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Junaid Khan and Jaideep Ahlawat lead the stellar Indian cast of Netflix's Maharaj, a movie filled with controversies even before its release. 

2024's Maharaj tells the story of how a journalist named Karsandas Muji (Junaid Khan) tackled the Maharaj Libel Case in 1862 in the Bombay Supreme Court, spearheading a discussion about societal norms while also challenging rituals aimed at exploiting women. 

Maharaj was initially supposed to be released on Netflix on June 14, but calls for a boycott emerged due to the controversial subject of the movie's story. It eventually premiered on June 21.

Every Main Cast Member of Netflix's Maharaj

Junaid Khan - Karsan Das Muji

Junaid Khan as Karsan Das Muji in Maharaj
Junaid Khan

2024 is a big year for Junaid Khan since he made his acting debut in Netflix's Maharaj

Junaid brings Karsan Das Muji to life in Maharaj. Karsan is an intelligent and resourceful journalist who has a knack for asking questions. 

Karsan's curiosity leads him to question Maharaj's every move, mostly centered around his acts that lean toward exploiting women and committing crimes. 

He eventually clashes with Maharaj, a fight fueled by different ideologies, faith, and morality. 

Junaid is the son of veteran Indian actor Aamir Khan and his lone on-screen edit is appearing in a single episode of Masterminds.

Jaideep Ahlawat - Jadunat Maharaj

Jaideep Ahlawat as Jadunat Maharaj in Maharaj
Jaideep Ahlawat

Portraying the film's villain, Jadunat Maharaj, is Jaideep Ahlawat. 

Maharaj is seen by many as a god-like figure, but his actions are deemed ungodly by Karsan. 

Despite that, Maharaj's countless followers believe in his words, without knowing that he intentionally sends a wrong message for his own benefit. 

As a powerful leader in Bombay, Maharaj is unfazed by Karsan's attempt to bring him down, considering that he can always use violence to silence him.

Ahlawat has over 30 credits to his name, with roles in Raazi, Gangs of Wasseypur, and An Action Hero

Shalini Pandey - Kishori

Shalini Pandey as Kishori in Maharaj
Shalini Pandey

Shalini Pandey joins the cast of Maharaj as Kishori, Karsan's fiancé who gets entangled with Maharaj's illegal deeds. 

Kishori is an innocent young girl who believes Maharaj's words and actions right off the bat. At one point, she even agrees to be involved with Charan Seva, a practice where he sleeps with young girls and newly married women due to religious ties.

Kishori's decision about Charan Seva is the starting point for Karsan to try and bring down Maharaj. 

Pandey is best known for her roles in Mahanati, Arjun Reddy, and 118.

Sharvari Wagh - Viraaj 

Sharvari Wagh as Viraaj in Maharaj
Sharvari Wagh

Sharvari Wagh stars as Viraaj, one of the women dedicated to bringing Maharaj down. 

Viraaj's vendetta allows her to get closer to Karsan, leading to some heartfelt moments that further cement their romantic ties. 

Wagh's other notable credits include Munjya, Bunty Aur Babli 2, and The Forgotten Army - Azaadi ke liye

Priyal Gor - Leelavati

Priyal Gor as Leelavati in Maharaj
Priyal Gor

Priyal Gor appears as Leelavati, a woman whom Maharaj impregnates after being involved with Charan Seva in the past. 

Leelavati is a key witness whose statement holds weight in court to ruin Maharaj's reputation to the public. 

Karsan believes that Leelavati's way of stepping up could inspire other women to reveal the ugly truth behind Maharaj. 

Gor's notable credits include Ram Milaayji Jodi, Just U & Me, and Anarkali.

Jay Upadhyay - Giridhar Khawas

Jay Upadhyay as Giridhar Khawas in Maharaj
Jay Upadhyay

Jay Upadhyay is part of Maharaj's cast as Giridhar Khawas, the titular character's closest enforcer who spearheads some of the religious rituals and his master's day-to-day activities. 

Upadhyay can be seen in Shehzada, Kuttey, and The Broken News.

Meher Vij - Mahuji

Meher Vij as Mahuji in Maharaj
Meher Vij 

Meher Vij plays Maharaj's wife, Mahuji, in the 2024 movie. 

Mahuji is aware of the shady dealings and inappropriate actions of her husband, but she chooses to ignore all of them to avoid conflict since she knows that Maharaj is a powerful man adored by many. 

Vij has credits in Special OPS, Secret Superstar, and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Sunil Gupta - Dadabhai Naoroji

Sunil Gupta as Dadabhai Naoroji in Maharaj
Sunil Gupta

Sunil Gupta is part of the cast as Dadabhai Naoroji, one of Karsan's mentors and a well-respected priest who shows up to tell him that going up against Maharaj has dangerous consequences. 

Gupta's notable credits include Made in Heaven, The Family Man, and Breathe: Into the Shadows.

Ananya Agarwal - Devi

Ananya Agarwal as Devi in Maharaj
Ananya Agarwal

Ananya Agarwal's Devi is another woman seeking justice against Maharaj after her sister, Kishori, killed herself over feeling guilty about her involvement with the Charan Seva.

Agarwal previously appeared in Majili, Meri Durga, and Bandhan.

Sanjay Goradia - Nanu Bhai

Sanjay Goradia as Nanu Bhai in Maharaj
Sanjay Goradia

Nanu Bhai (played by Sanjay Goradia) is one of Karsan's allies who helps him in his newspaper business by spreading news about Maharaj's illegal deeds. 

Goradia starred in Safari, Ishq, and Khoobsurat.

Jamie Alter - Mr. Arnsty 

Jamie Alter as Mr. Arnsty in Maharaj
Jamie Alter

Jamie Alter appears in Maharaj as Mr. Arnsty, Karsan's lawyer whom he initially hired after Maharaj filed a case against him. 

Fans may recognize Alter for his appearances in Afsos, The Archies, and Undekhi.

Kamlesh Oza - Shaamji

Kamlesh Oza as Shaamji in Maharaj
Kamlesh Oza

Kamlesh Oza portrays Shaamji,  Leelavati's brother who wants nothing but to expose Maharaj's evil acts and destroy everything that he built, especially after impregnating his sister. 

Oza is known for his roles in Ghulam, Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, and Gulaam Chor.

Maharaj is now streaming on Netflix.

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