Toy Story 5 Gets Exciting Release Update from Disney

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Disney CEO Bob Iger officially announced a release window for the upcoming Toy Story 5 on a recent earnings call.

First announced in February 2023, the fifth installment of Pixar's Toy Story franchise will bring back legacy star Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear.

Though the character of Woody is confirmed to be appearing in the new movie, Tom Hanks has not confirmed whether he is returning to the franchise along with Allen.

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Toy Story 5 Release Window Confirmed

Toy Story Bo Peep, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear

During a quarterly earnings call on Wednesday, February 7, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that fans can expect to see Toy Story 5 release sometime in 2026.

Disney's updated theatrical schedule has two dates in 2026 marked for Pixar releases, meaning it is likely Toy Story 5 will release on either March 6 or June 19 of that year.

This was not the only piece of sequel news for Disney and Pixar animation, with several other highly anticipated projects seeing release updates too.

Moana 2 was confirmed for a November 27, 2024 theatrical release, as announced on the call alongside a sneak peek at the upcoming movie. Just under a year later on November 26, 2025, Zootopia 2 will hit theaters.

Frozen 3 was given the same 2026 release window as Toy Story 5. Despite the movie not being given an official release date, the theatrical schedule only has one release date marked for Disney Animation in 2026. So, it is very possible that Frozen 3 will release on November 25 of that year.

Toy Story 5 — Pixar's First Fifth Movie

Toy Story 5 will mark the first Pixar franchise to get a fifth movie. Interestingly, Toy Story as a franchise is only surpassing itself for that record, having been the first to get a fourth installment too.

Arguably, this could even be considered the sixth Toy Story movie if 2022's Lightyear is included in that count.

The Cars series comes the closest to Toy Story's numbers, being the only other Pixar franchise (as of now) to see even three movies.

Of course, there are not simply the five or six Toy Story films in the Toy Story canon. In fact, there have been several shorts, and multiple television seasons, featuring the Toy Story characters or world.

Until more information is revealed, though, fans can at least look forward to seeing this franchise on the big screen again when it hits theaters in 2026.

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