Meet Morgan from Blown Away: 5 Things to Know About Morgan Peterson

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Blown Away Morgan Peterson

Glassblowing artist Morgan Peterson emerged as Blown Away Season 4's ultimate winner. 

The fourth season of Netflix's reality glassblowing competition premiered on March 8 with 10 artists competing for the show's biggest prize to date, $100,000, a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass (where the winner's work will be displayed), and a residency in Venice, Italy with world-renowned glass artist Adriano Berengo.

After 10 grueling episodes (and with a new series host), contemporary artist Morgan Peterson topped competitor Ryan Thompson and took home the Season 4 title. 

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5 Things to Know About Blown Away's Morgan Peterson

Morgan Peterson

Morgan Peterson Is a Massachusetts Native

Before relocating to Seattle, Washington where she currently resides, Morgan lived in Massachusetts and attended the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

In 2006, she earned her dual degree from the SIM and Glass departments, opting to move to the Pacific Northwest to continue her education and career.

Has a Self-Described "Twisted" Style

When describing what sets her apart within the Netflix competition, Morgan admitted she has a "twisted style" and that it's "impossible to confuse my work with anyone else's:"

"I have a sick, twisted style. It has a lot to do with dark humor. It's impossible to confuse my work with anyone else's. A front-row seat to the Morgan show. It'll be fun! My creativity is going to set me apart."

While she mainly works in glass, she noted on her LinkedIn that, "I do not limit myself to just one material or medium."

But most of the Season 4 winner's work is, as she describes on her website, "based on themes of satire through pop culture and addition," as well as true crime and a satirical sense of humor.

Morgan Peterson Loves Point Break

In addition to The Office, Kathryn Bigelow's Point Break starring Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves is one of Morgan Peterson's passions and a personal area of expertise.

The 1991 film has a recurring presence within her social media profiles. 

Team Member, Teacher, and Now Season 4 Winner

Before competing in Season 4 of Blown Away, Morgan Peterson was a member of Seattle's Chihuly Studio and involved with Pratt Fine Arts and Pilchuck Glass School where she's also an instructor. 

Also, Blown Away was far from her first competition as, according to her website, she was included in The Young Glass Exhibition. This international contest occurs once every ten years.

Morgan's Recent Art & What She's Doing Now

Morgan often showcases her artwork on her Instagram, allowing fans of the show to see more of her unique, dark style. 

For instance, she claims the piece pictured below took four years to complete.

Morgan titled the next piece, which she also posted online, as The American "Success" Story.

One of her latest video posts showed her in the studio and "eagerly anticipating" Blown Away's Season 4 debut. 

Her Instagram caption reads as follows:

"In the studio making parts and eagerly anticipating the release of Blown Away season 4!"

Morgan can be followed online on her Instagram page, her LinkedIn account, and her own website.

Season 4 of Blown Away is streaming now on Netflix.

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