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Anchored by the success of its predecessor, Netflix's Strong Girl Nam-soon continues the exciting premise of Strong Girl Bong-soon led by a remarkable cast of Korean stars. 

The series stars Lee Yo-mi in the titular role and is a spin-off of 2017's Strong Girl Bong-soon. It revolves around Nam-soon's journey of self-discovery as she searches for her family while adjusting to her superhuman strength. 

Strong Girl Nam-soon made its debut on JTBC on October 7. The series is also available to watch on Netflix in selected international territories.

Every Main Actor & Character in Strong Girl Nam-soon 

Lee Yoo-mi - Gang Nam-soon

Lee Yoo-mi as Nam-soon

Lee Yoo-mi plays Gang Nam-soon, Bong Soon's cousin who also has superhuman strength. The bubbly and kind-hearted woman uses her powers to secretly help others. 

When Gang Nam-soon was a child, she got lost in Mongolia during a photography trip with her father. As an adult, she went to South Korea to search for her parents. 

However, upon finding her family, Nam-soon accidentally became involved in a drug case that posed many challenges to her powers and secret while she tried to protect her mother and grandmother. 

Fans may recognize Lee Yoo-mi for her role as Lee Na-yeon in All Of Us Are Dead and Ji-yeong in Squid Game. The actress' other credits include Hostage: Missing Celebrity and Young Adult Matters.

Kim Jung-eun - Hwang Geum-joo

Kim Jung-eun as Hwang Geum-joo

As the wealthy CEO of a Gangnam pawnshop named Gold Blue, Kim Jung-eun's Hwang Geum-joo will do anything in her power to find her missing daughter, Nam Soon. 

In fact, she even began a tournament for strong women with a 500 million WON grand prize with hopes that her daughter will eventually participate. 

Similar to Nam Soon, Hwang Geum-joo also has superhuman strength, and she showcased her powers when two armed men tried to steal her pawnshop's earnings.

Kim Jung-eun is a veteran in the K-Drama scene, previously appearing in Lovers in Paris, I Am Legend, Make a Woman Cry, and My Dangerous Wife.

Kim Hae-sook - Gil Joong-gan

Kim Hae-sook as Gil Joong-gan

As a respected member of the Gangnam community, Nam Soon's grandmother, Gil Joong-gan, is played by Kim Hae-sook. Similar to her granddaughter and daughter (Hwang Geum-joo), she exhibits superhuman strength. 

Given her long history of using her powers, Gil Joong-gan is aware of the family's past. She also serves as the Nam Soon's mentor. 

Kim Hae-sook became popular due to her numerous roles as a mother in a plethora of K-dramas, such as Start-Up, Hospital Playlist, and Under the Queen's Umbrella

Ong Seong-wu - Gang Hee-sik

Ong Seong-wu as Gang Hee-sik

Ong Seong-wu's Gang Hee-sik is a police detective tasked to investigate a drug case in Gangnam and is also Nam Soon's love interest.

Gang Hee-sik met Nam Soon in Episode 1 when he confiscated some of her personal items during an inspection at the airport. Eventually, though, Hee-sik believed that Nam Soon was not a threat and helped her locate her family in the city. 

The pair bonded throughout the first two episodes, with Hee-sik even discovering Nam Soon's superhuman abilities (spoiler alert: he's okay with it). 

After being featured as one of the leads in 2019's At Eighteen, Ong Seong-wu appeared in notable projects such as Seoul Vibe, More Than Friends, and Life Is Beautiful.

Byeon Woo-seok - Ryu Shi-oh

Byeon Woo-seok as Ryu Shi-oh

As a rich CEO of a sales and distribution company named Dugo, Byeon Woo-seok's Ryu Shi-oh will do anything to protect his work and status. 

When Nam Soon decides to become a hero and stop the plane from crashing, Ryu Shi-oh isn't amazed by her powers, leading some to question if he has something nefarious planned for her.

In fact, Ryu Shi-oh tested a mysterious synthetic drug in Episode 2, the same drug that Gang Hee-sik and the police were investigating. 

