Full Cast of Soundtrack #2: Every Main Actor & Character In Disney+ K-Drama (Photos)

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Soundtrack #2 Steve Sanghyun Noh and Keum Sae-rok, Disney Plus logo

Soundtrack #2 explores the chemistry between The Interest of Love's Keum Sae-rok and Love My Scent actor Steve Sanghyun Noh alongside its incredible cast of Korean stars. 

The new K-drama from Red Nine Pictures and Xanadu Entertainment tackles the reunion of two former lovers as they try to rekindle their spark. The series premiered on Disney+ on December 6. 

Every Main Actor & Character in Soundtrack #2 

Keum Sae-rok - Do Hyun-seo

Keum Sae-rok as Do Hyun-seo
Keum Sae-rok

Do Hyun-seo (played by Keum Sae-rok) is a talented piano instructor who broke up with Ji Su-ho four years ago. 

After the breakup, Hyun-seo received many awards for being a successful piano teacher. Today, Hyun-seo is still unsatisfied with her different piano-related accolades since her ultimate dream is to open her own restaurant. 

Hyun-seo's life becomes complicated when she unexpectedly reunites with her ex-boyfriend, Ji Su-ho, after the latter's friend hires her as his new piano instructor.

Keum Sae-rok is best known for her roles in The Fiery Priest, Class of Lies, and The Interest of Love.

Steve Sanghyun Noh - Ji Su-ho

Steve Sanghyun Noh as Ji Su-ho
Steve Sanghyun Noh

Steve Sanghyun Noh plays Ji Su-ho, Hyun-seo's ex-boyfriend whom she accidentally reconnects with after four years. It is later revealed that Hyun-seo broke up with him due to Su-ho's inability to provide good financial support.

During their time apart, though, Su-ho worked harder, becoming the CEO of a content creation company. However, the fact that Su-ho is always busy with work leads to him suffering from tinnitus, which explains why he needs piano lessons.  

Steve Sanghyun Noh's most recognizable role is playing Isak in Pachinko. The actor also appeared in Netflix's Sense8, Seoul Searching, and Love My Scent.

Sohn Jeong-hyuck - Kei

Sohn Jeong-hyuck as Kei
Sohn Jeong-hyuck

Adding to an already-complicated love life between the two ex-lovers is the arrival of Sohn Jeong-hyuck's Kei. 

Kei is a content creator whom Su-ho hires for his next project. As a result, Kei's workstation is inside Su-ho's home. 

Unexpectedly, Hyeon-seo and Kei bond over music as the latter is a singer-songwriter. 

Sohn Jeong-hyuck is a singer-songwriter in real life, and Soundtrack #2 marks his acting debut. 

Kwon Seung-woo - Chang-sik

Kwon Seung-woo as Chang-sik
Kwon Seung-woo

Chang-Sik, Su-ho's best friend and business partner, advises him to hire a piano instructor to cure his condition. Kwon Seung-woo plays the character. 

Chang-Sik is the main reason why the two former lovers reunite. Aside from being Su-ho's friend, Chang-Sik also serves as the man who consistently prevents him from working too much. 

Kwon Seung-woo has credits in Yumi's Cells, Vincenzo, and Hospital Playlist.

Jeon Hye-jin - Kim Jin-Kyeong

Jeon Hye-jin as Kim Jin-Kyeong
Jeon Hye-jin

Jeon Hye-jin plays Kim Jin-Kyeong, Hyun-seo's best friend who believes nothing is a failure. Instead, she considers it as a life lesson. 

Kim Jin-Kyeong is the one who pushes Hyun-seo to pursue her restaurant business despite the overwhelming odds. 

Hye-jin is known for her notable roles in Ashfall, The Beast, and Not Others.

Gong Yoo Rim - Da Young

Gong Yoo Rim as Da Young
Gong Yoo Rim 

Da Young is Hyun-seo's friend, whom she accidentally reunites with after being one of her clients from a food delivery app. The character is portrayed on-screen by Gong Yoo Rim. 

Da Young and Hyun-seo are former classmates from Eunseong. 

Gong Yoo Rim previously appeared in Recalled, Do With All Your Heart Today, and First Kiss.

Park Bo Kyung - Kim Soo Min

Park Bo Kyung as Kim Soo Min
Park Bo Kyung

Kim Soo Min (played by Park Bo Kyung) is Su-ho's doctor who tells Chang-sik about his friend's condition. 

Soo Min diagnosed Su-ho with General Adaptation Syndrome, which is known as tinnitus caused by excessive work and stress. Soo Min tells Su-ho that it could lead to hearing loss if not treated with rest. 

Park Bo Kyung is known for her roles in several K-drama shows like Moving, The Good Bad Mother, Little Women, and Juvenile Justice.

Moon Hyeon Jeong - Tteokbokki Restaurant Owner

Moon Hyeon Jeong as Tteokbokki Restaurant Owner
Moon Hyeon Jeong

Moon Hyeon Jeong joins the cast of Soundtrack #2 as the owner of the Tteokbokki restaurant in Episode 1. 

Do Hyun-seo encounters the restaurant owner since she also works as a part-time delivery rider. 

Hyeon Jeong has an impressive K-drama resume, with roles in Twinkling Watermelon, Doctor Cha, and Idol: The Coup

Choi E Jun - Seo Joon

Choi E Jun as Seo Joon
Choi E Jun

Choi E Jun plays Seo Joon, one of Do Hyun-seo's younger students, for whom she teaches piano as part of her part-time job. 

Choi E Jun previously appeared as a young Nam-in in Netflix's Strong Girl Nam-Soon. The young actor also has credits in My Dearest and From Now On Showtime.

Kim Yun Seul - Seo Yoon

Kim Yun Seul as Seo Yoon
Kim Yun Seul

Another of Do Hyun-seo's students is Seo Yoon, a character Kim Yun Seul portrays. Hyun-seo loves cooking Tteokbokki for Seo Yoon and Seo Joon. 

Kim Yun Seul is known for her notable roles in Sweet Home Season 2, Ghost Doctor, and Reflection of You.

Soundtrack #2 is streaming on Disney+.

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