Who Is Anaïs Parello? 5 Things to Know About Under Paris Actress

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Anaïs Parello

Netflix's Under Paris has fans worldwide enthralled, partially thanks to 33-year-old star Anaïs Parello as she becomes a hot topic online.

Under Paris is making headlines as the next great shark movie, featuring a grieving scientist forced to embrace her past after a shark encounter in the Seine.

In the film, Anaïs Parello (from Metz, France) portrays a key supporting role as a researcher named Jade.

Meet Anaïs Parello: 5 Things to Know About Under

Anaïs Parello in Under Paris

Anaïs Parello Trained in Paris

As noted on Parello's website, the 5'6" actress started her training by taking improv classes with D’Clic Theatre Action creator Alex Graci in Paris, France. She also co-created a theatrical company that she helped run for 10 years.

She trained at Cours Florent in Paris and majored in both musicals and acting in English. This came after studying at a literary preparatory school and earning a degree in Spanish at La Sorbonne (also in Paris).

Anaïs Appeared in Farming Simulator

Parello has experience in the voiceover world, having voiced the character Sophia in both 2021's Farming Simulator 22 and 2023's Farming Simulator 23.

This game allows players to take on the role of a modern farmer, providing diverse American and European environments to use to harvest crops and raise cattle.

Her other major roles come in projects like Vortex (Juliette Béguin), Parlement (Lydia), and Ici tout commence (Stella Matret).

In Under Paris, her character Jade plays a pivotal role in helping the other important characters understand the threat they face with the shark attack.

She attempts to make them understand how high the stakes are after explaining how and why the shark arrives. Unfortunately, she's only taken seriously by authorities when it is too late to do anything about them

Anaïs Can Speak Four Languages

Parello shows an impressive level of intelligence with her ability to speak four different languages.

She portrays movie and TV roles in French, English, and Spanish equally, and she can also speak fluent Italian.

On top of her way with words in various languages (and a passion for yoga), Parello's skills extend to the musical side of the entertainment world as well.

The actress has years of experience (via Filmmakers) on the dance floor with skills in ballet, jazz, and Reggaeton/Perreo styles of dance.

Anaïs Directed a Short Film

As listed on her SN Voices profile, Parello took her skills behind the camera as she directed and wrote a short French film titled The Dreamer (Reveuse in French) in 2017.

She later added to her resume with a co-writing credit on a project titled Souris, directed by Joan Borderie and co-written by Ivan Cori.

Anaïs Has Won Many Awards

Parello's work has earned her plenty of acclaim over the years with multiple awards to her name as an actress.

This includes five wins for Best Actress in various films and shorts, the most recent win coming in 2023.

The project that won her the most awards was the 2020 short Hannya, for which she won Best Actress awards at the Varese International Film Festival and the Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards.

A full list of her recent awards can be seen below:

  • 2020 Varese International Film Festival - Won Best Actress November for Hannya
  • 2020 Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards - Won December Award Best Leading Actress for Hannya
  • 2022 Four Points Film Project - Won Jury Prize for Best Ensemble for Heaven on Earth
  • 2023 Madrid Indie Film Festival (MADRIFF) - Won, Annual Award for Best Actress for La Croix
  • 2020 Festival International du Film Fantastique de Menton - Won Jury Prize for Best Actress for a Short Film for Angle mort (2020)
  • 2023 Carpentras Fait son Cinéma - Won the Audience Choice Award for Best Actress for Le Marchand de Souvenirs

How to Follow Anaïs Parello Online

For those looking to follow Anaïs Parello's work, she can be found on X (formerly Twitter) at @anaisparello and on Instagram at @anaisparello.

Under Paris is now streaming on Netflix.

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