Beon Woo Seok is best known for his role in 2022's 20th Century Girl. The actor also appeared in Live Up to Your Name, Record of Youth, and Moonshine.

Lee Seung-joon - Gang Bong-go

Lee Seung-joon as Gang Bong-go

Lee Seung-joon's Gang Bong-go is Nam Soon's father who accidentally lost her while on a photography tour in Mongolia. 

Through the years, Gang Bong-go tried to search for his daughter, but he didn't succeed. Eventually, he and Geum-ju got divorced, but they are still in contact as they try to find Nam Soon. 

Lee Seung-joon is best known for his roles in The Admiral: Roaring Currents and Discovery of Love.

Han Sang-jo - Gang Nam-in

Han Sang-jo as Gang Nam-in

When she was born, Nam-soon had a twin brother named Gang Nam-in, a character portrayed by Han Sang-jo. 

Nam-in's love for food is justified since he is the owner of Tarot Cafe, a shop on the first floor of Geum-joo's building.

Gang Nam-in had many notable roles in K-dramas, previously appearing in My Lovely Liar, Glitch, and My Liberation Notes.

Kim Ki-doo - Hwang Geum-dong

Kim Ki-doo as Hwang Geum-dong

Hwang Geum-dong is brought to life by Kim Ki-doo in Strong Girl Nam-Soon

The character is Nam-Soon's uncle, Bong-go's ex-brother-in-law, and Geum-joo's younger brother. 

Kim Ki-doo has an impressive resume of acting credits. The actor previously appeared in The Escape of the Seven, Destined with You, and Our Blooming Youth

Joo Woo-jae - Ji Hyun-soo

Joo Woo-jae as Ji Hyun-soo

After being betrayed by a con artist, Nam-soon took matters into her own hands in Episode 2 by building her house in the middle of an open field. 

A homeless person named Ji Hyun-soo (portrayed on-screen by Joo Woo-jae) then tried to live in Nam-soon's newfound home. 

When Nam-soon confronted him, Hyun-soo said that he's "a free-spirited soul who finds a home wherever his head can rest." 

Park Gyeong-ree - Noh Son-saeng

Park Gyeong-ree as Noh Son-saeng

Portraying Ji Hyun-soo's girlfriend is Park Gyeong-ree as Noh Son-saeng. 

Son-saeng told Nam-soon that her home in Episode 2 is unauthorized since it was built on government property. It was also revealed that she became homeless after being scammed.

Eventually, she became friends with Nam-soon. 

Park Young-tak - Oh Young-tak

Park Young-tak as Oh Young-tak

Park Young-tak's Oh Young-tak serves as Hee-sik's partner detective who helps him in investigating the mysterious drugs that suddenly appear in the community.

Aside from acting, Young-tak is also a famous South Korean singer best known for placing second in the TV Chosun audition show, Mr. Trot.

Ryu Ha-seong - Jin Seon-gyu

Jin Seon-gyu (played by Ryu Ha-seong) is part of the Gangnam Hangang District Police Station and is the youngest member of Hee-sik's drug investigation team. 

Song Jin-woo - Kim Seok-ho

Song Jin-woo as Kim Seok-ho

As a former bodyguard and taekwondo instructor, Song Jin-woo's Kim Seok-ho was recruited to become a police officer at the Gangnam Hangang District Police Station. 

By the time of the events of Strong Girl Nam-soon, Kim Seok-ho became part of the drug investigation team led by Hee-sik. 

Jeong Seung-gil - Ha Dong-seok

Jeong Seung-gil as Ha Dong-seok

Jeong Seung-gil's Ha Dong-seok is a former member of Korea's special forces who later becomes part of Gangnam's police department and its drug investigation team. 

The veteran South Korean actor is known for his roles in Dream, Not Out, and Alice, The Final Weapon

Choi Hee-jin - Ri Hwa-ja

Choi Hee-jin as Ri Hwa-ja

In Episode 1, Hwang Geum-joo held a strength tournament to try and find Nam-soon. Choi Hee-jin's Ri Hwa-ja stood out as the winner, leading Guem-joo to believe that she was her daughter. 

