As the Crow Flies Season 4: Netflix Officially Comments on Series Future

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As the Crow Flies

Netflix Turkey offered up a somewhat cryptic reply to the clamor from fans for Season 4 of As the Crow Flies.

As the Crow Flies is a Turkish drama series that follows a young woman named Asli who works as an intern for a popular newscaster, Lale Kiran. Asli, who is unhealthily obsessed with Lale, wields the unstoppable power of social media for her own devilish intentions.

Netflix Comments on Desire for 'As the Crow Flies' Season 4

As the Crow Flies

The official X (formerly Twitter) account for Netflix in Turkey gave a response to fans longing for a fourth season of As the Crow Flies.

The show’s third season was said to be its last, and Season 4 has not been officially confirmed. 

Netflix posted the following in response to a post on X (formerly Twitter) regarding another season, which didn’t exactly provide any clarity on the prospect of a renewal (roughly translated from Turkish):

“So, does anyone know about this, like me?”

Elsewhere on the social media platform, Netflix gave another reply to a fan who told the streaming giant not to obscure the truth about more As the Crow Flies:

“I said it was the final season, you didn’t believe it, look what happened now.”

So, again, it's not the most crystal clear statement, but serves as an acknowledgment from the streaming giant.

Season 3 of the As the Crow Flies arrived on Netflix on Thursday, April 11.

So, Will As the Crow Flies Season 4 Actually Happen?

Confusing posts from Netflix aside, it would appear that As the Crow Flies has had its wings clipped, as it’s probable that Season 3 will be its last. 

This is especially likely given that it was officially stated that the show would end after three seasons.

By the end of Season 3, protagonist Asli had been forced to leave and she returned to her hometown. But in the show’s closing minutes, Lale requested that Asli come back to Istanbul. 

So, while the third season does conclude on an open-ended note, seemingly leaving room for more stories, this was probably done intentionally by the series’ creators. 

Ultimately, as the meaning of the actual idiom would indicate, the most straightforward determination to draw is that As the Crow Flies is well and truly over. 

Of course, stranger things have happened and there always exists the outside possibility of a surprise renewal from Netflix. 

All three seasons of As the Crow Flies are streaming on Netflix.

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