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The Bequeathed main actors

Hellbound 2 star Kim Hyun-Joo leads the cast of Netflix's newest K-Drama, The Bequeathed

The Bequeathed explores the story of how a family gravesite inherited by Yoon Seo-Ha after her uncle's death leads to a series of murders and strange occurrences in a local village in Korea. 

The Bequeathed premiered on Netflix on January 19.

Every Main Cast Member of The Bequeathed 

Kim Hyun-Joo - Yoon Seo-Ha

Kim Hyun-Joo as Yoon Seo-Ha
Kim Hyun-Joo

Kim Hyun-Joo leads the cast of The Bequeathed as Yoon Seo-Ha. 

Yoon Seo-Ha is a college instructor who is not happy about her job. After the sudden death of her uncle, Seo-Ha inherits the family's gravesite. 

The burial ground eventually becomes the center of several unexpected murders within the village, leading everyone to question Seo-Ha's arrival.

Hyun-Joo is known for her roles in Hellbound 2, Undercover, and Watcher.

Park Hee-Soon - Choi Sung-Jun

Park Hee-Soon as Choi Sung-Jun
Park Hee-Soon 

Park Hee-Soon plays Choi Sung-Jun, a detective who investigates the case without the permission of his police captain. 

Sung-Jun is adamant about getting the promotion he thinks he deserves and argues he should have been named captain and not Park Sang-Min. 

Despite the clash between the two colleagues, Sung-Jun is still hellbent on proving himself so he defies the captain's order and continues to investigate the death of Seo-Ha's uncle. 

Hee-Soon's notable credits include Jak-jeon, Trolley, and Seven Days

Park Byung-Eun - Park Sang-Min

Park Byung-Eun as Park Sang-Min
Park Byung-Eun

Park Sang-Min (played by Park Byung-Eun) is the police captain who spearheads the investigation into the death of Seo-Ha's uncle, Myung-gil. He is also Choi Sung-jun's longtime colleague. 

Sang-Min is mad about Sung-jun not following his orders due to being jealous of his promotion. Despite that, they try to unwrap the case together in the latter moments of the series as the death toll becomes high. 

Byung-Eun previously appeared in Moving, The Yellow Sea, and Seobok

Ryu Kyung-Soo - Kim Young-Ho 

Ryu Kyung-Soo as Kim Young-Ho
Ryu Kyung-Soo

Ryu Kyung-Soo brings Kim Young-Ho to life in The Bequeathed

Kim Young-Ho is Seo-ha's half-brother who suddenly appears during Myung-gil's funeral, claiming he also has the right to receive part of the burial ground. 

He even threatens to hurt Seo-ha during the confrontation, but the other guests subdue him. 

Kyung-Soo is best known for his roles in Tale of the Nine-Tailed, The Call, and Itaewon Class

Park Sung-Hoon - Yang Jae-Seok 

Park Sung-Hoon as Yang Jae-Seok
Park Sung-Hoon

Joining the cast of The Bequeathed as Seo-ha's husband is Park Sung-Hoon as Yang Jae-Seok. 

In Episode 1, it is revealed that Jae-Seok is a lying and cheating husband to Seo-ha. Making matters worse for the couple, Jae-Seok also wants to take advantage of the newly inherited burial ground since he wants to sell it to gain profit. 

Sung-Hoon has credits in Into the Ring, Hail to Hell, and The Glory.

Kim Jae-Bum - Yuk Sung-Soo

Kim Jae-Bum  as Yuk Sung-Soo
Kim Jae-Bum 

Yuk Sung-Soo (played by Kim Jae-Bum) is the village chief who talks to Seo-ha about her uncle's burial rites and potentially selling the burial ground to Jijo Construction. 

The sneaky and menacing village chief has his own agenda since it is later revealed that the police bring him in for questioning regarding Myung-gil's death. 

Jae-Bum is known for his roles in Deja Vu, Blue Busking, and The Queen's Umbrella.

Jung In-Gi - Kim Chang-Seok

Jung In-Gi as Kim Chang-Seok
Jung In-Gi

Jung In-Gi plays Professor Kim Chang-Seok, Seo-ha's mentor and boss at the university where she's working. 

Kim Chang-Seok is a brilliant professor but his greatness is questioned by the fact that he hired Seo-ha as his ghostwriter. 

In-Gi appeared in K-Drama shows like Song of the Bandits, Agency, and Shadow Detective 2

Choi Yu-Hwa - Han Na-Rae

Choi Yu-Hwa as Han Na-Rae
Choi Yu-Hwa

Professor Han Na-Rae is Seo-ha's colleague from the university who is promoted under Chang-Seok's guidance. The character is played by Choi Yu-Hwa. 

Yu-Hwa has credits in Knight Flower, The Killing Vote, and Class of Lies.

Kim Jae-Gun - Yoon Myung-gil 

Kim Jae-Gun as Yoong Myung-gil
Kim Jae-Gun

Kim Jae-Gun is part of the cast of The Bequeathed as Yoon Myung-gil. 

Myung-gil is Yoon Seo-Ha's uncle who died at the beginning of the series. The circumstances around his death are at the center of Sang-Min's investigation. 

He is also the previous owner of the burial ground that Seo-Ha inherits in the series. 

Jae-Gun is known for appearing in Korean movies like Cobweb, I Saw the Devil, and Seobok

Kim Ji-An - Yoon Seo-Ha (teen) 

Kim Ji-An as Yoon Seo-Ha
Kim Ji-An

Kim Ji-An appears as the teenage version of Yoon Seo-Ha during flashbacks.

Episode 1 shows that a younger Seo-Ha saw her real father in the past with a young boy, meaning that she's aware that her half-younger brother exists. 

Ji-An appeared in Sweet Home 2, Shadow Detective 2, and Pale Moon.

The Bequeathed is now streaming on Netflix.

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