Aubrey Plaza Makes Bold Claim About How Great Her New Marvel Show Is

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MCU newcomer Aubrey Plaza just threw the gauntlet down with a bold claim about the quality coming in her new Marvel Disney+ show.

While her role still remains a mystery (officially) for anxious MCU fans, Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza is already one of the most-discussed Marvel newcomers from the Multiverse Saga ahead of her new Disney+ series.

Having already gained plenty of support from MCU regulars, including her former Parks and Rec co-star Chris Pratt, Plaza seems ready to bring her A-game to her first-time dipping into the superhero genre.

Aubrey Plaza's Calls Agatha One of Marvel's Best

Aubrey Plaza, Agatha, Agatha Coven of Chaos

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, MCU rookie Aubrey Plaza shared how her upcoming Disney+ series, Agatha: Coven of Chaos, could offer some of the best Marvel content to date.

Reiterating her desire to work with Agatha Harkness star Kathryn Hahn, she praised Coven of Chaos for having "the most elevated Marvel material that's out there," setting the bar for her series extremely high:

"'Coven of Chaos' was so fun. I wanted very much to work with Kathryn Hahn, I think she's so great. And without saying anything really, I had a blast. I loved my character in that as well, and I think it's the most elevated Marvel material that's out there. So, it was cool to jump into that world with those people specifically."

Rumors have pointed to Plaza actually portraying Coven of Chaos' main villain, who will reportedly be a part of Agatha's coven when the series opens up.

Will Aubrey Plaza's Marvel Show Live Up to the Hype?

Spinning off from one of the MCU’s most beloved Disney+ series to date in WandaVision, which was also the franchise’s first Disney+ entry, expectations are through the roof for what Coven of Chaos can do.

And specifically considering Kathryn Hahn’s Emmy-winning efforts as WandaVision’s villain, having her perform next to Aubrey Plaza already has fans giddy for what’s coming.

It’s clearly the same feeling for Plaza herself, who has done nothing but raise the anticipation for the "really pivotal role" that she'll play when she joins the ranks of the MCU's finest stars.

And considering that the actress called the material in this show "elevated" in her quotes, especially considering the delays that have hit this series and many other MCU projects, Plaza's enthusiasm should only serve to help the series become a Marvel winner.

Agatha: Coven of Chaos is expected to hit Disney+ sometime in 2024.

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