Aubrey Plaza Reveals the 1 Main Reason She’s Joining Marvel

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Agatha: Coven of Chaos star Aubrey Plaza revealed why she decided to join the MCU, and it involves one particular actor. 

It was recently revealed that Plaza would make her Marvel Studios debut in the Disney+ series alongside Agatha Harkness herself, Kathryn Hahn (who was last seen in last year's WandaVision).

The Parks and Recreation star has made quite the name for herself in Hollywood and is set to join Agatha as part of "a group of supporting female characters," with no specific information as to who exactly she will be playing being made public at this time. 

But what exactly drew Plaza to Marvel Studios? Why was now the right time for her to jump on the super-powered bandwagon? Well, turns out it came down to one big reason.

Aubrey Plaza's Big Reason for Joining the MCU


In an interview on In The Envelope: The Actor's Podcast, Agatha: Coven of Chaos star Aubrey Plaza pulled the curtain back on why exactly she joined the MCU. 

Plaza said that the biggest reason she hopped on Coven of Chaos was getting to "[work] with Kathryn Hahn." 

The actress called Hahn "a friend" after having "shared a couple moments on-screen on Parks and Recreation years ago." But those Parks and Rec moments were sparse, so "to be able to get on screen with [Hahn] and go toe to toe with her is like—that’s what’s driving [Plaza]:"

"I think working with Kathryn Hahn, she’s a friend of mine. I’ve known her for years, we’ve never really got—you know, we shared a couple moments on screen on Parks and Recreation years ago, ten years ago, but I’ve never gotten to work with her, really, and she’s I think she’s one of the most incredible actresses that’s working today. She’s a friend of mine, she speaks my language. So you know, to be able to get on screen with her and go toe to toe with her is like—that’s what’s driving me You know, I think it’s cool that it’s, that’s that it’s Marvel and all that but um, but I’m really just interested to work with Kathryn Hahn."

This is similar to the reason Hollywood veteran Ethan Hawke joined Moon Knight, saying that star Oscar Isaac was the biggest draw and calling the Mark Spector actor "a very exciting player in (his) field.”

How the MCU Keeps Drawing In Bigger Names

This is exactly what happens when you build the sort of reputation in Hollywood that Marvel Studios has. Some actors join the franchise to simply be a part of one of the most iconic names in moviemaking/streaming, but others hop aboard because of the star power that is already there

Marvel Studios has done such a good job at collecting a stable of solid talent that now actors are itching to work with the studio, all alongside the actors already involved. 

Instead of searching far and wide and combing through audition tape after audition tape (which still happens for some of the MCU's breakthrough roles), the franchise now has some of the biggest names in the game lining up for a shot at an MCU spot. 

And who knows, this cycle could go on forever. Maybe some other major player sees Aubrey Plaza (or any of the other stars set or reported to appear) in Coven of Chaos and the White Lotus star becomes the main reason they want to hop on the MCU locomotive. 

It's something that only comes with the years of success Marvel Studios has enjoyed. 

Agatha: Coven of Chaos will premiere sometime during Winter 2023/2024, with production supposedly starting soon

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