Full Cast of A Nearly Normal Family - Every Main Actor & Character Who Appear (Photos)

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A Nearly Normal Family is Netflix's new Swedish thriller led by talented newcomer Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors.

The new mini-series is based on M.T. Edvardsson’s novel of the same name. It chronicles the story of how a 19-year-old teenager named Stella Sandell is accused of murdering her new partner.

A Nearly Normal Family highlights the ups and downs of the Sandell family during Stella's trial. The mini-series made its debut on Netflix on Thursday, November 24. 

Every Main Actor in A Nearly Normal Family's Cast 

Lo Kauppi - Ulrika Sandell

Lo Kauppi as Ulrika Sandell
Lo Kauppi

Lo Kauppi plays Ulrika Sandell, Stella's mother and Adam's wife. Ulrika is a responsible lawyer yet a tough-loving mother. 

As a lawyer, Ulrika has strong connections to Lund University. When Stella was accused of murdering her boyfriend/partner, Ulrika went to great lengths to protect her daughter. 

Kauppi is a Swedish actress best known for her roles in Drifters, The New Man, and Streams.

Björn Bengtsson - Adam Sandell

Björn Bengtsson as Adam Sandell
Björn Bengtsson

Adam Sandell (played by Björn Bengtsson) is Stella's father and Ulrika's husband. 

Aside from being a family man, Adam is also a pastor who serves in one of the churches of the local town. 

Similar to Ulrika, Adam is hellbent on doing everything that he can to save his daughter from jail time, with him even lying during the investigation. 

Perhaps Bengtsson's famous role is his portrayal of Sigefrid in The Last Kingdom. The actor also appeared in Thicker Than Water, Robin Hood, and Rig 45.

Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors - Stella Sandell

Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors as Stella Sandell
Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors

At the center of the murder case is Stella Sandell. In the series, the character is portrayed by Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors. 

Stella is Adam and Ulrika's 19-year-old daughter who works part-time at a local bakery. After being sexually abused by an older counselor when she was 15 years old, it forever changed Stella's relationship with the people that surround her. 

Stella then meets Chris on her 19th birthday. After dating for a while, Chris mysteriously died, and Stella became the prime suspect. 

A Nearly Normal Family serves as Tyrefors' first starring role. 

Håkan Bengtsson - Mikael Blomberg

Håkan Bengtsson as Mikael Blomberg
Håkan Bengtsson

Mikael Blomberg is Stella's lawyer who tries to help the teenager get out of her messy situation. The character is played by Håkan Bengtsson.

Interestingly, it was eventually revealed that Blomberg harbors a secret personal connection to the Sandell family that could either make or break the case.

Bengtsson has credits in I An Zlatan, Alone in Space, The Bridge, and Wallander.

Melisa Ferhatovic - Amina Besic

Melisa Ferhatovic as Amina Besic
Melisa Ferhatovic

Portraying Stella's best friend, Amina Besic, is Melisa Ferhatovic. 

Stella and Amina have a strong bond as friends throughout the series. At one point during the trial, Amina testifies to reveal that she was actually raped by Chris during the night of his murder.

Ferhatovic's role as Amina in A Nearly Normal Family is her first major acting credit.

Christian Fandango Sundgren - Christoffer Olsen

Christian Fandango Sundgren as Christoffer Olsen
Christian Fandango Sundgren

Christian Fandango Sundgren brings Christoffer Olsen to life in A Nearly Normal Family

Olsen is a 32-year-old businessman who falls in love with Stella and eventually becomes her boyfriend for six weeks until his tragic death. 

Sundgren has an impressive resume, with previous roles in Blackwater, Evil, Thunder in My Heart, Eagles, and Cryptid.

Eva Westerling - Kerstin Boström

Eva Westerling as Kerstin Boström
Eva Westerling

Eva Westerling portrays Kerstin Boström, Stella's boss in the bakery where she's initially working. 

During the trial, Kerstin testifies in court, telling the jury that her mind was "unstable" during the night of the murder.

Westerling had notable appearances in Lingonligan, The Bridge, and Kenny Starfighter

Moa Gammel - Jenny Jansdotter

Moa Gammel as Jenny Jansdotter
Moa Gammel

Jenny Jansdotter (played by Moa Gammel) is the prosecutor during Stella's murder trial. 

In Episode 3, Adam clashes with Jenny during a random encounter, mainly due to the pressure of the trial. 

Gammel is known for her roles in Let the Right One In, Irene Huss, and Jordskott

Sara Chaanhing Kennedy - Alexandra

Sara Kennedy as Alexandra
Sara Kennedy

Alexandra is a family friend of the Sandell's who comforted Ulrika in the midst of Stella's trial. The character is played by Sara Chaanhing Kennedy.

Alexandra is Amina's mother.

Kennedy has credits in Absentia, The Bridge, and Klassen SVT.

Christoffer Willén - Robin Kjellander

Christoffer Willén as Robin
Christoffer Willén 

Christoffer Willén is part of the cast of A Nearly Normal Family as Robin Kjellander.

Robin is the man who sexually assaulted Stella when she was 15 years old. 

Willén is a rising Sweden actor known for his roles in Heder, The Playlist, and The Rest of Us.

Pablo Leiva Wenger - Dino

Pablo Leiva Wenger as Dino
Pablo Leiva Wenger

Pablo Leiva Wenger plays Dino, another family friend of the Sandell's and Amina's father.

Wenger has over 20 credits to his name, with roles in Top Dog, Beck, and Dumpad.

Emilia Roosmann - Linda

Emilia Roosman as Linda
Emilia Roosman

Emilia Roosmann is Linda Lokin in A Nearly Normal Family

The character was Christoffer Olsen's ex-girlfriend who was assaulted by him in the past. Linda refused to report Olsen's past abuse toward her.

Roosmann is known for her roles in The Machinery, Fartblinda, and Knutby.

A Nearly Normal Family is now streaming on Netflix.

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