Full Cast of Blown Away Season 4: Contestants, Host & Judges In 2024 Episodes (Photos)

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Blown Away

10 different contestants are featured in Season 4 of Netflix's Blown Away show, so it is time to meet every single one of them along with the host and judges who also make up the show.

Blown Away is another one of Netflix's unique reality competition series. In this particular show, contestants have to overcome many different challenges as they showcase their skills as glassblowers.

The winner of Season 4 will receive a prize that is bigger than ever before - $100,000 USD, a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass (where the winner's work will also be on display), and a residency in Venice, Italy with world-renowned glass artist Adriano Berengo.

Every Contestant, Judge, and Host in Season 4 of Blown Away

Host: Hunter March

Hunter March in Blown Away

The host of Season 4 of Netflix's Blown Away is none other than television host, comedian, and actor Hunter March.

March is best known for being the host of Netflix's Sugar Rush and E!'s Nightly Pop. He also appeared as an actor in The Haunted House Contract and Betch among other projects.

Blown Away couldn't have hand-picked a better host because, despite his on-screen career, March has also tried his hand at glassblowing in the past.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, March revealed that "it's an experience unlike anything [he] has ever done:"

"You kind of grasp how hot something needs to be, or how heavy something may look. But to really be turning it in your hand to keep the glass steady, to be blowing into that pipe and watching a bubble form, it’s an experience unlike anything I’ve ever done."

In the same interview, March also talked about the respect he has for all of the Season 4 contestants and all of the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed in the competition:

"Besides the imagination and creativity that goes into each piece, the actual physical endurance they need to be in that hot shop for five hours, the tenacity to make it through 10 grueling challenges, it was incredible to watch."

Main Judge: Katherine Gray

Katherine Gray in Blown Away

Katherine Gray officially made her return to Blown Away Season 4 as a judge. She has been a part of the show since its first season and continues to bring her expertise to the forefront.

Gray obviously has a lot of experience in glassblowing, making her an ideal judge for such a high-stakes competition, but she has also critiqued other artwork, only building her resumé.

Host Hunter March described Gray in Episode 1 as a "resident evaluator and glass artist extraordinaire," so the contestants will have to work hard to impress her.

Guest Judges:

Although Katherine Gray is the main judge on Blown Away and appears in every episode of Season 4, there is also a guest judge that changes every episode.

Below are all of the guest judges and the respective episode that each appear in:

Brandi Clark (Episode 1)

Brandi Clark in Blown Away

Brandi Clark is the guest judge for Episode 1 of Blown Away Season 4.

Clark's official title is executive director of the Glass Art Society, which she describes as "the largest organization of glass enthusiasts in the world."

Corey Pemberton (Episode 2)

Corey Pemberton in Blown Away

Episode 2's special guest judge is award-winning glass artist Corey Pemberton.

Many of the contestants on Season 4 are familiar with Corey's work as he is a very well-known figure in the glassblowing world.

Michelle Bufano (Episode 3)

Michelle Bufano in Blown Away

Michelle Bufano joined the cast of Blown Away Season 4 for the installment's third episode.

She is the executive director of Chihuly Garden and Glass, which is a world-famous museum in Seattle, Washington that displays extremely unique pieces of art from Dale Chihuly.

Scott Fischer (Episode 4)

Scott Fischer in Blown Away

Scott Fischer was brought on as a guest judge for Episode 4 of Blown Away.

Some pop culture fans may recognize Fischer's name as he was an illustrator for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dungeons & Dragons

As someone who specializes in the weird, dark, and fantastical sides of creativity, Fischer was brought on to be a guest judge when contestants were tasked with tapping into that dark aesthetic.

Rosie O'Neill (Episode 5)

Rosie O'Neill in Blown Away

Rosie O'Neill, who is the co-founder of one of the largest candy shops in the entire world, Sugarfina, joined Blown Away for Episode 5.

Episode 4 may have tasked contestants with tapping into their scarier side, but Episode 5's challenge was all about the sweets, something that O'Neill is a master of.

Ben Cobb (Episode 6)

Ben Cobb in Blown Away

Ben Cobb is the Museum of Glass's hot shop director, making him one of the most qualified guest judges that Blown Away could possibly find.

Cobb used his expertise to talk about how important children are to the world of art and revealed that the winner of Episode 6's challenge would receive a residency at the Museum of Glass valued at $25,000.

John Moran (Episode 7)

John Moran in Blown Away

John Moran is the first guest judge of Season 4 to be a former contestant on the show.

Moran won the competition in Season 3, so the contestants would have to be at their best to impress him.

Einar & Jamex De La Torre (Episode 8)

Einar & Jamex De La Torre in Blown Away

For the first time in Season 4, Episode 8 gifted the remaining contestants with two guest judges, who were none other than mixed media and glassblowing artists and brothers Einar and Jamex De La Torre.

The De La Torre brothers are known for their boldness and the sheer size of their work as they have created some of the largest and, at the same time, most intricate pieces in the world of glassblowing.