Hwa-ja also had a believable story that matched Nam Soon's background, such as her blood type and the fact that she came from Mongolia. 

However, when the real Nam-soon uses her powers to save everyone in the plane crash, Geum-joo realizes that Hwa-ja is not her daughter. It was then revealed in Episode 2 that she is a thief who wants to steal all the money from Geum-joo's vault. 

The 26-year-old Korean actress is known for her roles in Next Door, Good Deal, and Flower Ever After.

Oh Jeong-yeon - Jung Na-youngio

As Geum-joo's trusted secretary, Oh Jeong-yeon's Jung Na-young was assigned to look into Hwa-ja's real identity. 

Na-young discovered that Hwa-ja is a thief and a con artist who was just trying to steal Geum-joo's money in Episode 2. She eventually told Geum-joo the truth. 

Akira Kim - Brad Song / Song Soo-hyun

Akira Kim portrays Song Soo-hyun, a fraudster who met Geum-joo inside a bar full of rich people.

Kim previously appeared in Korean movies such as Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong and Operation Chromite. The actor also appeared in another TV series named Mine.

Jeong Bo-seok - Seo Jun-hee

Jeong Bo-seok's Seo Jun-hee serves as Tarot Cafe's barista, helping Nam-in run the mini cafe.  

Bo-seok is an actor known for his roles in Miss Mermaid, Dr. Romantic 2, and Homemade Love Story.

Tsegmid Tserembold - Coco

Tsegmid Tserembold as Coco

When Nam-Soon was left alone in Mongolia, it was Tsegmid Tserembold's Coco who adopted and raised her as one of his own. 

Tserembold is an actor from Mongolia who previously appeared in The Rising Hawk, Burn Your Maps, and Diamond Sword.

Batsumiya Batdorj - Jo Ja-ya

Batsumiya Batdorj as Jo Ja-ya

Batsumiya Batdorj portrays Jo Ja-ya, Coco's wife and Nam-soon's adoptive mother who helped raise her while she was stuck in Mongolia. 

Batdorg's other acting credit is 2012's Bogd Khaan.

Lee Jung-ok - Kim Nam-gil     

Lee Jung-ok as Kim Nam-gil

Lee Jung-ok's Kim Nam-gil appeared early in Episode 1 as Hwang Geum-joo's assistant who convinced her to stage another strength competition to finally find Nam-soon. 

Kim Si-hyeon - Yeo Ji-hyeon

Kim Si-hyeon as Yeo Ji-hyeon

Kim Si-hyeon's Yeo Ji-hyeon was the police officer in Episode 2 who helped Nam-soon file a report when she was scammed by a con artist from Airdnd. She also has a secret crush on Hee-sik. 

Park Bo-young - Do Bong-soon 

Park Bo-young as Do Bong-soon

Given that Strong Girl Nam-soon is a spin-off of Strong Woman Bong-soon, it's quite fitting for Park Bo-young to return as Do Bong-soon in the series. 

The exact details of her role are still unknown, but Bo-young already confirmed her appearance, via Filmfare, in a live appearance on social media: 

“I also don't know which episode it will come out. I took a picture with Hyung-sik that day. I took the picture to post it on Instagram when it comes out.” 

The ending of Strong Woman Bong-soon showed that the titular character gave birth to two daughters, meaning that the legacy of superhuman strength will continue. 

It's possible that a glimpse of Bong-soon's family will be unveiled in the spin-off while also highlighting a potential team-up between the two strong women. 

Park Hyung-sik - Ahn Min-hyuk 

Park Hyung-sik as Ahn Min-hyuk

Bong-soon's return to the spin-off series wouldn't be complete without her husband, Park Hyung-sik's Ahn Min-hyuk. 

A preview of how Min-hyuk is as a father to his daughters and husband to Bong-soon will likely be revealed in the coming episodes. 

Strong Girl Nam-soon is streaming on Netflix. 

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