Who Is Rochelle Harrington? 4 Things to Know About Geek Girl Actress

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Rochelle Harrington

Actress Rochelle Harrington is one of the new stars of Netflix's hit series, Geek Girl

Inspired by Holly Smale's series of novels, Geek Girl follows the geeky and socially awkward Harriet Manners who's recruited by a top modeling agent and unexpectedly embarks on a modeling career. 

Playing Harriet's best friend and fellow model, is acting newcomer, Rochelle Harrington as Natalie "Nat" Grey.

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4 Things To Know about Geek Girl's Rochelle Harrington

Rochelle Harrington
Rochelle Harrington

Geek Girl Is Rochelle's First On-Screen Role

The popular Netflix series may be Rochelle Harrington's first on-screen project, but that's not to say she's new to the craft. 

The 20-year-old, Sri Lankan, British actress earned a Performing Arts Diploma from Cirencester College in the UK prior to her work in this series.

Rochelle Harrington Models In Real Life 

In addition to acting, Rochelle is a singer, dancer, and (just like her Geek Girl character Nat) a model.

Her acting page notes she's modeled for NARS Cosmetics; and, as for dance, she's skilled in ballet, commercial dance, contemporary dance, jazz, tap, and lyrical dance. 

Rochelle Was Already a Geek Girl Fan

In talking with Young Entertainment about her knowledge of Geek Girl before being cast, Rochelle revealed, "When I was about ten years old, I read these books religiously."

The up-and-coming star went on to share her love for the series and "how glamorous" yet "down-to-earth" they were:

"I just, I love the books so much. I loved how glamorous they were, and also how down-to-earth they were. I just loved them and I loved how clever she [Harriet] was."

What Rochelle Harrington Loves About Nat Grey

As for her Geek Girl character, Rochelle also told Young Entertainment that she respects how "resilient" Nat is.  

"I love how in the face of adversity she is brave and she persevered. Basically, she's a very resilient character. You can see how strong she is. But I also love that there's a soft quality to her underneath all of her bravado and maybe her ego a little bit. There's this like soft little girl-like bundle of joy, I think."

As for how she and Nat are alike, Rochelle noted that they're strong, but also "a big old teddy bear" underneath:

"I think, I relate to her in that sense in terms of we're quite - I don't know if strong is the word - but you know strong. And, then underneath it is just a big old teddy bear."

How To Follow Rochelle Harrington Online

Audiences who want to follow Rochelle online can do so on Instagram (@rochellevharrington).

All 10 episodes of Geek Girl are streaming now on Netflix.

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