Why Did Nick Uhas Leave Netflix's Blown Away? Season 4 Host Change Speculation Explained

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Nick Uhas host from Blown Away

The new season of Blown Away has fans asking what happened to host Nick Uhas.

Since 2019, the actor, YouTuber, and pop-science influencer star has hosted Netflix's popular reality glassblowing competition where ten glassblowers compete in tests of artistry and endurance.

But following Blown Away's Season 4 premiere, the question of why Uhas left the show has remained a mystery.

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What Happened to Blown Away's Nick Uhas?

Blown Away host Nick Uhas
Nick Uhas in Blown Away Season 3

On March 8, 2024, Blown Away Season 4 premiered on Netflix with television personality Hunter March filling Nick Uhas' previous role as the series' host.

When asked about the latest season and its changes by Reality Blurred, Blown Away's longtime judge Katherine Gray shared the following about Uhas, saying, she "really enjoyed working with Nick" while also acknowledging that Hunter March "brings this nice new energy:"

"I really enjoyed working with Nick [Uhas], and the science aspect that he brought to our interpretations of work and to the discussions about the challenges. Hunter March is a host on other Netflix reality shows. He just brings this nice new energy to the whole thing that will be really interesting for people to see."

It's also worth noting that Blown Away's producers were interested in exploring more of the glassblowing craft's artistry, which is something Hunter March could relate to given his own experience.

As for other Season 4 changes, Matt Hornburg, the co-CEO executive producer at Marblemedia, told The Hollywood Reporter that “everything’s going to just feel a bit more dialed up, which is kind of exciting, new and fresh."

Hornburg went on to add how the glassblowers' challenges will be more difficult this time around, and that the series intends to highlight "their stories and their passion and what motivates them:"

“We want to see their talent, their artistry and, at the same time, part of the magic is really getting to know their stories and their passion and what motivates them and their families, and why they got into the glassblowing industry."

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time Blown Away hired a different host for the show. Following Season 2, Queer Eye's Bobby Berk replaced Nick Uhas as the host of Blown Away: Christmas. However, Uhas returned to host Season 3 before Hunter March's Season 4 takeover.

Why Blown Away Replaced Host Nick Uhas In Season 4?

Currently, no one involved with Netflix's Blown Away has specifically stated why Nick Uhas is no longer hosting. 

However, it is telling that both Katherine Gray and Matt Hornburg discussed Season 4's new emphasis on artistry, intensity, and competitors' personal stories.

The easy answer for Uhas' absence may simply be that a new host was needed for this new direction, especially since the original host's science background was no longer relevant.

It's also worth noting that Blown Away's hosts have never been synonymous with the show itself. Perhaps a signature voice is something the Netflix show is hoping to find with this hosting shakeup?

It will be interesting to see if Nick Uhas ever speaks out about his departure and whether Blown Away will keep Hunter March for Season 5 and beyond.

All four seasons of Blown Away are streaming now on Netflix.

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