WandaVision Spin-off? Marvel Reportedly Took Notice of Jimmy Woo Show Fan Campaigns

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Marvel Studios kicked off 2021 with its new venture into storytelling on Disney+, which all started with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany's WandaVision. Following up on Vision's death in Avengers: Infinity War, this series took a deep look into the concept of grief and mourning while also paying tribute to American sitcom history.

While the story rightfully focused on the two leading superheroes, Marvel put in its due diligence to give depth to the MCU's usual group of side characters as well. Part of that included powerful beings like Monica Rambeau and Agatha Harkness, as well as more down-to-Earth individuals like Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo.

Jimmy and Darcy, played by Randall Park and Kat Dennings, instantly became something of a fan-favorite duo as they worked to figure out what was happening in Westview. While neither character is confirmed for a return to the MCU after their run on Disney+, part of the pair recently confirmed that she's always available for more Marvel madness.


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WandaVision star Kat Dennings spoke with PopCulture about her future with the MCU as Dr. Darcy Lewis. While Dennings hasn't officially been announced for a return in Thor: Love and Thunder, she confirmed that she's "always up for anything Marvel asks of (her)" in terms of future outings.

Dennings also responded to fan calls for a potential Darcy Lewis/Jimmy Woo spin-off show after the events of WandaVision, simply admitting that "it's always up to the powers that be" at Marvel in terms of those decisions. However, she did seem to believe that "they took notice of all the comments" and admitted that she would "do it in a heartbeat."


The dynamic between FBI Agent Jimmy Woo and new astrophysicist Dr. Darcy Lewis was one of the highlights of WandaVision as the two worked through Wanda's sitcom-based reality in Westview. From the moment they met up in Episode 4, the actors' chemistry shone through with hilarious interactions and brilliant solves throughout the plot.

This feat was particularly impressive considering these characters had never met before in any capacity with Darcy existing in the Thor franchise and Jimmy having debuted in Ant-Man and the Wasp. While there were no signs of how these two would work alongside Wanda and Vision when they were first announced in the cast, the results were a brilliant brand of comedy and drama as the plot progressed.

Currently, neither Dennings nor Park have been confirmed for any specific future Phase 4 outings, although both characters are confirmed to still be alive after Episode 9 of WandaVision. Darcy was last seen ramming a van into SWORD director Tyler Hayward's vehicle before avoiding the debriefing while Woo met up with Monica Rambeau during Westview's recovery efforts.

Marvel is already setting the precedent for spin-offs from Disney+ shows with Echo having already been confirmed for development after Hawkeye's streaming run. Whether this comes for Darcy and Jimmy is a mystery, although it seems clear that there is fan demand and a willingness from the actors to make it happen.

All nine episodes of WandaVision are available to stream on Disney+.

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