Who Is Liam Woodrum? 4 Things to Know About Geek Girl Actor

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Liam Woodrum in Geek Girl

One of the supporting characters of Netflix's Geek Girl is Nick Park, played by up-and-coming actor Liam Woodrum. 

Based on Holly Smale's best-selling teen book series, Geek Girl follows the socially awkward and nerdy Harriet Manners, played by House of the Dragon's Emily Carey, who's suddenly recruited by a top modeling agent. 

Liam Woodrum, a 21-year-old Anaheim-born newcomer, plays Nick Park, an established model and Harriet's romantic interest.

4 Things To Know About Geek Girl's Liam Woodrum

Liam Woodrum in Geek Girl

Liam Woodrum's First Role Was for a Hallmark Movie

Before landing the role of Nick for Geek Girl, Liam Woodrum's first acting role was for a Hallmark movie titled Love in Zion National: A National Park Romance.

In the 2023 film about a curator who teams up with a native park ranger to find a missing artifact, Woodrum played the supporting character, Tate Proudstar. 

Liam Plays a Lot of Sports

According to his actor's pages, including Backstage, Woodrum's interests extend beyond acting and into athletics. 

For instance, he has skills and experience with baseball, football, golf, martial arts, soccer, track and field, surfing and swimming, and basketball, with a 2019 highlight reel showcasing his on-court talent. 

Liam Starred in a Music Video

While Geek Girl and Zion National: A National Park Romance are the young actor's only film or television projects, technically, he has a third credit. 

In 2023, he briefly appeared in a music video for "Other Side of the Rainbow" by Extreme. 

Liam Will Next Star in a Horror Movie

Geek Girl may be Liam's latest role, but it's not his last.

The actor is already set to star in 213 Bones, a horror film set in the 1990s that follows a group of anthropology students who find human bones on their college campus and attempt to discover the killer. 

In the film, Woodrum plays a character named Eric. While little is known about his role, producer Tyler Olsen compared 213 Bones to the Scream franchise in talking with The Easterner, explaining that the film will appeal to audiences within the 20s to early 30s demographic. 

How To Follow Liam Woodrum Online

Audiences who want to follow Liam Woodrum online can do so on Instagram (@liamwoodrum).

All 10 episodes of Geek Girl are streaming now on Netflix.

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