Your Honor Season 2 Twist Ending Explained

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Bryan Cranston during the ending of Your Honor Season 2

While Your Honor Season 2 ended long ago, its ending still has fans discussing what happened.

Starring Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Your Honor highlights the story of a New Orleans judge who finds himself and his family in trouble. This comes as a result of his son killing the son of a mob kingpin in a hit-and-run, forcing Cranston's Michael Desiato to make hard choices to protect him.

Season 2 then sees Michael in jail and hoping to die, and while he finds himself out of prison soon after that, later episodes bring a huge twist for the leading character.

What Happens to Eugene in Your Honor Season 2?

Bryan Cranston in Your Honor ending
Your Honor

During Your Honor Season 2's ending, fans see Eugene Jones (Benjamin Flores, Jr.) on trial for the murder of Adam Desiato (Hunter Doohan), the son of Bryan Cranston's Michael Desiato.

On trial, Eugene is also still dealing with his own family's death after his mother died in an explosion that destroyed his family home.

Michael even helps Eugene with his trial in secret, tipping his lawyer off that the explosion at Eugene's house could not have been an accident. The gas to the house had been shut off weeks earlier, meaning there was no way an accident could have happened.

After Eugene and Michael apologize to each other for what happened, Eugene is put into a witness protection program as he is one of the most wanted men in New Orleans.

This allows him to get a new start and deal with his mental health safely with the gangs set to come after him after hearing the information revealed during the trial.

What Happened to Michael in Your Honor Season 2?

Bryan Cranston in Your Honor ending
Your Honor

For Bryan Cranston's Michael Desiato, his story in the Your Honor Season 2 finale takes him back to the first episode in Season 1 as he faces his son's murder of Rocco Baxter.

While Eugene's brother Kofi initially took the fall for Rocco's death, Michael comes clean about his involvement in court, explaining how Adam was responsible and how he helped cover the accident up.

Michael goes into detail about the gas leak at Eugene's house, confirming the young boy could not have been involved in the explosion that killed his mother.

Seeing some of his son in Eugene, the biggest reason Michael ultimately shares the truth about the incident is that Adam is gone, leaving Michael with nothing to truly live for.

After helping bring down a major crime family, Michael finds a sense of peace when he admits responsibility for his actions, which also includes fixing another trial in his favor.

This leads to Michael being put back in prison, but this time, he goes to jail willingly as he feels he has nothing and no one left to protect. He can now live out his days at peace with himself after coming clean about his wrongdoings.

Will Your Honor Return for Season 3?

When Your Honor initially arrived on Showtime, it was meant to be a limited series. It was only renewed for Season 2 after the first season earned massive viewing numbers. Cranston later confirmed that Season 2 would be the end in a conversation on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast in 2022.

He explained to Deadline in 2023 that discussions were taking place about a potential Season 3, but that it would only happen if "some great reason to keep expanding" came to be:

"There is some discussion. Showtime has indicated there is interest. If it happens, fantastic, but it’d have to be some great reason to keep expanding in this world."

He also made it clear that his time acting in the show was over no matter what, but he would have been open to a role as a producer on future stories.

Looking at how unexpected Your Honor Season 2's renewal was, the odds of Season 3 coming to light should be considered even smaller as Cranston and crew move on to new projects.

Your Honor is streaming for those subscribed to Netflix and Paramount+, and it can be viewed with a premium subscription to Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

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