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The Archies

The Archies is a new Netflix movie tied to Archie Comics, and it's spearheaded by its remarkable cast of up-and-coming Indian actors. 

Directed by Zoya Akhtar, The Archies made its debut on the streaming service on December 7, and it tackles the story of the titular character, played by Agastya Nanda, as he navigates the ups and downs of romance, friendship, and protecting Riverdale. 

Every Main Actor & Character in The Archies 

Agastya Nanda - Archibald “Archie” Andrews

Agastya Nanda as Archibald “Archie” Andrews
Agastya Nanda

Indian rising star Agastya Nanda brings Archibald "Archie" Andrews to life in Netflix's new movie. 

Archie is a music enthusiast and member of the titular band, The Archies. The character is romantically involved with Betty and Veronica, yet he has yet to choose which one he loves more. 

In The Archies, Nanda's Archie appears to love Veronica more, considering that he only pursues Betty after the former rejects him. 

Aside from Archie's complicated love life, he and his friends need to team up to save Green Park from Veronica's father, Mr. Lodge. 

The Archies is Nanda's first major notable acting credit.

Khushi Kapoor - Betty Cooper

Khushi Kapoor as Betty Cooper
Khushi Kapoor

Khushi Kapoor plays Betty Cooper, Archie's romantic interest and the "girl-next-door" type of the friend group. 

While Betty and Veronica have an ongoing rivalry in the comics, The Archies shows that the pair has mutual respect toward one another. 

At one point, Betty even supported Veronica when Archie blamed her for her father's misdeeds.

Kappor's only other major acting credit is appearing in a short called Speak Up as Nina.

Suhana Khan - Veronica “Ronnie” Lodge

Suhana Khan as Veronica “Ronnie” Lodge
Suhana Khan

Veronica "Ronnie" Lodge is Archie's other romantic interest and Mr. Lodge's daughter. The character is played on-screen by Suhana Khan. 

In The Archies, Veronica is the typical "head turner" of the group, so it isn't surprising that Archie is attracted to her. 

Still, it is eventually revealed in the film that Archie is not himself with Veronica, mainly because he is only pretending due to the latter's rich lifestyle. 

Khan is known for being the daughter of Bollywood icon Badshah Shahrukh Khan. The actress' other notable credit is playing Sandy in The Grey Part of Blue.

Vedang Raina - Reginald Mantle

Vedang Raina as Reginald Mantle
Vedang Raina

Vedang Raina's Reginald "Reggie" Mantle is Archie's friend and a band member. 

Raina's portrayal of Reggie differs from the comics since he is shown as a narcissist in the books. In The Archies, however, Reggie is a compassionate, friendly, and reliable ally to the titular character.

The Archies is Raina's first major acting credit.

Mihir Ahuja - Jughead Jones

Mihir Ahuja as Jughead Jones
Mihir Ahuja

Mihir Ahuja plays Jughead Jones, Archie's best friend who supports him throughout his ordeal. 

While Jughead is loyal to Archie, he eventually tells Veronica and Betty that his best friend has equal feelings for them, causing further complications to the messy love triangle.

Ahuja has many notable acting credits, with roles in Super 30, State of Siege: Temple Attack, and Made in Heaven

Aditi “Dot” Saigal - Ethel Muggs

Aditi “Dot” Saigal as Ethel Muggs
Aditi “Dot” Saigal

Ethel Muggs (played by Aditi "Dot" Saigal) is one of Archie's friends who joins his crusade to save Green Park from Veronica's selfish father. 

Similar to Vedang Raina, The Archies is Saigal's only acting credit.

Yuvraj Menda - Dilton Doiley

Yuvraj Menda as Dilton Doiley
Yuvraj Menda

Rounding out Archie's gang is Yuvraj Menda as Dilton Doiley. 

Dilton is an honest friend, and this is why Reggie chooses him to talk about his sexuality. 

Menda is a rising star, and The Archies is his first notable role. 

Suhaas Ahuja - Fred Andrews

Suhaas Ahuja as Fred Andrews
Suhaas Ahuja

Suhaas Ahuja portrays Fred Andrews, Archie's father and Mary's husband.

At first, Fred is not supportive of Archie's decision to go to London to pursue his studies, but he eventually understands that his son has a mind of his own and lets him decide what's best for him. 

Ahuja is known for his roles in The Married Woman, Out of Love, and Shiksha Mandal.

Tara Sharma - Mary Andrews

Tara Sharma as Mary Andrews
Tara Sharma

Mary Andrews is Archie's mother and Fred's wife, and she wants her son to stay in Riverdale and not go abroad with his uncle. Tara Sharma plays the character. 

Sharma has credits in Mr. Prime Minister, Kadakh, and Million Dollar Arm

Satyajit Sharma - Hal Cooper

Satyajit Sharma as Hal Cooper
Satyajit Sharma

Satyajit Sharma's Hal Cooper is Betty's father and Riverdale's local bookshop owner. 

When Veronica's father, Hiram, decides to make a plaza in Green Park, Hal's bookshop is one of the businesses that could close down if the plan comes to fruition. 

Sharma previously appeared in Don, Uri: The Surgical Strike, and Kaminey

Koel Purie - Alice Cooper

Koel Purie as Alice Cooper
Koel Purie

Alice Cooper (played by Koel Purie) is Hal's husband and Betty's mother, who worries that the bookshop might be closing due to the plans for Green Park. 

Purie is known for her roles in White Noise and Fairy Tales.

Alyy Khan - Hiram Lodge

Alyy Khan as Hiram Lodge
Alyy Khan

Serving as The Archies' big bad is Hiram Lodge, a cruel businessman and Veronica's father who wants to turn Riverdale into a new haven filled with new plazas and hotels. The character is played by Alyy Khan. 

