Marvel Is Bringing Back 8 Westview Actors for New WandaVision Spin-off Show

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Over half a dozen MCU stars from WandaVision were confirmed to return for the Agatha: Coven of Chaos spin-off series coming to Disney+.

Marvel Studios is officially underway with production on Kathryn Hahn's spin-off series centered on Agatha Harkness, bringing the villainous witch back for her own solo story after first introducing her in WandaVision. The series is confirmed to follow the Westview witch in her journey toward regaining her powers after fighting the Scarlet Witch, and it appears that she'll have a number of stars from the original show tagging along.

In November, Emma Caulfield Ford confirmed that she'd be on her way back into the MCU as Dottie in this series while That 70's Show's Debra Jo Rupp was announced to return after the turn of the new year.

Now, thanks to another official casting announcement, it appears that WandaVision will be truly alive and well in this show even though it was only meant to last one season.

WandaVision Stars Returning for Agatha Series

Marvel Studios

The Hollywood Reporter THR confirmed eight actors from Marvel Studios' WandaVision that will return for Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

The report confirms six previously unlisted actors from the MCU's debut Disney+ show along with Emma Caulfield Ford and Debra Jo Rupp, who were announced to be in the series in previous reports. All eight actors had appearances in anywhere from two to six episodes of WandaVision.

The full list of returning stars, along with their WandaVision roles, can be seen below:

  • David Payton (Herb/John Collins)
  • David Lengel (Phil Jones)
  • Asif Ali (Norm/Abilash Tandon)
  • Amos Glick (Dennis the Mailman)
  • Brian Brightman (Sheriff)
  • Kate Forbes (Evanora Harkness)
  • Emma Caulfield Ford (Dottie/Sarah)
  • Debra Jo Rupp (Mrs. Hart/Sharon Davis)

Additionally, THR reported three new faces that have been cast in Agatha alongside the WandaVision vets: Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Okwui Okpokwasili and Maria Dizzia.

Agatha Spin-Off Continuing WandaVision Adventure

Since WandaVision made its wild run on Disney+ in early 2021, it's been made fairly clear that this story would only last for one season, as multiple creatives have noted that Season 2 isn't in the works for Marvel Studios. But looking at what the team is doing for Agatha: Coven of Chaos, that second season could very well be on the way anyways, just without Wanda Maximoff and Vision in the leading roles.

While none of their roles are confirmed yet, having this many actors coming back from WandaVision almost certainly means that they'll be reprising their same roles from the original story - barring a completely different reality being built again.

Currently, Agatha Harkness is stuck under the same spell that Wanda had initially cast over all of Westview, trapped in the sitcom version of her personality as the "nosy neighbor" while she tries to get back to being herself again. It seems abundantly clear that this series will touch on the aftermath of everything Wanda did during that core story for Agatha, although it's still unknown just how much of the plot will actually take place in Westview.

It seems as though the only big question now is whether Wanda Maximoff will make her long-awaited return in this series as well, especially with many doubting that she's truly dead after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Agatha: Coven of Chaos is currently filming and is scheduled to release on Disney+ in Winter 2023, although there's a chance it may face delays.

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