Tom Holland Reveals Spider-Man 3 Is Hardest Movie He's Done With Sony-Marvel

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With the upcoming webhead threequel having finally been revealed as Spider-Man: No Way Home, anticipation for the film is at an all-time high. As the film's lead actor Tom Holland is currently promoting his latest film Cherry, many interviewers have got the chance to ask the young star about his upcoming Marvel return.

The entire cast and crew still continue to be cryptic in comments surrounding the film with speculation mounting of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returning to their Spidey roles for the film. It's been heavily speculated the multiverse will be heavily involved in the film with many past Spider-Man franchise villains returning, however, little has been officially announced regarding the plot.

As Holland's contract for the role comes to its end, the actor has been frequently asked about his plans for the future, something he further discussed in a recent interview.


In an interview with the Skip or Watch podcast discussing his new film Cherry, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland discussed the ongoing filming of Spider-Man: No Way Home, calling it the “hardest one we've ever made:”

“For the moment, I'm just focusing on one thing at a time. At the moment, it's Spider-Man, and I'm really enjoying making it. It's been very tough, it's definitely the hardest one we've ever made. But I'm just giving all of my attention to that really.”


The release of Spider-Man: No Way Home is not too far down the road now as the film is set to arrive in theaters this December. With the title announced, and WandaVision — which seemingly connects to the film's plot — now concluded, fans likely aren't far from getting a first official look at the film.

Holland has frequently commented on the scale of the webhead's latest adventure, seemingly teasing a huge blockbuster film. Fans already know Doctor Strange will appear in the film along with several past villains including Alfred Molina's Doc-Ock and Jamie Foxx's Electro, likely setting up a multiverse epic.

With the ending of Far From Home exposing Peter's Spider-Man identity to the world, the next film in the franchise has a lot to deal with to resolve the cliffhanger and handle its own story satisfyingly.

The sheer scale of the star-studded blockbuster cast alone paints the picture of one of the biggest ensembles yet in a Marvel solo film. The immense success of the last film has clearly urged Marvel and Sony to go big, meaning hardcore fans are sure to be in for a treat.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will hit U.S. theaters this Christmas on December 17.

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