Full Cast of Extraction 2: Every Actor & Character In Netflix Sequel

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Extraction 2, Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake

Chris Hemsworth is joined by a stellar cast full of new and returning actors in Extraction 2. 

The hit follow-up to the highly-anticipated Netflix movie revolves Tyler Rake's return as he begins a new mission after being presumed dead at the end of the first film. 

Extraction director Sam Hargrave is back in the director's chair, with Avengers: Endgame filmmaker Joe Russo also returning to pen the movie's screenplay. 

1.) Chris Hemsworth - Tyler Rake 

Chris Hemsworth - Tyler Rake, Extraction 2, Netflix

Chris Hemsworth returns as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2 after surviving the thrilling events of the first movie. In the sequel, Rake starts off on his lengthy road to recovery, but the arrival of a mysterious figure forces him to come out of retirement to save a family in danger.

Hemsworth is best known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Aside from Marvel, the Australian actor's past credits include Rush, The Cabin in the Woods, and Snow White and The Huntsman

2.) Golshifteh Farahani - Nik Khanonl

Golshifteh Farahani - Nik Khanonl, Extraction 2, Netflix

After a significant role in the first Extraction movie, Golshifteh Farahani returns as Nik Khan, one Tyler Rake's loyal allies. While the character only had a taste of the action in the first film, Farahani went all-out with the hard-hitting stunts in the sequel to help Rake with his mission. 

The Iranian-French actor's past credits include Paterson, Body of Lies, and Girls of the Sun

3.) Adam Bessa - Yaz Khan

Adam Bessa - Yaz Khan, Extraction 2, Netflix

Adam Bessa returns as Yaz Khan, Nik's brother, Tyler's loyal ally, and a resident mercenary. Although he is part of Extraction 2's thrilling action sequences, Yaz's personality of enjoying life wherever he goes is apparent throughout the sequel. 

Bessa is known for his roles in Hanna and Harka, and the actor won the Un Certain Regard Award for Best Performance in the latter movie during the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

4.) Idris Elba - Alcott

Idris Elba - Alcott, Extraction 2, Netflix

Idris Elba reunites with his MCU co-star Chris Hemsworth as he joins Extraction 2's stacked cast. Initially introduced as "The Man in the Suit," Elba's character was later given a name: Alcott. 

The character kickstarted the events of the sequel when he recruited Tyler Rake for a dangerous yet worthwhile mission. 

Elba is best known for portraying the MCU's Heimdall, Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad, and voicing Knucles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

5.) Olga Kurylenko - Mia

Olga Kurylenko - Mia, Extraction 2, Netflix

Olga Kurylenko is part of Extraction 2's cast as Mia, Tyler Rake's ex-wife. The character's official description from Netflix confirmed that she was the one who hired Tyler to save her sister from the Nagazi. 

The Ukrainian-French actor previously appeared as Taskmaster in Black Widow, Nika Boronina in Hitman, and Camila Montes in Quantum of Solace

6.) Tinatin Dalakishvili - Ketevan

Tinatin Dalakishvili - Ketevan, Extraction 2, Netflix

Tinatin Dalakishvili plays Ketevan, the woman who Rake is trying to protect and the sister of his ex-wife Mia. The character is also the daughter of a notorious Georgian gangster. 

The Georgian actress' credits include Abigail and a future role in the thriller called The Undeclared War

7.) Daniel Bernhardt - Konstantine

Daniel Bernhardt - Konstantine, Extraction 2, Netflix

Daniel Bernhardt portrays Konstantine in the Chris Hemsworth-led sequel. In the movie, the character is one of the best associates of Zurab. 

Bernhardt has had a stunt-heavy career, being featured in films like Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite, The Matrix Reloaded, and John Wick

8.) Andro Japaridze - Sandro Radiani

Andro Japaridze - Sandro Radiani, Extraction 2, Netflix

Andro Japaridze plays Sandro Radiani, Ketevan's son who is held hostage by his uncle Zurab of the Nagazi. The character's loyalty to his father and the Nagazi led to confusion regarding which side he's really on, thus putting his family in even more danger.

Japaridze only has one previous screen credit, with him being in a short film called Andro.

9.) Mariami Kovziashvili - Nina Radiani

Mariami Kovziashvili - Nina Radiani, Extraction 2, Netflix

Mariami Kovziashvili is Nina Radiani in Extraction 2, Ketevan's youngest daughter who Tyler is also trying to protect. 

Extraction 2 marks her acting debut. 

10.) Tornike Gogrichiani - Zurab Radiani

Tornike Gogrichiani - Zurab Radiani, Extraction 2, Netflix

Tornike Gogrichiani plays Zurab Radiani, Extraction 2's main villain. Throughout the sequel, the character seeks revenge against Tyler for killing his younger brother during the early part of the movie. 

Zurab is also responsible for killing one of Tyler's close associates in the movie. 

Gogrichiani's past credits include A Fold in My Blanket, and The Sniffer.

11.) Tornike Bziava - Davit Radiani

Tornike Bziava - Davit Radiani

Tornike Bziava plays Davit Radiani, Zurab's brother and Ketevan's husband who locked them up in the prison. 

Bziava is known for A Fold in My Blanket, The President, and Keep Smiling.

Extraction 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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