A Killer Paradox Netflix Ending Explained

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A Killer Paradox Ending

Netflix's A Killer Paradox featured an ending worthy of the twist-filled first season. 

The streamer's latest hit Korean drama follows a young teen Lee Tang, who - after accidentally killing a man who turns out to be a serial killer - goes on a quest for justice, killing awful and evil people across South Korea. 

On his quest, this blood-soaked teenage Robin Hood crosses paths with three other key players - Jang Nan-gam (an enterprising detective), Roh-bin (Lee's sidekick and friend), and Song Chon (a killer who takes an interest in Lee's work. 

What Happened at the End of A Killer Paradox?

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After the season-long cat-and-mouse game at the heart of A Killer Paradox, the series' ending finally sees the show's various twists and turns come to a head. 

It all begins with Lee being betrayed by his good friend Roh-bin, as his sidekick abandons him in a plan to escape Korea. 

As Roh-bin splits from Lee, he joins forces with the Korean detective Jang Nan-gan, hoping to bring the dangerous killer Song Chon to justice. 

This leads them to an abandoned warehouse where Roh-bin and Jang confront the police officer-turned-serial-killer. This all comes as the realization of Song's murder of Jang's father washes over the detective, with tensions running hot.

As quickly as they arrive, so does Lee. Lee's appearance in the warehouse prompts quite the firefight. Lee manages to avoid any sort of major injury, but the same can not be said for Roh-bin. 

Roh-bin steps in the middle of the conflict, tackling Song to possibly pry his firearm away. Instead, things take a turn for the worse. 

With remorse, Jang fires at the restrained Song, wounding the serial killer but causing his gun to go off killing Roh-bin. 

Jang confronts the injured Song, hoping to get revenge for his father. However, Song tries to plead his case. He tells the detective that if he kills him, he will never know the truth about his dad. 

From there, audiences are treated to a flashback, revealing that Jang's father was not the man Jang thought him to be. He was brutal, immoral, and the reason Song turned to his violent lifestyle after being beaten by Father Jang during his time working as a police officer. 

Cutting back to the present day, Lee offers to kill Song so that Jang does not have to, but the detective cannot help himself, shooting twice, and killing Song. 

The series ends with Song dead, Jang being reprimanded by his superiors, and the reveal that all the evidence of the warehouse fight is gone as the series flashes back to show an electrical fire started during the scuffle. 

This leaves Lee having escaped from Korea, living in the Philippines. That comes in the final moments of the K-drama's intense Season 1, hinting that Lee may not be done with his murderous Robin Hood-like pursuit after all. 

Will A KIller Paradox Season 2 Happen? 

No official announcement of A Killer Paradox Season 2 has been made public, but given the tease at the end of Season 1, it feels like a pretty good bet that fans will be heading back to this world sometime soon. 

After the tragic events of the warehouse stand-off, the series shows protagonist Lee Tang now living in the Philippines.

While it is assumed he has put his killing way in the past, that does not look to be the case, as right before the series comes to a close Lee is seen bumping into a shady figure on a street.

Surely, his brand of blood-thirsty justice has not yet been played out completely. 

The series is based on a now-complete Korean webtoon that ended similarly to Season 1. 

That would mean Season 2 would have to venture beyond the bounds of the original story - something that is not too uncommon in the world of adaptation. 

Whether A Killer Paradox gets a second season or not, its creators seem to be setting it up for such with as great a tease for more as this final the Philippines scene is. 

A Killer Paradox is streaming now on Netflix. 

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