Under Paris Part 2: Will a Sequel Get Released?

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Under Paris

The new French thriller that is shocking the world, Under Paris, could be soon greenlit for a sequel.

The official synopsis describes a grieving scientist, Sophia, who must confront her tragic past to prevent a catastrophe when a giant shark is discovered in the Seine during the World Triathlon Championships in Paris. 

She teams up with Mika, an environmental activist, and Adil, the Seine River police commander, to save the city from an international shark-inflicted bloodbath.

Under Paris Part 2 now seems possible after some fans called it "basically Jaws in Paris" (via Independent) despite an underwhelming  40% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Will Under Paris Part 2 Ever Be Released?

Nassim Lyes in Under Paris

Under Paris, directed by Xavier Gens, has become a massive hit, currently ranking #1 on Netflix in both the US and France, according to his Instagram page.

The movie's success is reflected globally, as it is the #1 ranked movie in most countries (via FlixPatrol) only one day after its release.

Despite its sudden success, Under Paris Part 2 has not yet been officially confirmed. 

However, Gens hinted at an Under Paris Part 2 possibility to Nice-Matin, stating (translated to English) that there "may then be other sharks in other major cities around the world:"

"A sequel or an ending with a capital 'E.' For me, there may then be other sharks in other major cities around the world. We'll see if that's the case or not!"

Based on the events of the film, venturing out of Paris to other shark-infested adventures seems like a clear possibility.

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What Could Happen in Under Paris Part 2?

Alternative settings for Under Paris Part 2 are seemingly endless, offering a wide range of possibilities for new storylines. 

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for Under Paris.

Under Paris concludes on a grim note; instead of triumphing over the shark threat, the movie ends with Paris submerged and overrun by rapidly multiplying sharks. 

The catastrophic flooding leaves the city's inhabitants struggling for survival. The end credits reveal a map suggesting a global spread of the shark infestation, hinting at a worldwide crisis. 

Under Paris Part 2 could investigate how different regions are impacted by the growing shark numbers, potentially introducing new characters and settings. 

This global perspective would not only expand the narrative but also heighten the sense of urgency and scale, providing audiences with fresh and thrilling experiences. There's unfinished business to take care of in Under Paris Part 2

Under Paris is now streaming on Netflix.

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