Frozen 3: Disney Announces Release Window for Sequel

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Disney just provided an update on when Walt Disney Animation's Frozen 3 will be released.  

Disney CEO Bob Iger first announced a third Frozen film in February 2023 along with several other animated sequels. 

Since then, few details about Anna and Elsa's next chapter have been revealed; but now, Frozen fans have an idea of when the animated trilogy be complete. 

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When Is Frozen 3 Coming Out?

Elsa in Frozen 2

Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed Frozen 3 is expected to release in 2026.

As for when that year, Disney's current release calendar shows an Untitled Disney Animation film releasing on November 25, 2026. 

This tracks with Disney releasing 2013's Frozen on November 27 and Frozen 2 on November 22, 2019.

Still, Frozen 3 is unlikely to be the franchise's last. While Bob Iger made no mention of a fourth film in his latest reveal, back in November 2023, he teased the potential for a Frozen 4

In addition to when audiences can return to Arendelle, Iger also revealed when other sequels are expected to arrive, including Zooptopia 2 in 2025 and Toy Story 5 in 2025.

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Disney Just Can't Let It Go

While, again, Disney has yet to reveal what Frozen 3 has in store, in an exclusive interview with The Direct, Frozen producer Peter Del Vecho expressed his confidence in Disney's upcoming sequels and this particular threequel, saying, "I trust that it's going to be amazing:"

“Look, we only do sequels if we believe there's enough story to tell. They're working on it up in development, I'm focused on 'Wish'. But it is exciting what they're working on. I will say anything that you read about it in the public, we haven't said anything about it. So it's all conjecture, but I trust that it's going to be amazing."

While that might prove to be the case, Disney's commitment to Frozen 3 and other animated sequels magnifies the company's current theatrical strategy which is tried and true, lucrative franchises. 

Granted, Del Vecho's claim that "we only do sequels if we believe there's enough story to tell" is encouraging. 

But with Frozen 3 still two years away and no date for Frozen 4, the question is whether new and original ideas have a chance of being heard.

Frozen 3 arrives in theaters in 2026.

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