Full Cast of The Upshaws Season 5 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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The Upshaws family

The Upshaws is back in action for Season 5 as the show and its characters return to Netflix.

Created by Regina Y. Hicks and Wanda Sykes, The Upshaws centers on a married couple and their three kids. However, this family also includes a side child and a baby mama who both came during a break in the marriage, making for quite the family dynamic.

Initially brought to Netflix in 2018, Season 5 dropped on the streamer on April 18.

Every Character & Actor in The Upshaws Season 5

Ahead is a list of every main actor in the cast of The Upshaws Season 5, along with the characters they play.

Mike Epps - Bennie Upshaw Sr.

Mike Epps as Bennie Upshaw
Mike Epps

At the forefront of The Upshaws is longtime comedian and Hollywood star Mike Epps, who portrays Bennie Upshaw Sr.

Doing his best to be a better man and keep his temper under control, Epps pushes through his relationship with his wife and children while also taking care of another son outside of his marriage.

Epps is highly recognizable for his role as Black Doug in 2009's The Hangover. Other credits include Friday After Next, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, and Madame Web.

Wanda Sykes - Lucretia Turner

Wanda Sykes as Lucretia Turner in The Upshaws
Wanda Sykes

In addition to her role as the show's co-creator, comedian and actor Wanda Sykes also plays Lucretia Turner.

Lucretia is Benny's partner in his auto garage business, along with his sister-in-law, although they often do not get along.

Sykes is most recognizable for her work in Monster-In-Law, Evan Almighty, Ice Age: Continental Drift, and Bad Moms.

Kim Fields - Regina Upshaw

Kim Fields as Regina Upshaw in The Upshaws
Kim Fields

Kim Fields joins the cast of regulars in The Upshaws as Bennie's wife, Regina Upshaw.

Although she is quite confident, she still has to handle the emotional baggage of seeing her husband take care of a child he had outside of their marriage. Having previously worked in healthcare, she quit her job to take care of her well-being.

Fields has previous roles in The Facts of Life, Living Single, and What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Khali Daniya-Renee Spraggins - Aaliyah Upshaw

Khali Daniya-Renee Spraggins as Aaliyah Upshaw in The Upshaws
Khali Daniya-Renee Spraggins

Khali Daniya-Renee Spraggins adds to the Upshaw family as the oldest daughter, Aaliyah Upshaw.

She is also the same age as her half-brother from her father's other relationship, setting up an interesting relationship with an unexpected addition to her family.

Spraggins has previous minor roles in Empire and Black Privilege.

Jermelle Simon - Bernard Upshaw

Jermelle Simon as Bernard Upshaw in The Upshaws
Jermelle Simon

Jermelle Simon's Bernard Upshaw Jr. is the eldest child in the Upshaw family, and he's notable for coming out as gay in Season 1.

Spending the better part of his days working as a UPS driver, he also has to keep an eye on his father, whose eyes sometimes wander outside his marriage to Bernard Jr.'s mother.

Simon is steadily building his resume with appearances in shows such as Animal Kingdom and Tattoo Nightmares.

Journey Christine - Maya Upshaw

Journey Christine as Maya Upshaw in The Upshaws
Journey Christine

Young rising star Journey Christine adds a major credit to her resume with her portrayal of Maya Upshaw, Bernie's youngest daughter.

Christine only has a few credits on her resume, including Let It Snow, Outsiders, and Hidden Springs.

Diamond Lyons - Kelvin Upshaw

Diamond Lyons as Kelvin Upshaw in The Upshaws
Diamond Lyons

Diamond Lyons adds his flavor to The Upshaws as Kelvin Upshaw.

Kelvin is the odd man out in this family. He was Bennie's child out of wedlock with his wife, and he is the same age as his half-sister, Aaliyah.

Outside of The Upshaws, Lyons' other performances can be seen in Colin in Black & White and 5th Ward.

Daria Johns - Savannah

Daria Johns as Savannah in The Upshaws
Daria Johns

Daria Johns stars in the supporting cast of The Upshaws with her role as Savannah, Aaliyah's best friend.

The young actress previously appeared in Saturdays, Nappily Ever After, and A Black Lady Sketch Show.

Mike Estime - Tony

Mike Estime as Tony in The Upshaws
Mike Estime

Mike Estime is a longtime member of The Upshaws' cast, portraying a character named Tony.

Tony adds to Bennie's professional and personal life as both an employee at Bennie's Garage and a friend of the owner.

Estime has past roles in Last Holiday, Harbinger Down, and The Neighborhood.