Bill Gudenrath (Episode 9)

Bill Gudenrath in Blown Away

In Episode 9, the remaining three contestants were judged by none other than the Corning Museum of Glass's Bill Gudenrath, a resident advisor and glassblowing artist best known for his work with Venetian-style glass pieces.

The contestants described Gudenrath as a literal legend in their industry, meaning that their pieces would have to be in tip-top shape to pass his standards.

Adriano Berengo (Episode 10)

Adriano Berengo in Blown Away

As previously mentioned, the winner of Season 4 of Blown Away would be awarded not only $100,000 but also a residency at the legendary Berengo Studio.

So, who better to be the guest judge of the final challenge than the founder of Berengo Studio himself, Adriano Berengo?

Many glassblowing artists only ever dream of getting to work alongside Berengo and have their pieces analyzed by him, so the two remaining contestants in Episode 10 truly received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Arthur Wilson

Arthur Wilson in Blown Away

Instagram: @silicaburnsglass

29-year-old Arthur Wilson may have gotten his hands into the glassblowing business only eight years ago, but that is not stopping him from doing all he can to win the $100,000 prize.

Right now, Arthur has to work on his glassblowing outside, but if he does win the money, he says that he is going to move his operation indoors.

Morgan Peterson

Morgan Peterson in Blown Away

Instagram: @zucchininoodlesandbeef

Morgan Peterson is another fierce contestant on Blown Away Season 4. She describes herself as an expert on all things Point Break and The Office.

Morgan, who is 39 years old, says in Season 4 Episode 1 that she "has a sick, twisted style" of glassblowing:

"I have a sick, twisted style. It has a lot to do with dark humor. It's impossible to confuse my work with anyone else's. Front-row seat to the Morgan show. It'll be fun! My creativity is going to set me apart."

Jonathan Capps

Jonathan Capps in Blown Away

Instagram: @jonnycappucino

40-year-old Ohio native Jonathan Capps says that he loves how glass is "tough, it's exciting, (and) it's wild."

He also reveals in Episode 1 that he "love[s] taking risks and going big," which makes him a dangerous competitor for the rest of the contestants on the show.

Of his 40 years, Jonathan has been glassblowing for 21 of them, so he hopes that over two decades of experience will give him a bit of an edge over the rest of his peers and rivals.

Gemma Hollister

Gemma Hollister in Blown Away

Instagram: @gemmahollister

At just 24 years of age, Gemma Hollister is the youngest contestant on Season 4 of Blown Away.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gemma only has four-and-a-half years of experience blowing glass, but she still thinks she has what it takes to be the Season 4 winner.

Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen

Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen in Blown Away

Instagram: @karen_willenbrink_johnsen

Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen is one of the more interesting contestants on Season 4 of Blown Away because, unlike any of the other nine, she has trained some of her competitors.

Karen is 62 years old and has 40 years of glassblowing experience, meaning that she will be extremely tough to take down.

In Episode 1, Karen said that she is "really well known for [her] sculpture work," that she is "fearless," and that there is "a thing or two" she is ready to show the other contestants:

"I'm really well known for my sculpture work. I love animals. I love nature. I'm fearless in the hot shop. I'm gonna show these young ones a thing or two."

Her husband is also an avid fan of glassblowing, and the two enjoy traveling the world together.

Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson in Blown Away

Instagram: @ryanthompsonglass

33-year-old Ryan Thompson has been glassblowing for 12 years as of the filming of Season 4, and he prides himself on being an incredibly detailed artist.

Ryan is an expert in what is called Venetian glass technique, which is an extremely demanding style that requires the artist to be near-perfect in all of their movements.

Ryan Blythe

Ryan Blythe in Blown Away

Instagram: @blytheglassartanddesign

While Ryan Thompson's style of glassblowing highlights his intricate details and perfection, 49-year-old Ryan Blythe focuses more on storytelling with his work.

Obviously, to be able to tell a story with pieces of glass is a more-than-impressive talent. Ryan also has a specific talent for making creatures out of glass.

He has 31 years of glassblowing experience.

Robert Burch

Robert Burch in Blown Away

Instagram: @robert.g.burch

Robert Burch is yet another contestant on Blown Away Season 4, and during his 32 years, he has been glassblowing for around 15 of those.

Robert has a less traditional approach to his craft, but that is what makes his art and glass pieces so unique. Specifically, Robert doesn't see broken glass as a failure, but rather as an opportunity, as he often incorporates it into what he makes.

Robert also likes snowboarding and snow skiing.

Hayden MacRae

Hayden MacRae in Blown Away

Instagram: @fascappleglass

31-year-old Hayden MacRae comes from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and owns his own glass studio.

Hayden was very open on the show about his drug addiction in the past but stated that glassblowing was ultimately what helped him overcome that obstacle.

His studio offers classes for those aspiring to learn the art of glassblowing.


Quade in Blown Away

Instagram: @quade_quade

Quade is 42 years old and has been glassblowing for 22, meaning she has practiced her craft for over half her life.

Quade hopes to use her experience and diverse skillset to win the Season 4 competition and bring home the $100,000.

Blown Away Season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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