Full Cast of Genie Movie - Every Main Actor & Character In 2023 Melissa McCarthy Film (Photos)

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Peacock's Genie is a new Christmas movie led by a remarkable cast of actors, including the likes of Melissa McCarthy, Marc Maron, and Alan Cumming. 

Directed by Sam Boyd, Genie serves as the 2023 remake of the British TV film Bernard and the Genie from 1991. It revolves around the story of a man named Bernie (Paapa Essiedu) whose life is in shambles after being fired from work and left by his wife. 

Thankfully, a genie (Melissa McCarthy) enters his life to grant him unlimited wishes. 

Genie made its debut on Peacock on November 22. 

Every Main Actor & Character in Peacock's Genie Remake 

Melissa McCarthy - Flora

Melissa McCarthy as Flora in Genie
Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy brings the titular genie, Flora, to life in the 2023 remake. 

Unlike other genies who can only grant a total of three wishes, McCarthy's Flora is unique since she can accept and make unlimited rule-free wishes come true. 

What makes Flora stand out as well is her pure fascination with the tech advancements of the modern world.

McCarthy is best known for her roles as Mullins in The Heat and Susan Cooper in Spy. The actress also appeared in various movies, such as Thor: Love and Thunder, The Little Mermaid, Bridesmaids, and Tammy

Paapa Essiedu - Bernard

Paapa Essiedu as Bernard in Genie
Paapa Essiedu

Bernard (played by Paapa Essiedu) is a proud father, husband, and employee whose life turned around in a single day. 

Bernard has been unable to give quality time to his family, and it ends up with his wife and daughter taking a break from him. This is on top of the fact that Bernard is fired from his day job. 

After being frustrated with the unfortunate events of his life, Bernard accidentally rubs an old jewelry box leading to the emergence of an ancient genie.  

Essiedu previously appeared in I May Destroy You, The Capture, and Black Mirror.

Denée Benton - Julie

Denée Benton
Denée Benton

Julie is Bernard's wife who left him after not being satisfied with the fact that he doesn't have time for the family. The character is played by Denée Benton.

The Gilded Age fans may recognize Benton for her role as Peggy Scott in the series. The actress also had notable roles in Our Friend and Mother's Milk.

Jordyn McIntosh - Eve

Jordyn McIntosh as Eve in Genie
Jordyn McIntosh

Jordyn McIntosh's Eve is Bernard's daughter. In the film, Bernard misses Eve's birthday after working late. 

When he gets home, he finds out that she's already asleep. Making matters worse, Bernard also forgot to purchase a dollhouse for her birthday. 

McIntosh is a rising star who has credits in Abbott Elementary, Unprisoned, and The First Lady

Alan Cumming - Flaxman

Alan Cumming as Flaxman in Genie
Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming plays Flaxman, Bernard's boss who always gives him a hard time at work. Eventually, Flaxman fires Bernard for being incompetent.

Cumming is popular with Marvel fans since he is known for portraying Nightcrawler in X2. The actor also appeared in Son of the Mask, The Anniversary Party, and Instinct.

Marc Maron - Lenny

Marc Maron as Lenny in Genie
Marc Maron

Lenny (played by Marc Maron) is Bernard's doorman who listens to his problems and is a good friend. 

Lenny also has undeniable chemistry with Flora. 

Maron has over 50 credits to his name, with roles in The Bad Guys, DC's League of Super Pets, and Stardust.

Tate Ellington - Johnny

Tate Ellington
Tate Ellington

Tate Ellington plays Johnny in 2023's Genie

Ellington is known for his roles as Dr. Stomberg in Sinister 2, Aidan Hall in Remember Me, and Bryan Turner in Straight Outta Compton.

LaChanze - Grandma Patty


Grandma Patty is played on-screen by LaChanze in Genie.

LaChanze has an impressive resume of acting credits, with roles in The Blacklist, The Underground Railroad, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Ellen Cleghorne - Bernard’s mother

Ellen Cleghorne
Ellen Cleghorne

Ellen Cleghorne is part of Genie's cast as Bernard's mother. 

Cleghorne is an actress and writer who previously appeared in projects like Armageddon, Little Nicky, and Coyote Ugly

Oberon Adjepong - Bernard’s father

Oberon Adjepong
Oberon Adjepong

Bernard's father (played by Oberon Adjepong) serves as a big part of Genie's stellar ensemble.

Adjepong previously appeared in Margin Call, The Many Saints of Newark, and The Son of No One.

Ego Nwodim - Dianna

Ego Nwodim
Ego Nwodim

Ego Nwodim is Dianna in Peacock's Genie movie.

Nwodim is a recurring cast member of Saturday Night Live, and she is also known for her roles in It's a Party, Law & Order True Crime, and Good Burger 2.

John Reynolds - Marvin

John Reynolds
John Reynolds

John Reynolds joins the cast of Genie as Marvin. 

Reynolds is best known for his roles as Drew Gardner in Search Party and Officer Callahan in Stranger Things.

Nyasha Hatendi - Pete

Nyasha Hatendi
Nyasha Hatendi

Nyasha Hatendi plays a character named Pete in the film. 

Hatendi previously appeared as Oliver Frankel in Hunters, Leon in Casual, and Andre in Swan Song.

Emanuele Secci - Henry Hackford

Emanuele Secci
Emanuele Secci

Henry Hackford (played by Emanuele Secci) is part of Genie's incredible cast.

Secci has credits in Angels & Demons, Trophy Wife, and Nobody Walks.

Luis Guzmán - Perez

Luis Guzmán in Wednesday
Luis Guzmán

Luis Guzmán plays Perez, a detective assigned to investigate the disappearance of the real Mona Lisa painting. 

At one point in the movie, Bernard wishes one of his framed goodies to become the actual Mona Lisa painting, leading to his brief arrest.

Lopez vs. Lopez star Luis Guzmán is known for his roles as Gomez Addams in Wednesday, Ray Castro in Traffic, and Lance in Punch-Drunk Love.

Ralph Brown - Sorcerer

Ralph Brown
Ralph Brown

Ralph Brown portrays an unnamed sorcerer in Genie.

Brown has credits in Alien 3, Wayne's World 2, and Withnail and I

Genie is now streaming on Peacock.

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