Emilio Rivera - Barkavious

Emilio Rivera as Barkavious in The Upshaws
Emilio Rivera

Emilio Rivera impacts The Upshaws story as an entertaining character named Barkavious.

Rivera is best known for his work in Sons of Anarchy, Mayans M.C., and Venom.

Leonard Earl Howze - Davis

Leonard Earl Howze as Davis in The Upshaws
Leonard Earl Howze

Another friend of Bennie's is Davis, played in The Upshaws by Leonard Earl Howze.

Fans can also see Howze in Barbershop, The Ringer, The Lone Ranger, and A Thousand Words.

Paul-Mikél Williams - Tristan

Paul-Mikél Williams as Tristan in The Upshaws
Paul-Mikél Williams

Coming onto the scene in The Upshaws as Aaliyah's boyfriend, Tristan (to mixed reception) is played by Paul-Mikél Williams.

Williams' resume also includes performances in The 15:17 to Paris, Westworld, and Insidious: The Red Door.

Tabitha Brown - Miss Wilson

Tabitha Brown as Miss Wilson in The Upshaws
Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown's Miss Wilson is Maya's school teacher in The Upshaws, although she's occasionally caused controversy for the Upshaw family.

Besides various talk show appearances, Brown's other credits include Will & Grace, For the Love of Jason, and The Chi.

Tammy Townsend - Angela

Tammy Townsend as Angela in The Upshaws
Tammy Townsend

Tammy Townsend comes into The Upshaws as Tristan's mother, Angela, who holds a long grudge against Regina that goes back to their high school days.

Townsend's biggest credits are Sherri, K.C. Undercover, and Playing Mona Lisa.

Dondré T. Whitfield - James

Dondré T. Whitfield as James in The Upshaws
Dondré T. Whitfield

Dondré T. Whitfield is a relative newcomer on The Upshaws as he plays a supporting character named James.

Whitfield's other major credits come in The Event, All My Children, and Cold Case.

Ayaamii Sledge - Sydney

Ayaamii Sledge as Sydney in The Upshaws
Ayaamii Sledge

Ayaamii Sledge portrays a young character named Sydney in The Upshaws, who turns Bernard Jr.'s life around upon her arrival.

She is revealed to be Bernard Jr.'s daughter, pushing the gay man into an unexpected relationship with the newest member of his family. 

Sledge's previous work includes roles in Obi-Wan Kenobi, 911, and The Rookie.

Sharifa Oliver - Monique

Sharifa Oliver as Monique in The Upshaws
Sharifa Oliver

Sharifa Oliver is a longtime supporting star in The Upshaws, portraying a character named Monique Robinson.

Monique is Bernard's ex-girlfriend and the mother of their daughter, Sydney, who also has a career as a police officer.

Oliver also has appearances in Grown-ish, Rel, and Dear White People.

Dewayne Perkins - Hector

Dewayne Perkins as Hector in The Upshaws
Dewayne Perkins

Dewayne Perkins portrays a character named Hector, who is seen dating Bernard Jr. after Bernard reveals himself to be gay.

Fans can see other work from Perkins in The Blackening, The Amber Ruffin Show, and the 2020 Saved by the Bell reboot.

Gabrielle Dennis - Tasha

Gabrielle Dennis as Tasha in The Upshaws
Gabrielle Dennis

Gabrielle Dennis embodies a role in The Upshaws as Tasha Lewis.

Not only is she the neighborhood hairstylist, but she is also Bennie's aforementioned ex-girlfriend and baby mama, with Kelvin being her son.

Dennis played major supporting characters in Luke Cage, The Bobby Brown Story, and A Black Lady Sketch Show.

Page Kennedy - Duck

Page Kennedy as Duck in The Upshaws
Page Kennedy

Page Kennedy joins The Upshaws' cast as Duck, one of the newest employees at Bernie's Garage.

Having just been released from prison, Duck is looking to turn his life around as he finds solace in Christianity.

Kennedy can also be seen in Snowfall, The Meg, and CSI.

Tony Espinosa - Young Bennie

Tony Espinosa as Young Bennie in The Upshaws
Tony Espinosa

Tony Espinosa plays a minor role throughout The Upshaws as Bennie in his younger years.

Espinosa is also recognized for his work in PEN15, American Skin, and Criminal Minds.

Kaycie Jackson - Young Regina

Kaycie Jackson as Young Regina in The Upshaws
Kaycie Jackson

Regina also gets a look at her past with a young version in The Upshaws, which Kaycie Jackson portrays.

This series is Jackson's first major credit.

The Upshaws Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.

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