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Chicken Nugget Netflix cast

Netflix's Chicken Nugget is headlined by Miracle in Cell No. 7 star Ryu Seong-ryong and Reply 1988's Ahn Jae-hong.

Based on the Naver webtoon of the same name, Chicken Nugget chronicles the unusual story of a girl who is accidentally turned into a chicken nugget after entering a complex machine. 

As a result, the girl's father teams up with his intern to find ways to turn her back to her human form. 

Chicken Nugget premiered on Netflix on March 15.

Every Main Cast Member of Chicken Nugget

Ryu Seung-ryong - Choi Sun-man

Ryu Seung-ryong as Choi Sun-man
Ryu Seung-ryong

Ryu Seung-ryong leads the cast of Chicken Nugget as Choi Sun-man.

Choi Sun-man is the president of a machine company who wants nothing but peace in his life. 

Things take an unexpected turn when his daughter accidentally becomes a chicken nugget, prompting him to use all of his resources to find a solution to get her back. 

Seung-ryong is best known for his role as Yong-Goo in Miracle in Cell No. 7. The actor also appeared in All About My Wife, War of the Arrows, and Extreme Job

Ahn Jae-hong - Ko Baek-joong

Ahn Jae-hong as Ko Baek-joong
Ahn Jae-hong

Ko Baek-joong (played by Ahn Jae-hong) is an intern working at Sun-man's company who has a crush on the owner's daughter. 

Many, including his boss, often consider the character's jolly personality as a bizarre trait. Baek-joong's intense feelings for Choi Min-ah force him to work harder and improve himself so that she will become her ideal man. 

Baek-joong helps Sun-man in trying to bring his daughter back as a human after she accidentally becomes a chicken nugget. 

Jae-hong's notable credits include The King of Jokgu, Fight for My Way, and Sunshine Boys.

Kim You-jung - Choi Min-ah

Kim You-jung as Choi Min-ah
Kim You-jung

At the center of Chicken Nugget's peculiar ordeal is Kim You-jung as Choi Min-ah. 

Min-ah is Sun-man's daughter who goes inside the machine, thinking that it will relieve her stress. Unfortunately, it makes matters worse since she turns into a chicken nugget after pressing the mysterious button inside. 

You-jung previously appeared as Do Do-hee in My Demon. The actress also starred in Moon Embracing the Sun, Backstreet Rookie, and Lovers of the Red Sky.

Jung Ho-yeon - Hong Cha

Jung Ho-yeon as Hong-Cha
Jung Ho-yeon

Jung Ho-yeon is part of Chicken Nuggets' cast as Hong Cha.

Hong Cha is a famous food columnist and Baek-joong's ex-girlfriend.

Squid Game fans may recognize Ho-yeon for her role as Kang Sae-byeok in the series.

Park Jin-young - Yoo Tae-young

Park Jin-young as Yoo Tae-young
Park Jin-young

Park Jin-young portrays Yoo Tae-young, Yoo Tae-man's older brother whom he wants to emulate by copying his looks with the use of the mysterious alien machine. 

Jin-young is known for his roles in When My Love Blooms, Dream High, and Melting Me Softly.

Ko Chang-seok - Baek-joong’s father

Ko Chang-seok as Baek-joong’s father
Ko Chang-seok

Ko Chang-seok plays Baek-joong’s father who wants his son to pursue engineering rather than being a factory worker and an aspiring singer.

Chang-seok has credits in Lady Vengeance, The Host, and The Front Line.

Moon Sang-hoon - Jeong Hyo-bong

Moon Sang-hoon as Jeong Hyo-bong
Moon Sang-hoon

Moon Sang-hoon stars as Jeong Hyo-bong, a mysterious man who has ties to the machine that turned Min-ah into a chicken nugget.

Sang-hoon is best known for his role as Kim Ru Ri in D.P. The actor also appeared in Blue Birthday and Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Yoo Seung-mok - Yoo In-won

Yoo Seung-mok as Yoo In-won
Yoo Seung-mok

Yoo Seung-mok plays Dr. Yoo In-won, the man who is obsessed with the machine that turns people into chicken nuggets. 

He mentions the machine has existed for over 200 years and it is composed of Duralumin. 

Many believe that he is crazy, but he might be the only one who can solve Sun-man's problem with his daughter.

Seung-mok is known for his roles in Decision to Leave and The Host.

Jeong Seung-gil - Yoo Tae-ma

Jeong Seung-gil as Yoo Tae-ma
Jeong Seung-gil

Jeong Seung-gil's Yoo Tae-man is In-won's nephew who grew resentful toward his uncle. 

Despite being only 22 years old, Tae-man looks old because he drank an unusual herbal medicine in the past.

In Chicken Nuggets, he is aware of the machine's secret and he wants it for himself so that he can look smart and handsome like his brother.

Seung-gil's most recognizable role is playing Baek Jung Gi in Stranger. The actor's other notable credits include Mr. Sunshine and No Regret.

All episodes of Chicken Nugget are now streaming on Netflix.

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