Full Cast of Furies 2024 Show on Netflix - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Furies Cast

Netflix's new 2024 series, Furies, is headlined by a talented cast of French actors, such as Lina El Arabi and Steve Tientcheu. 

The series chronicles the story of Lyna as she embarks on a journey inside the Paris criminal underworld to uncover the identity of her father's killer. 

Furies premiered on Netflix on March 1.

Every Main Cast Member of Netflix's Furies 

Lina El Arabi - Lyna

Lina El Arabi as Lyna
Lina El Arabi

Lina El Arabi leads the cast of Netflix's 2024 French series, Furies, as Lyna. 

Lyna is the daughter of a corrupt banker whose life changes after the tragic death of her father during her birthday. 

Her father's death serves as the motivation for her revenge tour against Paris' criminal underworld, trying to find out the identity of the assassin who is behind the crime.  

Lyna's quest for revenge puts her life in peril, as she discovers the truth about her family's history and the dangers of the underworld.

Lina El Arabi is known for her roles in A Wedding, Besties, and The Temple Woods Gang.

Steve Tientcheu - Le Fixeur

Steve Tientcheu as The Fixer
Steve Tientcheu

Steve Tientcheu stars as Le Fixeur in 2024's Furies.

Le Fixeur (aka "The Fixer) works with Fury in tracking down targets and potential enemies.

In Episode 3, Le Fixeur is the one who finds out Lyna's real identity, uncovering the fact that the real Lyna Guerrab is already dead.

Lupin fans may recognize Tientcheu for his role as Jean-Luc Keller. The actor also has credits in The Gravity, Les Miserables, and AKA.

Jeremy Nadeau - Elie

Jeremy Nadeau as Elie
Jeremy Nadeau

Jeremy Nadeau is part of Furies' cast as Elie, Lyna's boyfriend who is also a cop. 

Even though his girlfriend's father is killed, Elie decides to not help Lyna with the investigation due to unknown reasons. 

Nadeau previously appeared in Coeurs Noirs, Frere, and Blablou.

Eye Haidara - Keita

Eye Haidara as Keita
Eye Haidara

Keita (played by Eye Haidara) is a police captain who wants to take down the bigwigs of Paris' criminal underworld. 

Haidara's notable credits include playing roles in The Pilot, Patriot, and Take Me Home.

Marina Fois - Selma

Marina Fois as Selma
Marina Fois

Marina Fois plays Selma, the designated Fury and Lyna's real aunt. 

In Furies, a Fury is an individual who keeps the balance in the criminal underworld. 

Selma helps Lyna discover the important aspects of the underworld, introducing her to the crime lords and big-time names that she needs to know to discover the truth behind her father's death.  

Fois has over 80 credits to her name, with roles in 22 Bullets, A Stormy Summer Night, and The Beasts.

Quentin Faure - Le Boueux 

Quentin Faure as Le Boueux
Quentin Faure

Quentin Faure's Le Boueux is the Fury's loyal assistant who keeps an eye on Lyna at the beginning of the series. 

Faure previously appeared in The Take, Borgia, and Les Invisibles.

Sandor Funtek - Orso

Sandor Funtek as Orso
Sandor Funtek

Sandor Funtek's Orso is Lyna's other romantic interest who helps her with her wild escapades in the criminal underworld. 

Initially tapped by the crime lords to kill Lyna, Orso does not comply because he has feelings for her. Orso is also instrumental in revealing the hard truth to Lyna about her family and Selma's true intentions. 

Funtek is known for his roles in Blue is The Warmest Colour, Dheepan, and Notre Dame.

Fatima Adoum - Amytis 

Fatima Adoum as Amytis
Fatima Adoum

Amytis is Lyna's adoptive mother who is injured after the assassin killed her husband. The character is played on-screen by Fatima Adoum. 

Adoum previously appeared alongside Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. The actress also has credits in The Assault, Irreversible, and Hijack.

Anne Azoulay - Mama

Anne Azoulay as Mama
Anne Azoulay

Mama (played by Anne Azoulay) is one of the gang lords in Paris' criminal underworld who leads the prostitution racket. 

Mama's prostitution base is instrumental to Lyna's investigation since she uses it to go undercover as a prostitute to find more details about her father's death. 

Azoulay has credits in Black Box, Remember to Blink, and Lea.

Alex Brendemuhl - Parques

Alex Brendemuhl as Parques
Alex Brendemuhl

Alex Brendemuhl stars as Parques, the head of the underworld assassins who want to replace Selma as the criminal underworld's Fury. 

Throughout the eight-episode season of Furies, Parques goes all-out in trying to kill Lyna since he believes that she is also next in line to become a Fury after Selma. 

Brendemuhl's notable credits include The Prayer, The German Doctor, and Red Queen.

Mathieu Kassovitz - Driss

Mathieu Kassovitz as Driss
Mathieu Kassovitz

Mathieu Kassovitz plays Lyna's real father, Driss, in Furies

Driss is later revealed to be the man responsible for the death of Lyna's adoptive father. 

Driss' sadistic nature is also showcased as he maps out a plan to kill his daughter and the rest of the leaders of the criminal underworld. 

Kassovitz previously appeared in Amelie, The Fifth Element, and The Crimson Rivers.

Roman Suarez-Pazos - Fraco K

Roman Suarez-Pazos as Fraco K
Roman Suarez-Pazos

Roman Suarez-Pazos plays one-half of the K brothers, Fraco K. 

Fraco K is one of the ganglords of the underworld who is leading the charge in terms of robberies. 

Suarez-Pazos has credits in In Your Hands, Giants, and Profilage.

All episodes of Furies are streaming on Netflix.

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