Blue Beetle's Online Release Date Gets Officially Announced

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Blue Beetle has officially received an online release date following its theatrical premiere on August 18.

The second-to-last DCEU film continued an unfortunate trend of underperforming at the box office, joining fellow 2023 films Shazam! Fury of the Gods and The Flash.

Considering the lack of interest in theaters, it became clear that Blue Beetle would head to home media outlets quickly, in a fashion similar to other Warner Bros. (WB) films.

It was previously reported that the film would move to home media on September 19, but the studio has slightly pushed back that date.

Watch Blue Beetle Movie Online

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Warner Bros.

Via the official Blue Beetle X (formerly Twitter) account, the film will hit digital platforms on Tuesday, September 26.

This was previously reported after it was listed under that same date on YouTube Movies. WB is waiting just 39 days after premiering in theaters to release the film online.

For comparison, The Flash, an unmitigated disaster at the box office, became available online 32 days after opening.  

Thus far, Blue Beetle has earned $120.6 million at the worldwide box office, the worst in DCEU history. 

Shazam 2 set the record for the worst DCEU box office haul earlier this year, earning $132.2 million globally. It became available to purchase online a mere 21 days after opening.

When Will Blue Beetle Stream on Max?

All Warner Bros. and DC films eventually land on its streaming service Max after being released in theaters. 

This has been successful in recent years, with a theatrical failure like The Flash ranked #1 among the top movies on all streaming platforms over the August 25-27 weekend.

The expectation for when Blue Beetle will begin streaming on Max should be something close to 70 days after August 18.

For comparison, The Flash began streaming on Max 70 days after its premiere, which broke the DC-to-Max record for the longest time between its theatrical and streaming release date.

Black Adam came to streaming just 56 days after its November 2022 release, but Shazam! 2 waited until 67 days (Max's launch day) after its opening.

Considering The Flash became available a week earlier than Blue Beetle on digital platforms, the latest DC film could wait until closer to 80 days to stream on Max.

77 days after its opening, Blue Beetle could begin streaming on Max on Friday, November 3. 

Blue Beetle is now playing in theaters and will be available to purchase online on Tuesday, September 26.

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