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Two new parents welcome a newborn son amid family drama and existential crisis in Netflix's Turkish series, A Round of Applause

The series chronicles the life of a young man grappling over his past life as an orange (yep, you read it right). When he is born into the world as a boy named Metin, A Round of Applause tackles his fair share of ups and downs in life. 

A Round of Applause premiered on Netflix on February 29.

Every Main Cast Member of A Round of Applause 

Cihat Süvarioğlu - Metin

Cihat Süvarioğlu as Metin
Cihat Süvarioğlu

Cihat Süvarioğlu leads the cast of A Round of Applause as Metin. 

Metin is Mehmet and Zeynep's son whose story is at the center of the Turkish series. During his childhood, he struggled with the constant bickering of his parents. 

Metin grew up to become resentful toward his parents and life, leading to a life of bitterness. 

Süvarioğlu is best known for portraying Mehmet in Interrupted. The Turkish actor also has credits in The Protector, Butterflies, and Chronology

Fatih Artman - Mehmet

Fatih Artman as Mehmet
Fatih Artman

Fatih Artman plays Mehmet, Metin's father and Zeynep's husband. 

At the beginning of A Round of Applause, Mehmet is ecstatic about having a baby, but as the years progress, he seems to be unsure about life as a father. 

Making matters worse, Mehmet and his wife also have a rough patch and are thinking about having a divorce. 

Artman's notable credits include Between Family, New Year's Eve, and Gorgeous

Aslıhan Gürbüz - Zeynep

Aslıhan Gürbüz as Zeynep
Aslıhan Gürbüz

Zeynep (played by Aslıhan Gürbüz) is Mehmet's wife and Metin's mother. 

Zeynep is having issues with her pregnancy, suffering from panic and anxiety about whether or not motherhood is for her. 

Gürbüz's most recognizable role is playing Cazibe in What A Charm. The actress also appeared in Ember, Tell Me About Your Darkness, and The Innocents.

Serra Arıturk - Ahu

Serra Arıturk as Ahu
Serra Arıturk

Serra Arıturk is part of A Round of Applause's cast as Ahu. 

Ahu is Metin's crush and eventual girlfriend who picks his mind about his views on life. 

Arıturk has credits in Askin Terifi and The Club

Uraz Kaygilaroglu - Burak

Uraz Kaygilaroglu as Burak
Uraz Kaygilaroglu

Uraz Kaygilaroglu brings Burak to life in A Round of Applause

Burak is Mehmet and Zeynep's friend who visits them before Metin is born. In a dream sequence, Mehmet sees Burak as a vision of one of his children who grew up into an irresponsible adult. 

Kaygilaroglu previously appeared in Hide Me, Same Thing, and The Ambassador's Daughter.

Zeynep Ocak - Sevda

Zeynep Ocak as Sevda
Zeynep Ocak

Zeynep Ocak's Sevda is another one of Mehmet and Zeynep's friends who also visited them before giving birth. 

In the dream sequence, Sevda acts as one of the imaginary children of the couple who is irresponsible and always clingy to them. 

A Round of Applause is Zeynep Ocak's first major acting credit.

Eyup Mert Ilkis - Young Metin

Eyup Mert Ilkis as Metin
Eyup Mert Ilkis

Eyup Mert Ilkis plays the younger version of Metin in A Round of Applause

The actor appeared as Metin when he was trying to break up with his then-girlfriend, Ahu, 

Ilkis' other major acting credit is playing Gorkem in Bas Balasi.

Kayra Orta - Young Ahu

Kayra Orta as Ahu
Kayra Orta

Kayra Orta appears as the younger version of Ahu in Episode 3. 

Orta has credits in Flames of Fate, Erkek Severse, and Bandirma Füze Kulübü.

A Round of Applause is now streaming on Netflix.

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