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Kim Ji-won as Hae-in, Netflix logo, Kim Soo-hyun as Hyun-woo

My Love from the Star's Kim Soo-Hyun leads the all-star cast of the latest hit K-drama, Queen of Tears, now streaming on Netflix. 

Queen of Tears follows the ups and downs of the marriage of Hae-in (the president of Queens Department Store) and Hyun-woo (a regular guy who is the son of the head of the Yong-du ri supermarket). 

The romantic K-drama premiered on tvN in South Korea and on Netflix in select regions (including the U.S.) on March 9. 

Every Main Cast Member of Queen of Tears 

Kim Soo-hyun - Baek Hyun-woo

Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo
Kim Soo-hyun

Kim Soo-hyun leads the cast of Queen of Tears as Baek Hyun-woo, Hae-in's husband and a successful lawyer who eventually becomes the legal director of Queens Group. 

Being married to the heiress of the Queens Group takes a heavy toll on Hyun-woo, considering that he is not a fan of his instant fame since many consider their bond to be the marriage of the century. 

Hyun-woo is also the son of a supermarket owner in Yongdu-ri. 

Soo-hyun is known for his memorable performances in My Love from the Star, Hotel Del Luna, and It's Okay to Not Be Okay

Kim Ji-won - Hong Hae-in

Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in
Kim Ji-won

Kim Ji-won stars as Hong Hae-in, Hyun-woo's wife and the president of the Queens Department Store. 

As a member of a respected family, Hae-in is reeling from the pressure and the huge responsibility of taking over the business. Hae-in's marriage is also affected since her parents and siblings are bullying her husband. 

Ji-won's notable credits include The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, and Fight for My Way

Park Sung-hoon - Yoon Eun-sung 

Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-sung
Park Sung-hoon

Park Sung-hoon plays Yoon Eun-sung, a highly-sought investor who comes back to Korea to try and make a deal with the Queens Group family. He is also a former Wall Street analyst. 

Eun-sung is Hae-in's ex-boyfriend who tries to make a move on her even though she's already married to Hyun-woo.

Sung-hoon is known for his roles in Squid Game, The Glory, and High Society

Kwak Dong-yeon - Hong Soo-cheol

Kwak Dong-yeon as Hong Soo-cheol
Kwak Dong-yeon

Hong Soo-cheol (played by Kwak Dong-yeon) is the CEO of Queens Mart and Hae-in's youngest brother. 

Soo-cheol often bullies Hyun-woo when given the chance, much to Hae-in's disgrace. 

In Episode 2, it is clear that Soo-cheol is the favorite child of Hae-in's parents, mainly because their mother blamed her for the death of her child. 

Fans may recognize Dong-yeon for his roles in Vincenzo, Never Twice, and Gaus Electronics.

Lee Joo-bin - Cheon Da-hye 

Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-hye
Lee Joo-bin

Lee Joo-bin is part of the Queen of Tears cast as Cheon Da-hye, Soo-cheol's wife. 

Joo-bin has credits in Money Heist: Korea, Doctor Lawyer, and Love in Contract.

Moon Tae-yu - Kim Yang-gi

Moon Tae-yu as Kim yang-gi
Moon Tae-yu

Kim Yang-gi is Hyun-woo's friend and a divorce attorney who shares a rumor about the impending divorce between Hae-in and Hyun-woo in Episode 1. The character is played on-screen by Moon Tae-yu.

At one point in Queen of Tears' premiere, Yang-gi tells Hyun-woo to reconsider the divorce since he knows that his friend still loves Hae-in. 

Tae-yu is known for his roles in A Taxi Driver, A Hospital Playlist, and Lotto Share.

Kim Kap-soo - Hong Man-dae

Kim Kap-soo as Hong Man-dae
Kim Kap-soo

Hong Man-dae is Hae-in's grandfather and the chairman of Queens Group. 

Many see Man-dae as someone greedy who does not care about the welfare of others. 

Kap-soo previously appeared in A Tale of Two Sisters, Sweet Home, and Mr. Sunshine.

Lee Mi-sook - Mo Seul-hee 

Lee Mi-sook as Mo Seul-hee
Lee Mi-sook

Lee Mi-sook stars as Mo Seul-hee, Man-dae's attractive girlfriend who is known by many as the "Mother Teresa of Queens" since she believes that being greedy is a bad thing and she has no interest in their money. 

