Full Cast of The Signal 2024 Series on Netflix - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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The Signal just premiered on Netflix so it is time for fans to meet all of the characters that will be portrayed as well as the actors who make up the cast.

The Signal is a four-part German sci-fi miniseries that follows the husband of an astronaut who leaves behind mysterious clues about aliens before her death. This husband, named Sven, investigates her disappearance while trying to take care of his daughter.

All four hour-long episodes of the show were released on Thursday, March 7.

Every Main Actor & Character in Netflix's The Signal Cast

Florian David Fitz - Sven

Florian David Fitz as Sven in The Signal

The character of Sven is who the show revolves around as he is the husband of Paula, the astronaut who vanished and was presumed dead. Sven is played by actor Florian David Fitz

Sven is also the father of his and Paula's daughter, and although he is trying to do everything he can to figure out what happened to his wife and investigate the aliens that were referenced in a document Paula found, his top priority is to protect his daughter.

Fitz is best known for his roles in Jesus Loves Me, The Most Beautiful Day, and 100 Things.

Peri Baumeister - Paula

Peri Baumeister as Paula in The Signal

Peri Baumeister plays Paula, the astronaut previously mentioned and the other main character of the Netflix show.

Paula's main mission is to seek out aliens for humans to be able to use their advanced technology, but she soon realizes that the billionaire funding the mission is trying to prevent the aliens from coming to Earth.

This forces Paula to go her own way and try to use her husband to figure out the truth about the aliens.

Baumeister can also be seen in Blood Red Sky, Neuland, and Irre sind männlich.

Yuna Bennett - Charlie

Yuna Bennett as Charlie in The Signal

Yuna Bennett's Charlie is the nine-year-old daughter of Sven and Paula in The Signal, and although she is little, she knows a lot about space and astronauts.

Charlie is the main reason Paula went on the space mission in the first place. Since she is deaf, Paula sought out the aliens to see if any of their technology could fix her disability.

Bennett has also appeared in Die Tänzerin und der Gangster - Liebe auf Umwegen and Dear Thomas.

Nilam Farooq - Mira Hiraj

Nilam Farooq as Mira Hiraj in The Signal

Mira Hiraj is the wife of Hadi, who is the other astronaut with Paula on their mission to find alien technology. She is played by Nilam Farooq.

Mira is shown at multiple points throughout the series, and considering her husband was also on the plane that crashed, she is greatly affected throughout the series as well.

Farooq is best known for her work in Contra and Leipzig Homicide.

Hadi Khanjanpour - Hadi

Hadi Khanjanpour as Hadi in The Signal

Actor Hadi Khanjanpour plays a character who is also named Hadi. He is the other astronaut who is with Paula on the mission that was assigned to them by billionaire Benisha Mudhi.

Hadi seems to support Paula and be on her side throughout the series, but it is later revealed that Hadi worked with Mudhi in her plot against Paula.

Khankanpour can also be seen in The Covenant, Tehran, and Stille Post.

Katharina Schüttler - Nora

Katharina Schüttler as Nora in The Signal

Katharina Schüttler's Nora is Benisha Mudhi's assistant in The Signal.

Early on, she visits Sven and Charlie and offers the former a direct line with Mudhi, which ultimately comes back to haunt the father-daughter duo.

Schüttler is best known for her roles in Free Fall and The Day Will Come.

Katharina Thalbach - Moonwatcherin Agnieszka

Katharina Thalbach as Moonwatcherin Agnieszka in The Signal

Katharina Thalbach plays Moonwatcherin Agnieszka in The Signal, an old woman who first appears at the airport in Episode 1.

The character turns out to be someone extremely anti-government, and she uses conversations that she picked up over the radio to bring Charlie and Sven to her,

She ultimately becomes aware of what the government is trying to do, which is why she wants to get in touch with Sven and Charlie.

Thalbach is best known for her roles in The Tin Drum, Strike, and I've Never Been to New York.

Meret Becker - Friederike

Meret Becker as Friederike in The Signal

Friederike is played by actor Meret Becker. She is a police detective who first appears in Episode 1 when she interrogates Sven.

Friederike plays a major role in Episodes 2 and 3 of the show as well.

Becker is best known for her roles in Munich and The Invincibles.

Uwe Preuss - Rainer Beu

Uwe Preuss as Rainer in The Signal

The character of Rainer Beu is played by actor Uwe Preuss in Netflix's The Signal.

Rainer is the assistant of Paula and a vital character in the overarching story told in The Signal.

One of the biggest moments of the show is when Sven finds the document regarding the coming aliens that Paula was trying to send to him. Sven discovers this at Rainer's house.

Preuss is best known for his roles in Deutschland 89, In the Face of Crime, and 4 Blocks.

Sheeba Chaddha - Benisha Mudhi

Sheeba Chaddha as Benisha Mudhi in The Signal

When all is said and done, Sheeba Chaddha's Benisha Mudhi is the true villain of The Signal.

She ultimately conspired against Paula and caused the plane crash, tried to manipulate Sven and Charlie, and caused the deaths of hundreds of people.

Chaddha can also be seen in Badhaai Ho, Talaash: The Answer Lies Within, and Gully Boy.

The Signal is available to stream on Netflix.

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