Full Cast of The Marriage Pass on Tubi - Every Main Actor & Character In Movie (Photos)

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The Marriage Pass cast

Tubi has a new 2024 movie out with the release of The Marriage Pass, which brings an exciting new cast of actors playing thrilling new characters.

Based on a 2021 romantic novel of the same name by Briana Cole, The Marriage Pass tells the story of a newlywed couple as they try to spice up their love life after spending the first year of their marriage constantly fighting.

The film was directed by Sam Coyle as Briana Cole wrote the script for the film based on her own book, with the new 91-minute film officially hitting Tubi for public viewing on January 20.

Every Actor & Character in The Marriage Pass

Dorian Graham - Shane Marriott

Shane Marriott as Dorian Graham in The Marriage Pass
Shane Marriott

Shane Marriott takes on the leading role in The Marriage Pass as he plays Dorian Graham, a successful doctor who's been having a difficult time in his marriage before his wife offers him a pass to see whoever he wants for one night.

The real drama starts when the person he chooses is his sister-in-law, leading to a torrid love affair that lasts much longer than one night as he puts his entire marriage at risk.

This movie marks Marriott's biggest role to date, although he also has credits in Titans, Fargo, and Reacher.

Reagan Reynolds - Krista Nazaire

Krista Nazaire as Reagan Reynolds in The Marriage Pass
Krista Nazaire

Trouble comes into play in this movie with the introduction of Krista Nazaire's Reagan Reynolds, Dorian's aforementioned sister-in-law.

Reagan first runs into Dorian at a strip club while he's out with friends for a bachelor party, and once he gets his marriage pass, Reagan immediately latches onto him and has no intention of letting him go.

Nazarie was recently seen in 2023's Hell of a Summer, and she also plays a key supporting role as Belinda Conrad in Hulu's The Hardy Boys.

Shantae Graham - Sagine Sémajuste

Sagine Sémajuste as Shantae Graham in The Marriage Pass
Sagine Sémajuste

Sagine Sémajuste plays Dorian's wife Shantae, a young woman doing everything she can to recover from tragedy after miscarrying twin sons before the events of this movie.

She learns about the idea of a marriage pass from a colleague at the bank where she works, giving that pass to her husband as a gift for their first anniversary to add some spice back into their lives.

Sémajuste's other big credits include Hemlock Grove, Lost Girl, and Unforgiving.

Myles - Colton Royce

Colton Royce
Colton Royce

Colton Royce's Myles is one of Dorian's close friends seen at the strip club who makes a living as a construction worker.

Myles even winds up becoming Reagan's boyfriend while she starts her affair with Dorian, although both relationships quickly become quite complicated.

Royce made an impact in the Season 3 premiere episode of Amazon Prime Video's The Boys as Livewire, and he's also seen in Obsessed to Death, Deadly House Call, and In the Shadow of the Moon.

Neil - Christopher James

Christopher James as Neil in The Marriage Pass
Christopher James

Christopher James takes on the role of Neil, a security guard at Dorian's medical building who is also one of Dorian's friends seen at the strip club.

Other projects on James' resume include Not So Afraid, A Christmas Fumble, and Kim's Convenience.

Roman - Christian Miller

Christian Miller
Christian Miller

The last of Dorian's friends seen at the strip club bachelor party is Christian Miller's Roman, who is the bachelor in question enjoying a fun night out before his own wedding.

Abby (Nurse) - Sarah Cleveland

Sarah Cleveland
Sarah Cleveland

Sarah Cleveland plays a small role in The Marriage Pass as a nurse named Abby who works at Dorian's office, taking notice of the affair between him and Reagan.

Cleveland can be seen playing other roles in My Husband's Worst Mistake, A Father's Fight, and End of the Road.

Barbara - Darlene Cooke

Darlene Cooke
Darlene Cooke

Shantae's parents both show up in this story, with her mother being played by Darlene Cook.

As Shantae and Dorian visit her parents for a celebration, viewers see the difficult relationship with both of her daughters that she has to navigate.

Cook's biggest credits come in Designated Survivor, A Song for Christmas, and Creeped Out.

Charles - Glen Michael Grant

Glen Michael Grant as Charles in The Marriage Pass
Glen Michael Grant

Along with Shantae's mother comes her father, Charles, portrayed in the movie by Glen Michael Grant.

Charles reminds Dorian how much he doesn't approve of his relationship with Shantae, telling his son-in-law that he's not good enough for his daughter.

Grant's most notable roles come in Chaos Walking, Special Correspondents, and Trailer Park Boys: The Movie.

Will - Giovanni Spina

Giovanni Spina as Will in The Marriage Pass
Giovanni Spina

Shantae works with an IT representative at her bank named Will, who is played by Giovanni Spina.

While Dorian uses his free marriage pass with Reagan, he is convinced that his wife is taking the opportunity to sleep around with Will.

Spina's past work includes appearances in Star Trek: Discovery, Camp Rock, and In The Dark.

Jackie - Cassandre Mentor

Cassandre Mentor as Jackie in The Marriage Pass
Cassandre Mentor

Only seen in a couple of scenes is Shantae's bank co-worker, Jackie, with Cassandre Mentor taking on that character.

Jackie is the one who gives Shantae the suggestion to offer her husband the marriage pass in the first place as she learns about Shantae and Dorian's problems at the start of the film.

Mentor's most famous credits include Killing Daddy, Homemade Christmas, and Christmas at Maple Creek.

Dr. Washington - Stephanie Herrera

Stephanie Herrera
Stephanie Herrera

Stephanie Herrera shows up in one vital scene in the latter stages of this movie playing Dr. Washington, a member of the hospital medical board who comes to discuss Dorian's medical license with him as his affair moves forward.

Herrera can also be seen in Beau is Afraid, Shelved, and One More Time.

Officer Keller - Geoff Rutherford

Geoff Rutherford as Officer Keller in The Marriage Pass
Geoff Rutherford

Geoff Rutherford enjoys a short amount of screen time as Officer Keller, who comes by Dorian's house after finding out Reagan had suffered some serious injuries as he interrogates Dorian about the matter.

Rutherford's only other credits on his resume are Thanksgiving, The Dessert, and Ghosts.

The Marriage Pass is now streaming for free on Tubi.

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