Full Cast of Your Honor Season 2 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Your Honor, Bryan Cranston

The cast of Your Honor is back in the spotlight as Season 2 starts streaming on Netflix

The hit legal drama, led by Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle star Bryan Cranston, follows a New Orleans judge whose devotion to the law is tested after his son hit and killed a family member of a local mob boss. 

Season 2 sees Cranston's magistrate picking up the pieces after his son's death, going on a revenge tour against the criminal underworld responsible for so much strife in the community. 

Every Main Character and Actor in Your Honor Season 2

Bryan Cranston - Michael Desiato

Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato with a long brown beard holding a phone to his ear in your Honor Season 2

Bryan Cranston leads Your Honor Season 2 as the former New Orleans judge, the right honorable Michael Desiato.

After putting his career on the line in Season 1 and coming to the aid of his son after he struck and killed a member of a local mob family, Michael takes this quest one step further in Season 2. This new batch of episodes sees him as he is released from prison, his son is killed, and he takes on the New Orleans mob himself. 

Cranston is best known for his roles as Walter White in Breaking Bad and Hal Wilkerson in Malcolm in the Middle but has also taken on roles in Trumbo, How I Met Your Mother, and Ben Affleck's Argo

Hope Davis - Gina Baxter

Hope Davis as Gina Baxter in a black dress looking out from a balcony with a chandelier behind her in Your Honor

Playing one of the figureheads of the New Orleans mob is Hope Davis as Gina Baxter. 

It is Baxter's boy who is killed by Micheal's son in Season 1, causing the crime family to flex its muscles in the New Orleans community even tighter than they traditionally have, something Michael hopes to put a stop to. 

Davis is best known for her work in American Splendor, About Schmidt, and Captain America: Civil War

Michael Stuhlbarg - Jimmy Baxter

Michael Stuhlbarg as Jimmy Baxter in a grey suit sitting in a brown chair in Your Honor

Sitting alongside Hope Davis' Gina Baxter at the top of the criminal ladder in New Orleans is Michael Stuhlbarg as Jimmy Baxter. 

As the patriarch of the Maxter mob family, Jimmy makes life miserable for Bryan Cranston's lead character after his son is killed in a tragic hit-and-run. 

Stuhlberg's previous credits include Call Me By Your Name, A Serious Man, and The Shape of Water

Isiah Whitlock Jr. - Charlie Figaro

Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Charlie Figaro wearing a hat in a plaid suit and looking out at the distance in Your Honor

Isiah Whitlock Jr. plays the complicated character of Charlie Figaro in Your Honor. Charlie is Michael's best friend, working as a New Orleans politician with serious ties to local crime. 

Whitlock Jr. can also be seen in Da 5 Bloods, Cedar Rapids, and 25th Hour

Carmen Ejogo - Lee Delamere

Carmen Ejogo as Lee Delamere in a law office wearing a plaid jacket in Your Honor

Lee Delamere (brought to life by Carmen Ejogo) is a lawyer working in New Orleans who in Season 1 was working as a protege to Bryan Cranston's Michael, and convinces the judge to take on the case of young Kofi, the boy who took the fall for Michael's son's hit-and-run. 

Ejogo may be familiar to fans of Selma, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and It Comes at Night

Lilli Kay - Sofia "Fia" Baxter

Lilli Kay as Sofia

Lilli Kay takes on the role of Sofia "Fia" Baxter, the daughter of crime boss Jimmy Baxter. In Season 1, Sofia becomes romantically involved with Michael's son Adam without knowing he was the one behind the death of her brother. 

Kay's other work includes Yellowstone and Rustin.

Jimi Stanton - Carlo Baxter

Jimi Stanton as Carlo Baxter lookking concerned out a car window in Your Honor

Another member of the Baxter family back for Season 2 is Jimi Stanton's Carlo Baxter. Carlo is the eldest son of the Baxter clan who is released from prison following the death of his brother Rocco. 

