Full Cast of Nothing to See Here on Netflix: Every Main Actor & Character Who Appears (Photos)

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Netflix has a new hit on its hands thanks to the Spanish-language comedy, Nothing to See Here

Sporting a killer cast of some of Mexico's best and brightest in the world of stand-up comedy, Nothing to See Here (aka Ojitos De Huevo) tells the semi-biographical story of blind comedian Alexis Arroyo. 

The series centers on Alexis' pursuit of a career in stand-up and the obstacles presented by being a blind man in the comedy game. 

Every Main Actor & Character in Nothing to See Here

Alexis Arroyo - Alexis

Alexis Arroyo as Alexis in Nothing to See Here
Alexis Arroyo

Alexis Arroyo takes on the role of Alexis, a blind comedian (who is loosely based on the actor who plays him) with dreams of hitting it big time. After moving to Mexico City, Alexis leaves behind the safety blanket of his overprotective father, taking on the comedy scene to hopefully make a name for himself. 

Nothing to See Here marks Arroyo's Netflix debut and his second-ever acting credit, having previously appeared in four episodes of the Mexican telenovela, La mujer del Vendaval

Kike Vázquez - Charly

Kike Vázquez as Charly in Nothing to See Here
Kike Vázquez

Charly (brought to life by Kike Vázquez) is the best friend and manager of series protagonist Alexis. Having cerebral palsy, Charly struggles to make his dreams come true; hat is why he is so invested in seeing his blind friend take the stage as a stand-up comedian. 

Nothing to See Here marks Kike Vázquez's acting debut. 

Paola Fernández - Azul

Paola Fernández as Azul in Nothing to See Here
Paola Fernández

After moving to the big city, Alexis meets several like-minded individuals whom he befriends. This includes Paola Fernández's Azul who - after hitting Alexis with her car - helps the blind comedian make his dreams come true. 

Fernández's can also be seen in El Rastros de los 5 and Sr Blanc

Memo Villegas - Jimmy

Memo Villegas as Jimmy in Nothing to See Here
Memo Villegas

Another comedian who becomes close with Alexis after his big move is Jimmy (played by Momo Villegas). This comic climbed the ranks a tad before meeting Alexis as he tries to help the series protagonist on his journey to stand-up stardom. 

Nothing to See Here is Villegas' first major acting credit. 

Teté Espinoza - Maya

Teté Espinoza as Maya in Nothing to See Here
Teté Espinoza

Teté Espinoza's Maya is a compatriot of Lalo's and becomes close with Alexis and Charly early on in the series. She helps the boys get their wallets back after they are held up at gunpoint, instantly finding herself in their good graces.

Espinoza can also be seen in El Colapso and Netflix's Where the Track Ends.

Raúl Villegas - Lalo

Raúl Villegas as Lalo in Nothing to See Here
Raúl Villegas

Alexis and Charly meet Lalo (played by Raúl Villegas) early in the series as he tries to mug the pair after they only just arrived in Mexico City. He gets away with their wallets but is forced to reconcile his actions after Maya finds out what her friend has done. 

Villegas's other work includes Sexennial Plan, Rosario Tijeras, and MexZombies

Alejandro Calva - Yuyo

Alejandro Calva as Yuyo in Nothing to See Here
Alejandro Calva

Alejandro Calva brings to life Yuyo, Alexis' overbearing and protective father. When his son says he is ready to head to the big city to pursue his comedic dreams, Yuyo is apprehensive of the big move, fearing his disabled son will not be able to make it on his own. However, all that changes when he finally sees his son take the stage for the first time. 

Calva is an acclaimed Mexican film and stage actor, having appeared in titles such as Lynch, Timeless Love, and Manos Libre

Verónica Merchant - Lolis

Verónica Merchant as Lolis in Nothing to See Here
Verónica Merchant

Taking on the role of Alexis' mother Lolis is Verónica Merchant. Merchant's character is more supportive of her blind son's dreams, being the one to support him in his move to Mexico City and telling her husband, Yuyo, everything is going to be okay. 

Merchant is best known for her work on Deep Crimson and The Five Janes

Alfonso Borbolla - Chocho

Alfonso Borbolla as Chocho in Nothing to See Here
Alfonso Borbolla

Alfonso Borbolla brings to life Chocho in Nothing to See Here. Appearing in several episodes of the streaming comedy, Chocho is a rival comedian and booking agent on the local stand-up shows. Chocho and Alexis butt heads as the booker discriminates against the blind comic.

Borbolla is a stand-up comic and actor whose previous credits include Harina, Tooth for a Tooth, and Disney+'s Daddies on Request

Karem Momo - Carmen

Karem Momo as Carmen in Nothing to See Here
Karem Momo

Carmen (played by Karem Momo) is the bartender at Chocho's comedy club, La Parla, and one of Alexis' most vocal supporters on staff. 

Momo's has also appeared in Heart Sung and Cocdrilos

Enrique Arreola - Buenrostro

Enrique Arreola as Buenrostro in Nothing to See Here
Enrique Arreola

Enrique Arreola's Buenrostro is another skeptic of Alexis' and constantly heckles the blind comedian whenever he takes the stage. As a comic himself, Buenrostro sees Alexis as a threat, losing to the young stand-up in La Parla's first comedy contest. 

Arreola's best-known credits include Duck Season, Nora's Will, and Asfixia

Nothing to See Here is now streaming on Netflix worldwide.

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