WandaVision: Official Poster Focuses On Kat Dennings' Darcy

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Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, Scarlet Witch

After a slow start, WandaVision is now poised to reveal the answers to its spoiler-filled questions. So far, the first MCU series from Disney+ has had an impressive run, introducing viewers to one mystery after another every week . As a result, social media has been swamped by numerous fan theories, and some of them are even accurate .

During the first few weeks, WandaVision delivered compelling episodes due to the show's sitcom-based approach , showing off a different side of Wanda and Vision that quickly hooked viewers. After that, the series effectively shifted into the real-world MCU , providing everyone with a whole new perspective of what's really going on in Westview.

One of the highlights of WandaVision in its limited season run is the return of Thor and Thor: The Dark World 's Darcy Lewis . The intern-turned-astrophysicist is a welcome sight for longtime MCU fans, mainly due to the character's hilarious one-liners and relatable jokes that reflect the thoughts of every fan.

Now, to celebrate the character's major inclusion, Darcy has received her own character poster for the hit MCU series.


Marvel Studios officially unveiled a brand-new poster for WandaVision , showcasing Kat Dennings' Darcy Lewis alongside the titular characters.

WandaVision Official Poster
Marvel Studios


In surprising fashion, the poster shows a different yet fascinating look at Darcy inside the sitcom world. In previous character posters, the main protagonist that was included resembles their design in Wanda's fabricated reality, and this latest image just proves that the marketing team for WandaVision is boldly giving hints on what's to come.

To recap, Darcy was absorbed into Wanda's hex in the final moments of “Episode 6,” and it remains to be seen how this development will affect the character. For starters, it's a safe bet that she will serve as one of the “cast members” of Westview, but there's a chance that her memory of the outside world will not be retained.

This is where Vision enters the narrative. Based on the proximity between Vision and Darcy in the Hex-pansion, it's possible that Vision will wake Darcy up from Wanda's mind control, potentially leading to the two working together to find out how to help the residents of Westview.

The slogan in the poster could also serve as a major clue of how certain story elements will play out. As pointed out, “a signal with Vision” could mean that Darcy is the beacon that the Android Avenger needs, meaning that the character will provide important tidbits of Vision's past life before the events of his “marriage” with Wanda in Westview.

Overall, the final three episodes of WandaVision will be an exciting joyride for MCU fans, and Darcy will no doubt be part of the thrilling finale.

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