Although Hiram's plan is good on the outside, everything the citizens worked for in Riverdale could be in danger of getting erased. Still, the character doesn't care if it comes to that. 

Khan has credits in Traitor, Don 2, and Actor in Law.

Kamal Sidhu - Hermione Lodge

Kamal Sidhu as Hermione Lodge
Kamal Sidhu

Kamal Sidhu's Hermione Lodge is Hiram's wife and Veronica's mother, who is torn about supporting her husband and her plans for Riverdale. 

Sidhu is known for her roles in Captain Vyom, Aar Ya Paar, and The Fakir of Venice.

Luke Kenny - Ricky Mantle

Luke Kenny as Ricky Mantle
Luke Kenny

Ricky Mantle (played by Luke Kenny) is Reggie's father, who doesn't know about his son's real sexuality. He is also the editor of Riverdale's local newspaper.

Kenny's past notable credits include Sacred Games, Rise of the Zombie, and Dharavi Bank.

Santana Roach - Midge Klump

Santana Roach as Midge Klump
Santana Roach

Santana Roach plays Midge Klump, a member of Archie's gang and the girlfriend of Moose Mason. 

When push comes to shove in Riverdale, Midge joins the group to raise awareness about Hiram Lodge's plan to take over the town. 

Roach's other major credit is playing Sandhya in College Canteen.

Rudra Mahuvarkar - Moose Mason

Rudra Mahuvarkar as Moose Mason
Rudra Mahuvarkar

Moose Mason (played by Rudra Mahuvarkar) is Archie's friend and Midge Klump's boyfriend, who also joins the gang in the fight against Hiram Lodge. 

Mahuvarkar is known for his other major role in Made in Heaven.

Vinay Pathak - Mr. Dawson

Vinay Pathak as Mr. Dawson
Vinay Pathak

Vinay Pathak plays Mr. Dawson, a member of Riverdale's local council who warns Hiram Lodge that the citizens will not be a fan of his proposal for the town. 

Pathak previously appeared in Bheja Fry, Chalo Dilli, and My Name is Khan.

Delnaaz Irani - Pam

Delnaaz Irani as Pam
Delnaaz Irani

Delnaaz Irani brings Pam to life in The Archies.

Pam is the owner of a local salon in Riverdale whose business is affected by Hiram Lodge's plan for the town.

Irani has credits in C.I.D., Ra.One, and Akbar Birbal.

James Alter - James Gomes

James Alter as James Gomes
James Alter

James Alter plays James Gomes, a member of the local council who helps Archie's gang against Hiram Lodge and his allies. 

Alter's other acting credit is playing Harsh's Berkeley Counselor in Mismatched.

Pooja Sarup - Mrs. Otter

Pooja Sarup as Mrs. Otters
Pooja Sarup

Another council member from Riverdale is Mrs. Otter, and Pooja Sarup plays her. Mrs. Otter is her family's sole breadwinner.

Hiram Lodge tries to bribe Otter to get a vote for his plan for Riverdale.

Sarup is known for her previous roles in Doctor G and Rangoon.

Ashish Sawhny - Roger Moore

Ashish Sawhny as Roger Moore
Ashish Sawhny

Ashish Sawnhy plays Roger Moore, a local council member who supports Hiram Lodge's decision to turn Riverdale into a new haven. 

Mr. Dawson tells Roger that he will make him a council head if he wins. 

Sawnhy's previous credits include Made in Heaven and Gully Boy.

Vikram Kapadia - Johnny

Sahil Jaffery as Nigel Timmins
Vikram Kapadia 

Johnny (played by Vikram Kapadia) is Hal's friend who tells him about Mr. Dawson's huge offer to purchase the land where their stores are situated.

Kapadia is known for his roles in Kapoor & Sons, The Night Manager, and Paap.

Salone Mehta - Miss Grundy

Salone Mehta as Miss Grundy
Salone Mehta

Salone Mehta plays Miss Grundy, one of Archie's teachers at Riverdale High School.

Mehta is known for her roles in Dear Zendagi and Sense8.

Avan Contractor - Miss Mathias

Avan Contractor as Miss Mathias
Avan Contractor

Miss Mathias is a member of Riverdale's local town council. Avan Contractor plays the character.

Contractor is known for her roles in Made in Heaven and Mumbai Diaries.

Dierdree Wright - Miss Misquitta

Dierdree Wright as Miss Misquitta
Dierdree Wright

Dierdree Wright brings Miss Misquitta to life in The Archies.

Miss Misquitta initially opposes the Hiram Lodge's proposal to turn Riverdale into a place full of hotels and plazas, but she eventually agrees.

The Archies is Wright's most notable acting credit.

Diya Gupta - Cheryl Blossom

Diya Gupta as Cheryl Blossom
Diya Gupta

Diya Gupta is Cheryl Blossom, one of Archie's classmates at Riverdale High School.

Gupta's other notable roles include I'll Make It Happen and Dubki.

Deven Khote - Mr. Wetherbee

Deven Khote as Mr. Wetherbee
Deven Khote

Deven Khote plays Riverdale High School's principal, Mr. Wetherbee. 

Mr. Wetherbee leaves the students with a memorable quote, telling them that "nothing changes if nothing changes."

Khote is a producer and actor known for his work in The Happening, Udaan, and A Wednesday.

Ashok Banthia - Uncle Benny

Ashok Banthia as Uncle Benny
Ashok Banthia

Uncle Benny is the owner of a local tea shop in Riverdale. The character is played by Ashok Banthia. 

Banthia has credits in Aankhen, Mission Kashmir, and Atrangi Re.

The Archies is now streaming on Netflix.

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