Full Cast of 60 Minutes Movie on Netflix - Every Main Character & Actor (Photos)

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60 Minutes Netflix, Emilio Sakraya

Netflix's 60 Minutes pits its main protagonist against an impending deadline as the custody of his daughter hangs in the balance. 

Directed by Oliver Kienle, 60 Minutes tells the story of how a mixed martial arts fighter named Octavio desperately leaves an important match to not lose his daughter's custody. In doing so, he makes an enemy out of a group of menacing criminals. 

60 Minutes premiered on Netflix on January 19. 

Every Main Cast Member of Netflix's 60 Minutes

Emilio Sakraya - Octavio Bergmann

Emilio Sakraya as Octavio
Emilio Sakraya

Emilio Sakraya brings Octavio Bergmann to life in 60 Minutes

As a well-respected mixed martial artist, Bergmann has earned the respect of his peers due to his excellence in the ring. 

However, he is on a mission to reunite with his daughter for her birthday under a strict deadline of 60 minutes (hence the film's title), or he will lose custody of her forever according to his ex-wife, Mina.

In a quest to regain the love of his daughter, Octavio sets on a journey to fight back against disgruntled criminals and time itself as he races back home. 

Warrior Nun fans may recognize Sakraya for his role as JC in the Netflix series. The actor also has credits in Rock My Heart, 4 Blocks, and Rheingold.

Dennis Mojen - Paul Lehmann

Dennis Mojen as Paul Lehmann
Dennis Mojen

Paul Lehmann (played by Dennis Mojen) is Octavio's best friend and manager who wants him to stay and prioritize the match instead of spending time with Leonie. 

It is later revealed that Paul is hiding something from Octavio that places both his career and his life in danger. 

Mojen is known for his roles in Isi & Ossi, Into the Night, and Dreamfactory. 

Livia Matthes - Mina

Livia Matthes as Mina
Livia Matthes 

Livia Matthes brings to life Mina, Octavio's ex-wife who tells him about getting home at 6:00 p.m. to spend time with their daughter, Leonie, or risk losing her custody forever. 

Mina has grown tired of Octavio's absence in Leonie's life so this is why she decides to file for her sole custody. 

Mina tells Octavio that she would reconsider her big decision if he makes it home by the said deadline while also bringing the cake and the kitten that he promised to her. 

Matthes' notable credits include X Company, We Are the Wave, and Prey.

Marie Mouroum - Cosima

Marie Mouroum as Cosima
Marie Mouroum

Marie Mouroum's Cosima is one of Octavio's loyal allies who helps him fend off the goons working for Chino. 

Cosi, as Octavio calls her, is the one who helps him train for the big fight against Benko. 

Mouroum is a stunt woman who worked on significant projects like Black Panther, Avengers: Endgame, and No Time to Die

Florian Schmidtke - Winkler

Florian Schmidtke as Winkler
Florian Schmidtke

Fliran Schmidtke plays Winkler, Chino's brother who serves as one of the leading figures of the goons who chase down Octavio. 

At one point in the chase, Winkler decides to destroy the cake that Octavio ordered for Leonie's birthday, making matters worse for the MMA fighter. 

Schmidtke previously appeared in Blood Red Sky, Barbarians, and Blood & Gold.

Morik Heydo - Leonie

Morik Heydo as Leonie
Morik Heydo

Morik Heydo joins the cast of 60 Minutes as Leonie, Octavio and Mina's daughter. 

Leone is celebrating her birthday on the same day as Octavio's big fight. While she is expecting that her dad will be home by six in the evening, there is a part of her that believes that he will not make it in time. 

60 Minutes is Morik Heydo's first notable acting credit.

Paul Wollin - Chino

Paul Wollin as Chino
Paul Wollin

Chino (played by Paul Wollin) is the guy who had bet his entire savings on Octavio, with him expecting that Benko would go down in Round 3. If Octavio does not return to the match, Chino will lose all his money. 

As a result, he sent out all his goons to prevent Octavio from going home, leading to an all-out brawl in the streets and the gym. 

Fans may recognize Wollin for his roles in Dogs of Berlin, 7500, and Toro.

Aristo Luis - Benko

Aristo Luis as Benko
Aristo Luis

Benko is Octavio's opponent in the highly anticipated MMA match. The character is played on-screen by Aristo Luis. 

He is an arrogant and selfish fighter who only wants to take down Octavio since it is later revealed that his money is also involved in the bet. 

Luis is a veteran stuntman known for his work in John Wick 4, Warrior Nun, and Without Remorse

Mehmet Atesci - David 

Mehmet Atesci as David
Mehmet Atesci

Mehmet Atesci's David is Mina's current partner and lawyer who informs Octavio about the custody terms for his daughter, Leonie, right before his fight with Benko (what great timing!). 

Atesci has credits in A Regular Woman, Tatort, and Toubab

José Barros Moncada - Rico

José Barros Moncada as Rico
José Barros Moncada

While escaping Benko and his men, Rico (played by José Barros Moncada) swoops in and saves Octavio.

Rico is Octavio's longtime colleague and is later revealed to be in cahoots with another shady woman named Danica who is trying to find Chino. 

Moncada previously appeared in Tempo Girl, Undine, and Peripherie.

Tatjana Sojic - Danica 

Tatjana Sojic as Danica
Tatjana Sojic

Danica is an intimidating Serbian woman who is looking for Chino. The character is played by Tatjana Sojic. 

To get to him, she orders Rico to kidnap Octavio to help them find Chino so that he can pay them half a million euros.

Sojic's most recognizable role is playing Marija Mrvica in over 200 episodes of Crazy, Confused, Normal. The actress also appeared in Tender and I Know Your Soul.

60 Minutes is streaming now on Netflix.

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