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WandaVision Spinoff? One Writer Says Jimmy Woo Show Has Chance With Deadpool-Like Virality

Deadpool, Jimmy Woo
By Trey Tobias

Marvel Studios' new Disney+ series WandaVision just released its fifth episode , which saw Wanda Maximoff living through a classic 1980s family sitcom, learning some important life lessons along the way.

The show has also brought back a core cast of familiar faces from the MCU's past, including Thor 's Darcy Lewis , and the close-up magic obsessed Jimmy Woo .

The future of this Scarlet Witch spin-off is still up in the air. The show's executive producer has barely spoken about a possible second season, leaving fans to wonder if the series will continue or merely end as a limited series run.

However, with Scarlet Witch set to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Monica Rambeau confirmed to be joining Captain Marvel 2 , there still remains a possibility for other WandaVision characters to have a life beyond this show.

Now it seems a popular FBI agent may also be getting a shot at the spotlight.


Writer and director Stephen Ford shared a tweet that revealed a “Jimmy Woo X-Files” spin-off series may soon be in the works at Marvel Studios:

Ford went on to say that fans sharing their avid support for the idea could “make this happen in some weird Deadpool viral kinda way," :

For those unaware, test footage for Ryan Reynolds' live-action Deadpool movie leaked on social media in July 2014 to high amounts of praise from fans. The excitement played a considerable role in 20th Century Fox's decision to greenlight their 2016 movie.


Jimmy Woo has been one of the biggest stand-out characters from WandaVision . From his iconic card-trick entrance, to his buddy-cop rapport with Darcy Lewis, Randall Park's Jimmy Woo has brought an incredibly fun layer to the show, and fans clearly want to see more.

The idea of Woo investigating a series of MCU mystery cases is very compelling, especially since the show would act almost as a parody of the popular drama The X-Files .

Randall Park has a long history as a comedic actor, with roles in movies such as Always be my Maybe and the series Fresh Off The Boat . Park could easily lead a more comedic MCU series for Disney+, perhaps with his new trusted ally Darcy coming along for the ride.

Even though a pitch is far from confirmation that a series is actually being put into production, the mere fact that Ford is working on one seems to indicate that the Marvel executives have quickly realized that a Jimmy Woo spin-off could actually have potential. And if the idea gains some more traction online, it looks as if Jimmy Woo may have his own show very soon.