Stanton previously appeared in Tom Hanks' Greyhound and the Netflix Marvel series The Punisher

Benjamin Flores Jr. - Eugene Jones

Benjamin Flores Jr. as Eugene Jones sitting in a court room in a grey suit in Your Honor

Benjamin Flores Jr. plays Eugene Jones, a member of the criminal organization known as Desire. He is also the younger brother of Kofi, the young man forced to take the fall for Michael's son in Season 1. 

Flores Jr. is best known for appearing in Happy Feet Two, Ride Along, and Rim of the World

Andrene Ward-Hammond - Big Mo

Andrene Ward-Hammond as Big Mo in a bedazzled suit jacket sitting in a chair in Your Honor

Big Mo (played by Andrene Ward-Hammond) is the leader of Desire, a street gang working in the Lower Ninth Ward - one of New Orleans' most impoverished neighborhoods. 

Ward-Hammond can also be seen in Loving, Lovebirds, and Instant Family

Keith Machekanyanga - Trey "Little Mo" Monroe

Keith Machekanyanga as Trey

Serving as Big Mo's eyes on the streets is Keith Machekanyanga's Trey "Little Mo" Monroe. Little Mo works as Desire's second-in-command and the right-hand man to the criminal organization's head honcho. 

Machekanyanga's previous credits include FBI, Timeless, and Deadcon.

Amy Landecker - Nancy Costello

Amy Landecker as Nancy Costello wearing a suit and sitting at a desk in Your Honor

Amy Landecker brings to life Nancy Costello in Your Honor Season 2. She is a New Orleans detective who works closely with Bryan Cranston's Michael. 

Landecker may be familiar to fans of Dan in Real Life, Doctor Strange, and A Serious Man

Tony Curran - Frankie

Tony Curran as Frankie wearing a suit and standing in a closet in Your Honor

Tony Curran plays Frankie a close associate of the Baxter crime family, working with them in the streets of New Orleans. 

Outside Your Honor, Currans has appeared in Ray Donovan, Calibre, and Outlaw King

Margo Martindale - Elizabeth Guthrie

argo Martindale as Elizabeth Guthrie with her mouth agape in Your Honor

Also working in Luoisiana bureaucracy is Margo Martindale as Elizabeth Guthrie. Elizabeth is Micheal's mother-in-law and Adam's maternal grandmother. She is a state senator at the time of the series. 

Martindale's other work includes August: Osage County, The Hollars, and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Rosie Perez - Olivia Delmont

Rosie Perez as Olivia Delmont smiling while wearing a black and white collared shirt combo in Your Honor

Joining Season 2 of Your Honor is Rosie Perez as Olivia Delmont. Delmont is an assistant district attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana. 

Perez has worked in Hollywood for more than 30 years, appearing in such hits as White Men Can't Jump, Fearless, and Birds of Prey

Mark Margolis - Carmine Conti

Mark Margolis as Carmine Conti wearing a suit and standing surrounded by people at a party in Your Honor

Mark Margolis takes on the role of Carmine Conti, the father of the crime queen of New Orleans Gina Baxter. 

Margolis is best known for his role as Hector Salamanca in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul as we all as his work in titles like Pi and Scarface

Mark O'Brien - Father Jay

Mark O'Brien as Father Jay in clergywear in Your Honor

Father Jay is another new addition in Season 2. Played by Mark O'Brien, Father Jay is seen as the Roman Catholic priest of the Baxter crime family.

O'Brien can also be seen in Ready or Not, Arrival, and City on a Hill

Ciara Renee - Janelle

Ciara Renee as Janelle getting hugged while looking in a dressing room mirror in Your Honor

Arriving in Season 2 is Ciara Renee as Janelle. Janelle is a local singer who is introduced as Big Mo's love interest in the latest batch of episodes.

Renee's previously appeared in several CW Arrowverse shows as Hawkgirl, as well as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Evil

Gavin 'Chief' Meredith - Chris

Gavin 'Chief' Meredith as Chris in Your Honor

Chris (played by Gavin 'Chief' Meredith) joins the fray in Your Honor Season 2. Chris is a member of the Desire street gang who leaves following his dismay with the way Big Mo does business. 

Your Honor marks Merdith's major acting debut. 

Your Honor Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix. 

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