Fulll Cast of Bandidos 2024 on Netflix - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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The House of Flowers star Juan Pablo Medina leads the strong cast of Spanish actors in Netflix's Bandidos

Bandidos follows the story of treasure hunters as they venture on a dangerous underwater adventure in search of a highly-sought Mayan artifact called the Snake King's treasure. 

Bandidos premiered on Netflix on March 13.

Every Main Cast Member of Netflix's Bandidos 

Juan Pablo Medina - Wilson

Juan Pablo Medina as Wilson
Juan Pablo Medina

Juan Pablo Medina leads the cast of Bandidos as Wilson.

Wilson is a former counterfeit expert who helps his nephew, Miguel, negotiate deals for his illegal trade business.

His charming personality is what sets him apart from other treasure hunters, using his wit to get out of perilous situations. 

In Episode 1, Wilson helps his nephew steal a map inside a famous museum. 

Fans may recognize Medina for his role as Diego Olvera in The House of Flowers. The actor also has credits in Dad Wanted and Guadalupe Reyes.

Alfonso Dosal - Miguel Morales

Alfonso Dosal as Miguel
Alfonso Dosal

Miguel (played by Alfonso Dosal) is a treasure hunter and petty hustler who is tasked to find a hidden treasure underwater. 

Achieving this mission is important to Miguel since he wants to prove himself to his father (who is an archeologist). This is on top of the massive financial reward that comes along with the journey. 

Miguel assembles a team of treasure hunters to infiltrate a museum to uncover a map that gives directions to the hidden artifact. 

Dosal's most famous role is playing Sebastian Andrade in Para Volver A Amar. The actor also appeared in The Chosen One and Sin Hijos.

Nicolás Furtado - Octavio

Nicolás Furtado as Octavio
Nicolás Furtado

Nicolás Furtado plays Octavio, a member of Miguel's group of treasure hunters/bandits. 

As a former member of the Uruguayan military, Octavio has the necessary skills that Miguel can use in a dangerous mission. 

Octavio also has experience in an infamous heist at the Uruguayan Mint and he has tons of weapons hidden in his boat. 

Furtado's notable credits include El marginal, Somos familial, and Impuros

Mabel Cadena - Inés

Mabel Cadena as Ines
Mabel Cadena

Inés is a police officer who is tasked to investigate Luis' death, aka Miguel's friend who has the map to the treasure tattooed on his arm. The character is played on-screen by Mabel Cadena. 

As the only female officer in the local police department, Ines feels alienated at her precinct. 

Making matters worse, Ines' personal life is also in bad shape due to the looming presence of her arrogant ex-husband who wants to take her son away from her. 

MCU fans may recognize Cadena for her previous appearance as Namora in Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The actress also starred in Dance of the 41 and Asphalt Goddess.

Ester Expósito - Lilí

Ester Expósito as Lili
Ester Expósito

Ester Expósito plays the charming Lili in Banditos.

Lili is Miguel's ex-boyfriend who reunites with him to help him with his new mission to retrieve the hidden treasure. 

Lili is a master manipulator as she uses her charm and stunning looks to trick rich guys so that they can steal their credit card information and replicate it for her own gain. 

Expósito has credits in Venus, Veneno, and Someone Has to Die.

Andrés Baida - Ariel

Andrés Baida as Ariel
Andrés Baida

Andrés Baida stars as Ariel, Miguel's rival and an archeologist. 

In Bandidos, Ariel is also Miguel's adoptive brother after his father, Juan, favored him due to his impressive skills in treasure hunting. 

Ariel is also searching for the same treasure Miguel is trying to find in the series. 

Baida is best known for his roles in Control Z, Who Killed Sara?, and Los Elegidos.

Andrea Chaparro - Citlali

Andrea Chaparro as Citlali
Andrea Chaparro

Andrea Chaparro brings Citlali to life in Bandidos.

Citlali is another recruit who joins Miguel's team of bandits. Her task is to snatch a moonstone from the cenote. Citlali is also romantically involved with another member named Lucas. 

Chaparro's notable credits include Rebelde, Through My Window: Looking at You, and The House of Flowers: The Movie.

Juan Pablo Fuentes - Lucas

Juan Pablo Fuentes as Lucas
Juan Pablo Fuentes

Juan Pablo Fuentes plays Lucas, a hacker who joins Miguel's team and gets infatuated with Citlali. 

Aside from being good with technology, Lucas is also the son of a billionaire which is why he is the group's source of money when the going gets tough.  

Fuentes has credits in All The Places and Pact of Silence.

Adrián Ladrón - Burnt Face

Adrián Ladrón
Adrián Ladrón

Adrián Ladrón is part of Bandidos' cast as Burnt-Face. 

Burnt-Face is a mobster who is in pursuit of Miguel due to his possession of a moonstone. 

In the latter part of the series, it is revealed that Burnt-Face holds a grudge against Miguel and his father after being a victim of an explosive in Juan's previous expedition. 

Ladrón previously appeared in After Dark and Two for the Girl.

Bruno Bichir - Juan Morales

Bruno Bichir
Bruno Bichir

Bruno Bichir joins the cast of Bandidos as Juan Morales, Miguel's father who is a famous archeologist. 

Juan's time as an archeologist is over since he is already suffering from dementia by the time the series starts. 

 Bichir is known for his roles in Midaq Alley, Che: Part One, and Lluvia.

All episodes of Bandidos are now streaming on Netflix.

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