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Iron Reign, Eduard Fernández - Joaquín Manchado, Natalia de Molina - Rocío Manchado

Award-winning Spanish actor Eduard Fernández leads the cast of Netflix's newest drama series, Iron Reign.

Iron Reign (Mano de Hierro) tells the story of the sudden downfall of a drug trafficking business in the port of Barcelona anchored by themes of betrayal within the family and outside forces. 

Iron Reign premiered on Netflix on March 15. 

Every Main Cast Member of Netflix's Iron Reign

Eduard Fernández - Joaquín Manchado

Eduard Fernández as Joaquin Manchado
Eduard Fernández

Eduard Fernández headlines the cast of Iron Reign as Joaquín Manchado. 

Joaquin is the current director of Terminal A of Barcelona Port and is secretly the leader of a drug trafficking business. Manchado's tenacious yet calm demeanor makes him the perfect candidate to lead illegal dealings discreetly. 

After the shipment of Czar's Mail is stolen, Joaquin's family drug business goes into shambles since the drugs are significant to an Italian businessman. Now, the family has become the target. 

Fernández is best known for his roles in El Nino, Everybody Knows, and The Method.

Chino Darín - Víctor Julve

Chino Darin as Víctor Julve
Chino Darín

Chino Darín is part of Iron Reign's cast as Victor Julve. 

Victor is one of the operators in Joaquin Manchado's port who is aware of the shady dealings that are going on. He is also friends with Joaquin's daughter, Rocio. 

Victor is later revealed to be an undercover cop seeking revenge against Joaquin for killing his father in cold blood. 

Darín has credits in A Twelve-Year Night, El Angel, and Mirage.

Jaime Lorente - Néstor 

Jaime Lorente as Nestor
Jaime Lorente

Nestor (played by Jaime Lorente) is Joaquin's son-in-law and Rocio's husband. 

In Iron Reign, Nestor is the main culprit behind the stolen drugs, leading to chaos within the Manchado family. 

Coming from a humble beginning, Nestor had to work hard to attain a successful life. However, at one point, Nestor's selfish attitude prompted him to sell drugs in Manchado's territory, leading to him being humiliated by his father-in-law. 

Nestor is also using the Manchado family for his own interest, earning their trust and lying behind their backs to potentially gain control of their drug empire.

Lorente's notable credits include Everybody Knows, Money Heist, and Tin & Tina.

Natalia de Molina - Rocío Manchado

Natalia de Molina as Rocío Manchado
Natalia de Molina

Rocío Manchado is Joaquin's daughter, Nestor's wife, and heiress to the drug empire. The character is played on-screen by Natalia de Molina. 

During her younger years, Rocio is involved in a love triangle between Nestor and Victor. However, as the next in line to take over the family business, Rocio is being used by both men as a means to get revenge against Joaquin. 

Fans may recognize de Molina for her roles in Food and Shelter, Adios, and Siege.

Sergi López - Román Manchado

Sergi López as Roman Manchado
Sergi López

Sergi López plays Román Manchado, Joaquin's alcoholic brother who suspected his nephew of stealing the Czar's Mail for himself. 

López previously appeared in Pan's Labyrinth, Dirty Pretty Things, and An Affair of Love.

Enric Auquer - Ricardo Manchado

Enric Auquer as Ricardo
Enric Auquer

Enric Auquer stars as Ricardo Manchado, Joaquin's son who struggles with his gambling addiction and is often deemed as problematic. 

Ricardo also seeks the validation of his father which often gets him into trouble. 

Auquer can be seen in projects like Eye for an Eye, Fuga, and Vida Perfecta.

Daniel Holguin - El Flaco

Daniel Holguin as El Flaco
Daniel Holguin

Daniel Holguin's El Flaco is one of Joaquin's loyal and violent enforcers who makes sure that there are no traitors (aka rats) within the port. 

Holguin starred in The Counselor, The Vault, and The Minions of Midas.

Cosimo Fusco - El Frances

Cosimo Fusco as El Frances
Cosimo Fusco

Cosimo Fusco joins the cast as El Frances (aka the Frenchman), whom Joaquin and Nestor meet for the important shipment of Czar's Mail in Episode 1. 

El Frances is worried about the problems in the port, but Joaquin assures him that everything will be going smoothly (spoiler alert: it didn't). 

Fusco has been in several projects, including 30 Coins, Angels & Demons, and Friends.

Raul Briones - Ariel Ramirez-Pereira

Raul Briones as Ariel Pereira
Raul Briones

Ariel Ramirez-Pereira (played by Raul Briones) is the son of a well-known cartel boss who is tasked to deliver a shipment to Joaquin's port in Barcelona. 

Briones is known for his roles in Asfixia, Luna Negra, and A Cop Movie.

Giannina Fruttero - Lucia Ramirez-Pereira 

Giannina Fruttero as Lucia Pereira
Giannina Fruttero

Lucia Ramirez-Pereira is Ariel's sister who works with him to deliver the shipment, which is later revealed to be Czar's Mail, to the port. The character is played by Giannina Fruttero. 

Lucia leads the charge in defeating pirates who initially wanted to get the shipment while on the ship. 

Fruttero's notable credits include Los Espookys, Ema, and Ramona.

Joel Bosqued - Alex

Joel Bosqued as Alex
Joel Bosqued

Joel Bosqued plays an MMA fighter named Alex who is having an affair with Nestor, unbeknownst to Rocio. 

Alex eventually finds out Nestor's plan to steal Czar's Mail and he uses this as an opportunity to get rich and nab it for himself. 

Bosqued has over 30 credits to his name, with roles in Tierra de Lobos, Los Nuestros, and Un Golpe de Suerte.

Tomas del Estal - Molina

Tomas del Estal as Molina
Tomas del Estal 

Tomas del Estal appears in Episode 1 as Molina. 

Molina is another owner of a nearby port whom Joaquin asks to help him after one of his cranes broke down ahead of the important shipment of the Czar's Mail. 

Joaquin forces Molina to agree, telling him, "It's much better to have me as your friend than as your enemy." This is on top of threatening him to leak a private sex tape of him to his wife. 

del Estal previously appeared in The Vault, Julieta, and Everybody Knows.

Ana Torrent - Jueza Herrero

Ana Torrent as Jueza Herrero
Ana Torrent

Ana Torrent brings Jueza Herrero to life in Iron Reign

Jueza is a prosecutor working alongside Victor who wants to take down Joaquin Manchado's illegal drug dealing business once and for all. 

Torrent has appeared in a plethora of projects such as Silly Sundays, The Nest, and Thesis.

All episodes of Iron Reign are streaming on Netflix.

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