Full Cast of Fool Me Once Netflix Show - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Fool Me Once just hit Netflix, telling a gripping mystery headlined by an A-list cast of British acting talent. 

Debuting on the streamer to start the new year, the eight-part murder mystery follows a family shaken by two murders and the shocking circumstances surrounding them.

Based on Harlan Coban's 2016 novel, the series comes as the service's first big release of 2024, debuting to middling reviews (sitting at 45% on Rotten Tomatoes).

Every Main Actor & Character in Fool Me Once

Michelle Keegan - Maya Stern

Michelle Keegan as Maya Stern in Fool Me Once
Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan's Maya Stern plays one of Fool Me Once's central characters. The series starts with Maya mourning the death of her husband; however, things change when she spies her hubby on a personal security camera, giving her hope that perhaps things are not as they seem. 

Keegan has been a mainstay of British television for years, appearing in Our Girl, The Pound Poms, and 861 episodes of Coronation Street.

Richard Armitage - Joe Burkett

Richard Armitage as Joe Burkett in Fool Me Once
Richard Armitage

Joe Burkett (played by Richard Armitage) is the husband of Michelle Keegan's Maya. Kicking the show off, Joe is mysteriously murdered but pops back up again, showing up on security footage that causes things to spiral in the house of Maya Stern. 

Before taking on the role of Joe in Fool Me Once, Armitage previously played big parts in the Hobbit trilogy, Netflix's Castlevania, and Into the Storm

Adeel Akhtar - Sami Kierce

Adeel Akhtar as Sami Kierce in Fool Me Once
Adeel Akhtar

Adeel Akhtar brings to like Sami Kierce in Fool Me Once. Sami is a detective heading up the investigation into Joe's 'supposed' murder. After Joe pops back up despite seemingly being slain earlier in the series, what was initially a simple homicide case for Sami becomes something greater. 

Akhtar is also seen in Four Lions, The Big Sick, and Enola Holmes

Joanna Lumley - Judith Burkett

Joanna Lumley as Judith Burkett in Fool Me Once
Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley's Judith Burkett is the mother of Richard Armitage's Joe and the fierce matriarch of the wealthy Burkett family. Since marrying her son, Judith has butted heads with Michelle Keegan's Maya, something that is only amplified after her son's apparent murder. 

Lumley's previous credits include The Wolf of Wall Street, Absolutely Fabulous, and Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

Emmett J. Scanlan - Shane Tessier

Emmett J. Scanlan as Shane Tessier
Emmett J. Scanlan

Shane Tessier (portrayed by Emmett J. Scanlan in Fool Me Once) is a former military man who served alongside the main character, Maya Stern. While fighting for their country, Shane and Maya fostered a close friendship. After the murder of her husband, Shane is key in helping Maya mourn the shocking death. 

Scanlan will be familiar to fans of Peaky Blinders, AMC's Kin, and Gangs of London

Dino Fetscher - Marty McGreggor

Dino Fetscher as Marty McGreggor
Dino Fetscher

Dino Fetscher plays Marty McGreggor in Fool Me Once, a charming London-based police officer. Marty is paired up with Adeel Akhtar's Sami on Joe's murder case, with his enthusiastic nature rubbing Sami's the wrong way. 

Fetscher has also appeared in Foundation, Years and Years, and Humans

Jade Anouka - Nicole Butler

Jade Anouka as Nicole Butler in Fool Me Once
Jade Anouka

Jade Anouka brings Nicole Butler to life in the hit Netflix drama. Nicole most appears as a figment of detective Sami Kearce's imagination, a former lover (and partner on the police force) who was tragically murdered long before the events of the series. 

Anouka can also be seen in HBO's His Dark Materials, Cleaning Up, and The Drowning

Natalie Anderson - Claire Walker

Natalie Anderson as Claire Walker in Fool Me Once
Natalie Anderson

Natalie Anderson's Claire Walker is the other murder victim at the heart of Maya's central conflict in Fool Me Once. Claire is Maya's sister who is mysteriously killed after the death of Maya's husband, Joe. 

Anderson's past credits include Happy Valley, The Royal, and Memory

Marcus Garvey - Eddie Walker

Marcus Garvey as Eddie Walker in Fool Me Once
Marcus Garvey

Eddie Walker (played by Marcus Garvey) is the grieving husband of Natalie Anderson's Claire. Despite being Maya's brother-in-law (and mourning a loved one), he does not see eye-to-eye with the series protagonist.

He is also the father of Dänya Griver's Abby. At one of Abby's soccer games, Daniel confronts Maya, telling her to stay away from his family because "death follows [her]."

Garvey can also be seen in Four Lions, Broadchurch, and Stella

Hattie Morahan - Caroline Burkett

Hattie Morahan as Caroline Burkett in Fool Me Once
Hattie Morahan

Caroline Burkett (Hattie Morhan) is another member of the wealthy Burkett clan and the sister of Maya's husband, Joe. Caroline is not as manipulative as her mother but still seems to be hiding something, making Maya believe she had a hand in the murder of her husband. 

Morahan is best known for her work in Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast, The Bank Job, and Mr. Holmes

James Northcote - Neil Burkett

James Northcote as Neil Burkett in Fool Me Once
James Northcote

James Northcote brings to life Neil Burkett. Neil is Joe's younger brother and plays a key role in the Burkett conspiracy surrounding the murder of Maya's loving husband. 

Northcote previously appeared in Anna Karenina

Dänya Griver - Abby Walker

Dänya Griver as Abby Walker in Fool Me Once
Dänya Griver

Dänya Griver plays Maya's niece, Abby Walker. Abby does not play too heavily in the series but can be seen playing at a soccer game Maya comes to watch where she has a confrontation with Abby's dad, Eddie.

Griver has one previous TV credit in the Malory Towers

Adelle Leonce - Eva Finn

Adelle Leonce as Eva Finn in Fool Me Once
Adelle Leonce

Appearing in Episode 1 is Adelle Leonce as Eva Finn. Eva is a close friend of Maya's who comes to comfort her before the death of her husband, Joe. 

Leonce is best known for her work on Black Mirror, C.B. Strike, and Death in Paradise

Natalia Kostrzewa - Izabella Godek

Natalia Kostrzewa as Izabella Godek in Fool Me Once
Natalia Kostrzewa

Brought to life by Polish actress Natalia Kostrzewa is Izabella Godek. Izabella plays a minor role in the series, appearing in four episodes as the nanny of Maya's daughter, Lily. 

Kostrzewa has also appeared in Life and Death in the Warehouse and Sickness

Thea Taylor-Morgan - Lily Burkett

Thea Taylor-Morgan as Lily Burkett in Fool Me Once
Thea Taylor-Morgan

Thea Taylor-Morgan plays Lily Burkett, the young daughter of Maya and Joe. Just like her mom, Lily is shocked to find out her father is dead. 

Fool Me Once marks Taylor-Morgan's first major acting credit. 

Samuel Glyde Rees - Young Joe Burkett

Samuel Glyde Rees as Young Joe Burkett in Fool Me Once
Samuel Glyde Rees

Seen in flashback is Samuel Glyde Rees as a young Joe Burkett. 

Rees can also be seen in The Accident and Jerusalem or Bust

All eight episodes of Fool Me Once are streaming now.

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