” Shark Baby Shark's Big Movie
Kimiko Glenn

Of course, no Baby Shark movie would be complete without its titular, elasmobranch Brooklyn “Baby” Shark. Just like in the Baby Shark show, Kimiko Glenn brings this bubbly finned friend to life, as he is forced to leave his familiar surroundings, making a move to Chomp City. 

Glenn can also be heard/seen as Peni Parker in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Brook Soso in Netflix's Orange Is the New Black, and Horse in Centaurworld

Luke Youngblood - William

Luke Youngblood as William Baby Shark's Big Movie
Luke Youngblood

Luke Youngblood brings to life William, the next-door neighbor of Baby Shark and his best friend all the ocean. When his bestie leaves Carnivore Cove, William is left to swim alone, missing the closest aquatic acquaintance. 

Youngblood is probably best known for playing Lee Jordan in the Harry Potter films but has also appeared in Community and Glee

Natasha Rothwell - Mommy Shark

Natasha Rothwelassa Mommy Shark Baby Shark's Big Movie
Natasha Rothwell

Playing Mommy Shark (aka the mother of Brooklyn "Baby" Shark) is Natasha Rothwell. Mommy Shark is supportive of her little guppy, but when the opportunity for the family comes to move to Chomp City, she does break Baby Shark's heart a bit with the young pup having to say goodbye to the town she knows and loves. 

Rothwell's other work includes Saturday Night Live, Insecure, and The Characters

Eric Edelstein - Daddy Shark

Eric Edelstein as Daddy Shark Baby Shark's Big Movie
Eric Edelstein

Eric Edelstein plays the patriarch of the Shark family, simply known as Daddy Shark. Daddy is the father of Baby Shark and part of the reason the family is packing up and moving to Chomp City. 

Fans may also be familiar with Edelstein for his work in Jurassic World, Green Room, and The Hills Have Eyes 2

Debra Wilson - Grandma Shark

Debra Wilson as Grandma Shark Baby Shark's Big Movie
Debra Wilson

Grandma Shark (played by Debra Wilson) is Baby's grandmother and one of the elderly members of the Shark family. She loves her grandson and wants the best for him in the family's big move. 

Wilson is a renowned name in the voice acting scene best known for playing Cere Junda in the Star Wars Jedi video game series, Debbie in Dreamworks' Over the Hedge, and Amanda Waller in Batman: The Enemy Within

Patrick Warburton - Grandpa Shark

Patrick Warburton as Grandpa Shark Baby Shark's Big Movie
Patrick Warburton

Married to Debra Wilson's Grandma Shark is Partick Warburton's Grandpa Shark. He is the grandfather of Baby Shark and is known for his green color and perfectly quaffed mustache. 

Warburton's other credits include Family Guy, Get Smart, and Disney's animated classic The Emperor's New Groove

Ashley Tisdale - Stariana

Ashley Tisdale as Stariana Baby Shark's Big Movie
Ashley Tisdale

Taking on the role of Baby Shark's Big Movie's primary villain is Stariana (played by Ashley Tisdale). Stariana is a ruthless and calculating pop starfish, who - after consulting a magic pearl - aims to take down Baby Shark who has been deemed the catchiest in the sea. 

Tisdale has previously appeared in the High School Musical franchise, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and Phineas and Ferb

Aparna Nancherla - Gillie

Aparna Nancherla as Gillie Baby Shark's Big Movie
Aparna Nancherla

Aparna Nancherla joins the Baby Shark franchise in the animated movie as Gillie. Gillie is a scatter-brained boxfish and the assistant to the villainous Stariana. She may have the best intentions but still partakes in making Stariana's dastardly plans come to fruition in Chomp City. 

Nancherla's can also be seen in A Simple Favor, Mythic Quest, and Crashing

Ego Nwodim - Leah

Ego Nwodim as Leah Baby Shark's Big Movie
Ego Nwodim

Ego Nwodim brings to life Leah in Baby Shark's Big Movie. Leah is a lantern shark who is the best friend of Natasha Rothwell's Mommy Shark going all the way back to their days in college. 

Nwodim is a current cast member of Saturday Night Live whose other credits include Futurama, It's a Party, and Good Burger 2

Chloe Fineman - Lannie

Chloe Fineman as Lannie Baby Shark's Big Movie
Chloe Fineman

Lannie (voiced by Chloe Fineman) is the excitable young daughter of Leah. After moving to Chomp City, Baby and Lannie cross paths as their mothers rekindle their friendship from long ago. 

Fineman is also a current member of the Saturday Night Live cast. She can also be seen in Max's Search Party and Netflix's Big Mouth.

ENHYPEN - K-pop band of Belugas

ENHYPEN as K-pop band of Belugas Baby Shark's Big Movie

K-pop group ENHYPEN plays an underwater band of belugas, as Baby Shark ventures into the world of catchy pop tunes. This is just one of many music-related cameos in the film, with the beloved South Korean boy band showing off their talent in the animated blockbuster. 

This marks ENHYPEN's major motion picture debut after having made appearances in Korean TV series I-Land, Playground, and The Path We Take.

Lance Bass - TV Announcer Lance Bass

Lance Bass as TV Announcer Lance Bass Baby Shark's Big Movie
Lance Bass

Former NSYNC band member Lance Bass plays a fishy version of himself in Baby Shark's Big Movie. In the world of Baby Shark is a fan-favorite TV announcer, known for helping break stars in the music industry. 

Bass' other acting credits include Zoolander, BoJack Horseman, and Kim Possible

Cardi B - Sharki B

Cardi B as Sharki B Baby Shark's Big Movie
Cardi B

As Baby Shark breaks into the world of pop stardom she will cross paths with Cardi B's Sharki B. Sharki B is a Chomp City rap icon, known across the seas for her catchy tunes and sick flows. 

Cardi B is a renowned hip-hop artist in her own right, having also acted in movies and TV series like Hustlers and F9: The Fast Saga

Offset - Offshark

Offset as Offshark Baby Shark's Big Movie

Cardi B's real-life husband Offset also appears in the animated film as the rapping fish known as Offshark. 

Offset is a rapper and a former member of the hip-hop group Migos. His other acting credits include NCIS: Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Kulture - Kulture Sharki

Kulture as Kulture Sharki Baby Shark's Big Movie

Kulture's Kulture Sharki is the in-universe daughter of Sharki B and Offshark. 

Kulture is the real-life daughter of Cardi B and Offset, having only appeared in a single episode of Baby Shark's Big Show before this. 

Wave - Wavey Shark

Wave as Wavey Shark Baby Shark's Big Movie

Wavey Shark (played by Wave) is Kulture Sharki's younger brother and the son of Sharki B and Offshark. 

Wave is the real-life son of Offset and Cardi B. 

Baby Shark's Big Movie is now streaming on Paramount+.

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