Your Honor: Does Adam Die? What Happens to Hunter Doohan's Character

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Showtime's Your Honor has fans talking following the end of its run, specifically relating to Hunter Doohan's supporting character, Adam.

Bryan Cranston's Your Honor highlights a New Orleans court judge whose integrity and dedication to the law are heavily tested after his son accidentally kills the son of a local mob boss.

Season 1 featured Hunter Doohan in an important supporting role as he worked closely with Cranston throughout all 10 episodes.

What Happens to Adam In Your Honor?

Season 1 of Your Honor features Hunter Doohan as Adam Desiato, who is the son of Bryan Cranston's leading character Michael Desiato.

Adam is involved in the series' first major turning point moment as the 17-year-old accidentally hits a motorcyclist with his car after visiting the site of his mother's murder. He attempts to cover up the murder and confides in his father before they learn the victim is the son of Jimmy Baxter, a notorious crime boss.

Michael then has a friend get rid of Adam's car, but it ends up being pawned to Kofi Jones, a member of the Desire street gang. Michael reports the car stolen to give Adam an alibi, leading to Kofi's arrest for running a red light in the car before he's charged with murder.

Acting erratically and irrationally, Adam confesses about the murder to more people and gets in trouble at his high school. Kofi is then murdered in prison, leading to more tension between Michael and Adam as they keep the accident a secret.

Michael later finds himself being blackmailed by somebody who claims to know about Adam's wrongdoing before they dive even deeper into the city's reign of organized crime.

Eventually, Adam's time on Your Honor comes to an abrupt end as Season 1 concludes.

How Does Adam Die In Your Honor?

Adam death in Your Honor series
Your Honor

Eventually, mob boss Jimmy Baxter finds out the truth about Adam's car accident, and Michael agrees to pull strings to ensure he is on the judge's bench for Carlo Baxter's court case. 

Carlo's brother died in the initial car accident, and he later kills Kofi Jones in prison while the Baxter family blows up Kofi's home. Carlo Baxter is found not guilty in the trial as planned, leading him to walk free.

Adam is then present at the Baxter family's hotel celebrating Carlo's freedom after starting to date Jimmy Baxter's daughter, Fia.

Meanwhile, Eugene Jones comes to the party looking for revenge, as his mother, Female Jones, was killed in the explosion at his house.

Eugene gets there and shoots at Carlo, but he misses his target and hits Adam instead, leading to his tragic death. Michael watches his son die in his arms before opening the next season in jail for his actions.

Your Honor is streaming for those subscribed to Netflix and Paramount+, and it can be viewed with a premium subscription to Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

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