During the death anniversary of Man-dae's wife in Episode 1, Seul-hee tells Kim Seon-hwa that she doesn't want to attend the ceremony because she feels that it would be an act of disrespect to the family. 

Mi-sook is known for her appearances in The Classic, Untold Scandal, and Hellcats

Jun Jin-young - Hong Beom-jun 

Jun Jin-young as Hong Beom-jun
Jun Jin-young

Jun Jin-young brings Hong Beom-jun to life in Queen of Tears.

Beom-jun is Hae-in's strict father who also serves as the vice chairman of the Queens Group. 

Beom-jun is protective of the family's image to the point that he wants Hae-in and Hyun-woo to not argue in the workplace. 

Jin-young's notable credits include Love in the Moonlight, The Dude in Me, and Sweet Home.

Na Young-hee - Kim Seon-hwa

Na Young-hee as Kim Seon-hwa
Na Young-hee 

Na Young-hee appears as Hae-in's mother, Kim Seon-hwa. 

Seon-hwa is not a fan of the fact that her daughter married Hyun-woo. She notices a lot of little things in Hae-in and Hyun-woo's marriage which usually leads to constant arguments.

In Episode 1, Seon-hwa micromanaged Hyun-woo's work ethic and it was clear that she has no sense of respect toward her daughter's husband. She also wanted them to have a baby so that gossip about the pair's divorce would stop.

Young-hee has over 30 credits to her name, with roles in The Forgotten, Hwanggeum Gamyeon, and My Love from Another Star.

Kim Jung-nan - Hong Beom-ja 

Kim Jung-nan as Hong Beom-ja
Kim Jung-nan

Kim Jung-nan is part of the cast of Queen of Tears as Hong Beom-ja. 

Hong Beom-ja is Hae-in's aunt who is not afraid of speaking her mind and opinion about the family. 

She is also in jail for taking revenge against someone and Hyun-woo is tasked to be her attorney with hopes of getting her out of prison. 

Jung-nan is known for her roles in A Gentleman's Dignity, Mouse, and All About My Romance.

Jeon Bae-soo - Baek Du-gwan

Jeon Bae-soo as Baek Du-gwan
Jeon Bae-soo

Jeon Bae-soo's Baek Du-gwan is Hyun-woo's father and the head of the Yongdu-ri village. Du-gwan is one's typical family man, but he is often afraid of his wife since he doesn't know much about household chores. 

All Of Us Are Dead fans may recognize Bae-soo for portraying Nam so-ju in Season 1 of the series. 

The actor also appeared in The Wailing, Daily Dose of Sunshine, and Divorce Attorney Shin

Hang Young-hee - Jeon Bong-ae

Hang Young-hee as Jeon Bong-ae
Hang Young-hee

Jeon Bong-ae (played by Jeon Bong-ae) is Hyun-woo's stay-at-home mom who is mainly in charge of the household. 

Bong-ae knows how to fix anything and she is usually the one whom Du-gwan calls whenever there is a problem in the house and on the farm.

Young-hee has credits in Mother, Hotel Del Luna, and Divorce Lawyer in Love.

Kim Joo-ryoung - Grace Goh

Kim Joo-ryoung as Grace Goh
Kim Joo-ryoung

Grace Goh (played by Kim Joo-ryoung) is the Hong family's executive assistant who takes care of everything for them, such as schedules, food, and even the color of their clothes. 

Joo-ryoung is known for her roles in Squid Game, Memories of Murder, and Revenge of Others.

Jang Yoon-ju - Baek Mi-seon

Jang Yoon-ju as Baek Mi-seon
Jang Yoon-ju

Jang Yoon-ju stars as Baek Mi-seon, Hyun-woo's older sister who runs a beauty salon in Yongdu-ri. 

In Episode 1, Mi-seon tells Hyun-woo that she is disappointed over the fact that he, along with Hae-in, didn't even attend their dad's 60th birthday party as well as the other regular holidays. 

Upon learning more about the planned divorce, Mi-seon tried to talk some sense into her brother to not move forward with it. 

Yoon-ju's notable credits include Veteran, Three Sisters, and Ballerina.

New episodes of Queen of Tears premiere every Saturday and Sunday on Netflix at 3 a.m. ET. 

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