Under Paris Movie Ending Explained: The Meaning of the Shark's Final Infestation

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Under Paris Ending

The ending of Under Paris teases more from the shark-infested action film, hinting at a global infestation of bloodthirsty apex predators. 

Arriving on Netflix on June 5, the French language horror movie sees a massive shark arrive in the Seine (the famous river running through the French city). 

The film ends after a bloodbath, with the ocean predator wreaking havoc on the City of Light and spawning even more sharks throughout the city.

Under Paris Ending Infestation Explained

Under Paris blood-covered survivors floating in the water in the flooded streets of Paris

After the shark-fuelled chaos caused throughout the film by its central chondrichthyan, Under Paris does not leave audiences with a happy ending. 

Instead of defeating the ocean-dwelling big bad and sending it on its way, the Netflix movie's ending shows dire consequences for humans. 

Under Paris culminates with Paris being flooded and the number of sharks in the city spiking rapidly after their breeding capabilities are shown to have increased earlier in the movie. 

This means the city is lost as the massive predators' population explodes, leaving the humans in Paris to fend for themselves.

Under Paris red end-credits map showing the shark infestation

Fans are left with a tease of what happened to the world following the Paris incident, hinting at a bigger problem globally.

After the credits, a map assumed to show the shark infestation spreading across the globe is shown, supposedly taking over humanity and sending the world into disarray. 

Beyond that, nothing more is teased. No sequel has been announced to Under Paris, but given the open-ended nature of the ending and the introduction of this global infestation, more stories in this world feel possible. 

How Did Paris Flood in Under Paris?

The flooded streets of Paris in Under Paris

Some have wondered about Paris flooding during the ending of Under Paris and how logistically that would make sense for the landlocked French metropolis. 

While this left a portion of the audience confused, it does seem to be explained (at least somewhat) during the film. 

The main reason for the flooding given is bombs going off throughout the city as shells left over from WWII are discovered under the Seine.

This provides at least some of an answer for how water rushed into the streets. However, Paris being completely flooded by this sort of effort has been deemed a tad unrealistic by some, given the sheer amount of water needed to flood it. 

However, flooding is a common concern for Parisians. Historically parts of the city have flooded completely most famously in the Great Flood of 1910 when particular sections of Paris were under water for two months.

The combination of real-world rising water levels could be the culprit for the flooding here, as well as a throwaway comment from the mayor of the French capital earlier in the film could explain where all the water came from. 

As fans on Reddit spotted, Anne Marivin's mayor character explains that the city has built reserve recycled water basins under the river that could be responsible. 

This would have seen the dormant bombs sitting in the Siene going off and breaking into these recycled reserves, sending rushes of water through the streets. 

Under Paris is now streaming on Netflix. 

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