The Mole Season 2 Netflix Spoilers: Who Is the Winner? Finalists & Mole Speculation Explained

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The Mole Season 2 Netflix contestants

After weeks of deception and trying to keep the money pot as low as possible, the Mole can only be one of six contestants left, and both fans and finalists are trying to figure out who it is.

The Mole is a reality game show that premiered in the early 2000s. It was revived by Netflix in 2022, and the premise is rather simple. Contestants have to work together to make the value of the money pot go as high as possible, but the Mole, who has been placed by the producers, is secretly working against them.

Only one winner can come out on top, and at the end of each episode, the remaining contestants have to answer a multiple-choice quiz regarding who the Mole is. Whoever gets the least amount of questions right is eliminated.

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Who Will Be Revealed as the Mole?

A laptop screen depicting the 12 contestants of The Mole Season 2 and their names

Thus far, eight of the 10 episodes of The Mole Season 2 have been released on Netflix.

The final two episodes will be released on Friday, July 12, when fans will finally learn who the Mole is and who the winner of the show (and the large sum of money) will be.

Season 2 began with 12 contestants, but after several eliminations throughout the installment, there are now only six participants left: Deanna Thompson, Hannah Burns, Michael O'Brien, Muna Abdulahi, Ryan Warner, and Sean Patrick Bryan.

Any of these finalists could ultimately be the Mole, but some seem to be a bit more suspicious than the rest.

So, of the six remaining finalists, here are the four that are most likely the Mole:

Sean Patrick Bryan

Sean Patrick Bryan in The Mole
Sean Patrick Bryan

While any remaining contestant could be the Mole, Sean Patrick Bryan is definitely someone everyone should watch.

For starters, Sean is a former undercover cop, meaning that his job required him to be a liar and a good one at that. It is hard to think of a better quality for the Mole to have.

Sean's lying skills have been on display thus far in the show. For example, when Quaylyn was trying to come back into the game, the contestants voted on whether he should be brought back, and Sean voted no.

However, Quaylyn had to tell host Ari Shapiro how many people voted for him to come back and how many didn't. When Quaylyn asked, Sean raised his hand to indicate he voted for him to come back and then went into an elaborate explanation about how much he wanted Quaylyn back.

This proves to the group that Sean is an exceptionally good liar and rightfully puts a lot of heat on him going forward.

Muna Abdulahi

Muna Abdulahi in The Mole
Muna Abdulahi

Muna is a software engineer on everyone's radar since the first episode.

In Episode 1, Muna (along with two other contestants) was voted one of the most trustworthy players. However, when she and the other two who received that title were given the option of helping the team or helping themselves, Muna was the only one to help herself.

It is important to mention that if all three had voted to help the team, $5,000 would have been added to the cash pit. However, since Muna didn't vote to help the team, that money wasn't added.

In Episode 3, during the fortune cookie game, Muna blatantly lied to avoid taking the quiz at the end.

In Episode 6, Muna tried to reassure her fellow contestants and fans alike that she would play fair moving forward, which seems like something the Mole would say.

Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien

Michael is yet another finalist who could end up being the Mole.

Like Sean, Michael also voted for Quaylyn not to be brought back, but when Quaylyn asked, Michael raised his hand and lied that he voted yes.

It is also important to note that Michael has seemingly done something to sabotage a lot of the challenges, and the other contestants know it.

For example, Hannah said that Michael has "sabotaged every single mission," causing other finalists to grow more frustrated and suspicious of him.

While it may not directly point to him being the Mole, Michael was also the only contestant to win an exemption from the fortune cookie challenge, which added to the suspicion surrounding him.

Reddit user u/thebearmaximum posted a wild list of other reasons Michael is the Mole, including the zip code of somewhere in Boston being listed on the poster of the show's second season (Michael is supposedly from Boston).

Their post also noted one point that stated that, in the server/gifts challenge, one of the targets' last names was Parker, which connects to Michael because he is a parking manager.

Ryan Warner

Ryan Warner
Ryan Warner

It isn't so much what Ryan has done that warrants people accusing her of being the mole as what she hasn't done.

To elaborate, Ryan has been an under-the-radar player since the beginning of Season 2, likely something the producers would want regarding their Mole. The less attention, the better.

It is also important to note that Ryan seems to have sabotaged some challenges, but in a way that neither the viewers nor her fellow contestants would be suspicious of her.

However, in Episode 8, Ryan was one of two contestants who was kidnapped, which makes it a little less likely that she is the Mole.

If she were the Mole, one would think the producers would want her with the group looking for the two kidnapped contestants so that she could sabotage them and cause them to earn the least amount of money possible.

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The Mole is streaming on Netflix, and the final two episodes of Season 2 will be released on Friday, July 12.

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